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~☆ a day with my best friend!♡ blog diaries #8

hey there! welcome or welcome back to my blog. i hope you’re having a lovely day so far. today my best friend came over to my house! and i decided to blog the whole day to write the 8th blog diary. i haven’t done one of those in a while too!

so, summer break started around 2 weeks ago. and i had been over to one of my friend’s house, which was a lot of fun too. i was starting to get really bored. so i asked joys if she could come over! and she did. so here’s how the day went. ft. some pictures! let’s get into it. ❤

tuesday, may 10th ~ around 2:00 pm

i spent all morning cleaning the house. well, most of it. i had everything ready, lunch – sandwiches that i made and pasta! at around 2-ish pm, joys came over. oreo seemed excited to meet a new friend. and he was barking. a lot. sooo we made sandwiches next, and she made a smiley face with veggies on hers.

i cut all those vegetables myself. the last i did that. i almost cut my finger off. but hey, i survived. with all 10 fingers after that. 😀👍 i thought all those in a plate looked really colorful and aesthetically pleasing so i took a picture. (look how pretty that looks)

so as we ate our sandwiches, we talked, watched shinchan – it was funny. and it’s also our favorite cartoon TV show. my parents cancelled the subscription for the channel on which shinchan is played😞 so we watched it on youtube. and called our friend kavya and talked to her. oreo fell asleep during that time. and joys petted him but he didn’t know that since he was asleep😆 then we ate ice cream! it was sO GOOD.

~ 2:41 pm ~

we still kept talking..about stuff. and we watched a couple youtube videos. then, joys asked me to show her how i make my digital portraits. i actually haven’t done one of those in a really long time!🥱 so i wanted to do that as well. i chose a picture to draw and showed her the process. i tried to draw a face on the portrait, but it turned out…interesting. we ended up laughing at it and decided not to do a face at all🤣

but anyway, here’s how it turned out. i did a picture of taylor swift’s RED album cover. plus, a picture of a lollipop i got yesterday because …just because.

then i showed her some of my old videos/photos. it was funny. i did a lot of weird stuff when i was little. like making up dance moves and recording those. and pretending i had a youtube channel and making videos for it?? (i mean, i still do that.)🤣

after all that, we took a lot of photos. i wish i could add those here, but they show our faces (obviously) and .. i’m probably not doing a face reveal anytime soon. we tried a lot of filters on snapchat and it was so fun!✨ we even tried to recreate pictures we took years ago (well, it was only 3 years ago-) when joys last visited. that…didn’t go well🌝

and we just kept procrastinating instead of working on homework that we got to do over the holidays! what is even the point of summer holidays if we get a load of homework to do? well, it’s not that hard but STILL. anyway, we did take a couple of pictures that i could add here!

i’m the one in the black t-shirt! and you can kind of see my collage wall in the background. i’m gonna try to make it bigger and add more posters! also, if you could click on those ads that show up on my website, that’d be great, thank you <33 on a completely unrelated note, we’re so close to 1.2K followers!🥳

~ sometime around 4:15~

we finally decided to do some of our homework! i actually had done most of it so i helped joys with her english homework. we did those in no time, and we also found a bunch of really pretty templates on canva. we had to make some pamphlets on sustainable mountain development (i seriously don’t know how that’s useful, i guess mountains are cool but like 15 assignments about mountains?? i don’t see the point)🙄

then we spent an hour trying to math homework, we had to do some sort of a graph representing glacier mass balance – but we couldn’t get ANY information from google. literally nothing. eventually we gave up and decided to do chemistry homework instead. that was way more fun to do. (did i just say HOMEWORK was fun-)

we also ate cake. so that was nice. doing all that homework took 2 hours. by the end of it, we did get some work done! and it was fun because we did it together. (but we still have so much more to do. help.) so by the time we were done, it was 6:15-ish.

we went back to my room and thought of what we could do next…

~ 6:30 pm (i think?) ~

i gave JOYS a tour of my room. i kind of always have my room organized….and i don’t know why i wrote- that- but um. yeah, so after that room tour. we found a jigsaw puzzle box and joys wanted to do the puzzle.🧩 so we did. or at least tried to. i used to do puzzles when i was little. but the problem was, some pieces in this one were missing.

but we still got most of it! it was so fun & interesting. and we ate more ice cream. it was chocolate-brownie flavored and the brownie bits in it was just- ✨delish.✨

around 7:15, joys went home. today was such an awesome day. 💙💙💙

thank you so much for reading! i hope you enjoyed. PLEASE comment post ideas for me? i seriously have no more drafts to publish 😦 help me out-

24 thoughts on “~☆ a day with my best friend!♡ blog diaries #8

  1. ooh that sandwich setup is so prettyyyy! glad all your fingers survived:’ D
    what kind of ice cream did you guys have?
    ahh the digital portrait looks amazing! and i too love taking pics of candy 😍💕 hehe
    sustainable mountain development 🤔 interesting.. i didn’t even know that was considered a subject or topic hehe
    oh nvm about the ice cream flavor lol! that looks AMAZING~ 🤎
    ok post ideas:D you could try a pinterest drawing challenge, fun summer holiday ideas, your summer morning and/or night routine, self care ideas, music you’ve been listening to this month, digital art inspired by your favorite songs, and how to relax when you’re feeling stressed! that last one especially would be lit if you have any tips 👍💕
    overal loved reading this post! 😍

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Aww thank you! 😂💙
      Welp, I guess you know about the icecream flavor now😂it was chocolate brownie!
      Thanks so much xx
      It’s not a subject, techically. It’s a theme for 2022, I think? And we’re like.. supposed to create awareness about it.
      THANK YOU maggie! You’re the best at coming up with ideas. 💙✨


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