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♡August MONTHLY WRAP UP – ft. Snapshots♡

Reviewing august~ i wrote a story where oreo is a Sphinx cat.

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Finding a new passion🌸 digital Art💫

*This post was written on the 28th of April a few days ago, when I was scrolling through YouTube, I found a video where it showed me how to make digital illustrations. (which was really random) so I clicked on it. It seemed easy enough, and the end result was so pretty! So I wanted… Continue reading Finding a new passion🌸 digital Art💫

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Today, One year ago, I sat down to create my account in WordPress, design my blog, launch it, publish my first post, find new blogs, get my first follower, and got my first ever blogging friend.💕 It's been such an incredible blogging journey, so much has changed in a year, and I think I've changed… Continue reading 🎉ONE YEAR BLOGIVERSARY🎉//giveaway