✧˚༄ explaining my spotify playlists // a chaotic music review ‹𝟹

hello hello! welcome or welcome back~ yesterday (may 2nd) & today, i’ve been organizing my playlists. that means a lot of playlists were deleted, and new ones were created and i also discovered a ton a new music.

today’s post is something i’m really excited for. in this post i’ll be reviewing and talking about all my spotify playlists, and i have quite the collection. so, without further adieu, we shall get into the post!

this is inspired by steph bohrer’s youtube video : ) i have around 20 playlists, but i’ll only be reviewing some of those here : )

♪・῾☆ fav songs

this is one of the very first playlists i created. favourite songs is actually a two-part playlist, and this is the first one! it has 350-ish songs in it, and almost 20 hours long. so this has almost all one direction + solos, taylor swift, and 5 seconds of summer. other artists include: shawn mendez, billie eilish, conan gray, tiffany day etc.😄

just the 1D songs make up 8 WHOLE HOURS. so yEAHHH- i used to have a separate 1D playlist but deleted it because this already has all their songs. ironically, i don’t use this playlist that often but it’s got some really nice songs in it. the second part features more artists in it. 🍃

♪・῾☆ indie

my favourite playlist as of now! ❤ this is what i meant by discovering new music. i love love love these songs so much, and they are so vibe-y. i would send this playlist to someone who doesn’t know much about the “indie-rock” genre. :)) i would 10000% recommend. a similar playlist to this is “🖤✨alt – rock⛓️

some of my favs: crash my car, are you bored yet?, mixtape 2003, cigarette daydreams.

♪・῾☆ running thru a field of sunflowers

originally, the idea i had for this was “pov: you’re driving past a sunflower field to meet your best friend you haven’t seen in 3 years” it’s oddly specific, but i thought it was a really cool point of view. so, i added songs you could play in the car, and that have a….summery feel to them. honestly, i LOVE THIS PLAYLIST SO MUCH – THE VIBES ARE IMMACULATE~ 🤠

i also went with a field on “sunflowers🌻” because it matches with my username. *insert winking emoji here*

favs: riptide, campus, dream boy, t-shirt weather.

♪・῾☆ dancing in the dark in the pale moonlight

this goes hand-in-hand with the “🌙late night vibes🌌” playlist, which also has similar songs to this one. originally, the idea i had for this was songs to listen to while stargazing, but then i thought of this really cool lyric from “summertime sadness”by lana del ray. and it made a nice name for this playlist so i just went with that.

song recommendations: moonlight, symphony, summertime sadness.

♪・῾☆ pov: you’re the villain in this story.

i’ve seen so many playlists like this on youtube and wanted to create my own! so basically, this has a collection of songs that will make you feel like a villain right out of a fantasy book. it also works as a confidence booster. ITS ONE OF MY FAVORITE PLAYLISTS EVER- like, i just love the concept so much. 😩🤘

favs from here: teeth, enemy, blood//water, castle.

♪・῾☆ nostalgia

these are basically the songs that “raised me” and all the music i loved when i was little. (technically, i am still “little” but you get the point. listening to these gives you a feeling of nostalgia and all the emotions and feelings associated with the songs🤝💖

so in simple words, a throwback playlist. and has songs which everyone knows & has listened to : )

favorites: flashlight, drops of jupiter, how to save a life, cheap thrills.

♪・῾☆ for when i’m sad

well, i guess this is pretty self explanatory. this has some of my favourite sad songs in it, and i actually don’t listen to this playlist that often, when i’m sad. i just listen to it when i’m bored😆at the start, this only has one direction/solos but towards the end, different artists are included.

i actually thought of a really creative name for this playlist but i forgot UGH🤐- so if have any name suggestions, please comment it <33

recommendations: paper mache world, freakin’ out on the interstate, all i want.

