The girl behind the screen 😜

Hi I’m Evin, and Welcome to my blog!!

This page is ALL about me so let’s get started 🙂

You could define me as an introverted Indian teen who loves music, oversized clothes, dogs, one direction, books, Netflix and making new friends. I started my blog to share my interests and to connect with like-minded people!

I’m a huge potterhead! I’ve read the whole series, and watched the movies a million times. I’m a ravenclaw, and my favourite characters are Luna, Ginny, the weasley twins and Hermione. I LOVE books!!! My favorite book series are: Harry Potter, KotLC, Tom gates,Dork dairies, Diary of a wimpy kid, the adventure series, Geronimo Stilton, Thea Stilton and lots more that I can’t remember right now. whoops

I’m a die-hard Directioner! (for 4 years now) I believe they will reunite, one day (but I also follow their solo careers.)💗 My fav albums are MITAM and four😉 I’m so proud to be apart of this fandom, it’s the best one out there🥺 I’ve also been a swiftie for as long as I can remember✨ My favourite albums are probably RED, evermore, and Lover. I listen to a variety of artists, and Music is a huge part of my life.

I’m a MASSIVE dog lover!!🐕♥️!!! I have a dog – Oreo, and he’s an adorable, chocolate-colored puppy🐶 My aunt also has a pet kitty, so I get to see him a lot! My dream profession would be something to do with animals. I Roller-skate, and I’ve been doing it for 5 years now. I do it mostly for fun, but I’ve been in a couple tournaments.

One of my absolute favourite hobbies is doing digital art. I make digital illustrations and portraits, and if you would like to buy a customized one from me, you can visit this page! I also love digital designing on Canva. It’s a space for me to be creative and work on my designing skills! I’ve gotten better ever since I started blogging.

I also have a “About my Blog” page, so be sure to check it out as well! click on the image below to get there:

Enough about me 😉

What about you?

How’s your day going? What have you been doing lately? Do you have anything in common with me? What are some of your interests? Tell me in the comments!!

last updated October 2021

68 thoughts on “The girl behind the screen 😜

  1. Hola!! I am learning Spanish too! Well, my familia is. (Is that right? I haven’t learned family in Spanish yet. I think I have either read or heard the word though) Have a great day!!

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    1. India is amazing! There is so much about my country. Yess!!! Ravenclaws unite!!!!! I took a quiz and my Harry Potter character was Luna!! She’s my fav as welll! We have so much in common ☺️


  2. Love all that you’ve written about yourself Evin! Very sweet 😊 so nice to learn more about you! Your personality really shines through xx

    I’m also learning Spanish.. been kind of slacking lately but I really want to pick it up again. My boyfriend is Hispanic and speaks both English and Spanish fluently. I can only speak the one language but would love to be able to communicate with his in his native language.

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  3. Hey Evin! It seems like we have a lot in common! I LOVE to write and READ. I have a cat and 2 guinea pigs, (well, they are kinda like hamsters). Nice to know you like animals, too!
    thanks for the follow!

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  4. Hi Evin! Stumbled upon your blog and I love the energy here. I’m a new follower and I’m gonna have me a look around. I’m not a 1Directioner (is that the correct term?) but my sister is and I like their songs. But I’m a Potterhead and a curly “sue” like you so I’m glad to meet a fellow in the blogosphere. Hope your week is going good. Cheers.

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  5. How did I not come across this page?? Now I know a lot more about you, and it turns out: we’re almost similar! 😂😂
    Speaking of which, how far have you come in learning Spanish? I haven’t even made it past the beginner’s mark 😂

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    1. 😂 you’ve never read this?
      That’s great!!
      I COMPLETELY forgot about Duolingo Spanish, I haven’t continued in months. I attempted a skills test (or I forgot what it was called,) but I didn’t pass😂

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  6. You don’t know if you have been to the site? I am more confused than ever.!?!?!?!? I understan the jungle book thing, Not everyone can be as awesome as me!!!!! (I am totaly Joking with you)

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  7. Hi Evin, LOVE your blog! I’m Layla and I am a huge fan of harry potter and kotlc too (okay, that may be an underestimate)! Oreo sounds adorable! I have a kitten called Mishmish XD anyway, nice to meet you

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  8. Hi Evin,
    You have a good potential as an artist and host. Keep going on.

    And Welcome to The Gondwanaland. 🤗


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