how to ace all your exams || study tips – ft. Eesh ✧°࿐

today's post is going to be a collab with eesh @ bright light shine and we're both sharing study // school tips to get better grades and ace all your exams this year!

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🎶The Chapters & Melodies Tag📚Ft. Diamond (Original)

My best fren, Diamond & I have been working on a collab for a couple of months now, until we settled on creating a new tag! That includes both books + songs. We came up with 5 prompts, designed graphics and it's finally time to introduce you to the...Chapters & Melodies tag!!🥳 Credit to Maggie… Continue reading 🎶The Chapters & Melodies Tag📚Ft. Diamond (Original)


cOlLaB wItH pOtTaHwAnD!!! 🤪😜

**when this post was written, PottahWand had access as an editor. If you're reading it a while after, it says I'm the author of the post, because PottahWand doesn't have access anymore.** heeeeeeeeey oreos! itz NOT Evin!!! Yes. It's me, PottahWand, and I have successfully hacked into Evin's BLOG! MWHAHAHA! Nope, just kidding. This is… Continue reading cOlLaB wItH pOtTaHwAnD!!! 🤪😜