♪・῾☆ songs to scream-sing when i’m home alone

there was this one time where i was left home alone for about 3 hours, and i got speakers, and blasted a number a songs in it. and had a mini-concert by myself. (and oreo, but he was sleeping even through all that music playing hah) and it was sO MUCH FUN. so fun that i decided to make a separate playlist for those songs and for when i am home alone again💃🏻💃🏻

favs: she’s not afraid, gorgeous, seventeen.

♪・῾☆ taylor swift

the green scarf in the title xD

i also have some playlists for separate artists or bands, like this one filled with taylor swift songs! it has every song by her, almost. and it’s almost 8 hours long. the reason why i have a separate taylor swift playlist, and no separate one for 1D is because i literally know EVERY.SINGLE.SONG by one direction but i don’t know all songs by t.s. 😌

so i guess i do listen to this on a daily basis! my favorites from here, currently: tis’ the damn season, dress, mirrorball, hoax, treacherous.


♪・῾☆ unskippable

i made this playlist for those times when i feel like skipping every song, and can never find the right songs i want to listen to (i hope that makes sense) so for times like that, i compiled all the songs that are “unskippable” and put them in one playlist! =D

favorites: wolves, new romantics, everytime.

well, that was me reviewing my spotify playlists! i still have some more, so if you’d like to see those, you can visit my spotify profile😃 thank you for reading! ❤ have a nice day, and i’ll see you soon.

what is your favourite playlist on spotify? share a link to your spotify profiles and i’ll check it out!

i kind of hate the featured image. but oh well – i already spent too many hours on it.

43 thoughts on “✧˚༄ explaining my spotify playlists // a chaotic music review ‹𝟹

  1. I love Steph Bohrer’s channel! Have you seen her ‘romance books that are perfect to read in SUMMER.’ book video?
    I love this post! Also 20 hours! I-
    i follow you on Spotify and I love your taste! Cruel Summer, Paper Rings, The Man, and Night Changes are some of my favourite songs xd

    Liked by 1 person

      1. haha that’s okay! romance isn’t for everyone:) also I listened to Dandelions by Ruth B. because I saw it on your playlist, and now I really like it! oh yeah, thanks 💕

        Liked by 1 person

      2. yeah, but the thing is, i do love some books i read that are romance. like she drives me crazy, heartstopper, and a couple other books which dont have romance as the main focus.
        omg yess, dandelions is such a beautiful song!


      3. gosh, i love that book. i wish i could read or watch it for the first time again. same goes for AGGGTM. i hope we get a film adaptation of it. how come girl on the train gets an adaptation and gem like AGGGTM doesn’t? i thought the girl on the train was pretty trashy.
        what do u think of it so far?

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my word your indie playlist is incredible!! I love most of the songs on there – especially Arctic Monkeys!
    I don’t have Spotify but I do have Apple Music.
    I really need to make more playlists as at the moment I just have the one which is just all my favourite songs!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Yess, they’re awesome. Any song recommendations by them?😌
      I used to have just one favourite songs playlist too! But then all of a sudden I got really obsessed with creating new playlists 😅😂✨


    1. Ooh, nice!
      Wait, that’s a good idea! I’ll try to find songs like that.
      I only know one artist who writes songs like that, and that’s girl in red. So I’ll work on it!😁


  3. Ahh this is so cool! If you want more indie songs, I recommend checking out the band Cannons. Also this song called ‘Hot Blooded’, but I don’t remember who it’s by. Your playlists are awesome…I’m sure I’ve said this before but you have great taste in music!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. this is ✨taste✨
    I only have one main playlist that I listen to- with like 512 songs- mayhaps I need to make more different playlists.. 😗 #lazynessatitsfinest

    Liked by 1 person

  5. OMG I LOVE YOUR PLAYLISTS AND SONG TASTE AHHH!!! Also the pov you’re a villain in this story IS JUST SUPERIOR IT’S SUCH A GOOD PLAYLIST!!! following you on Spotify now hehehe ;))

    Liked by 1 person

      1. No, I’m with you. “One Thing” will always be one of my favorite 1D songs, despite how good their later albums are. Dang, I don’t think they’re ever getting back together though.

        Liked by 1 person

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