﹒☆ ~ thoughts that run through my mind || just me. rambling. 

hi, i hope you are having a nice day✨💙 it is now almost 12 am and i don’t feel the slightest bit sleepy. it feels like everyday is going by too slowly and i feel like i’m wasting all this time doing nothing. i have around one and half months of holidays and i could get so much done. and yet here i am, so incredibly unmotivated. so i just do nothing all day.

well, i took a blogging break for about half a month. and i posted a post, expecting..some interaction from other bloggers because it had been a while since i last posted..and i got one comment. (it was a post i was really excited for too.) and i feel like i fell out of touch with the blogging community by taking a break, i wish i hadn’t now. i felt bad because a lot of other bloggers probably felt this way too. so i went on the wordpress reader and spent around an hour catching up with the latest posts and i left a comment on almost every post i read.

it’s currently summer break for me, and i have holidays till mid-june. school is so stressful. especially now that i’m in the 9th grade. it’s only 9th grade, too. i can’t imagine higher grades. keeping up with studies is one thing. sometimes at school i feel out of place. so i’m glad i get a long break off school. but on the other hand, it’s not like i like being home anyway. as. matter of fact i don’t. so, i guess being at school is better.but oh well-

i like it when i’m reading books. or watch a series. because i just get to forget about everything else, and focus on someone/something else’s story. when you’re reading a book it’s like …taking time off reality. that’s why i prefer fiction than real life. it’s like this. i don’t wish fictional worlds or characters existed. i wish i existed in those fictional places and with those made-up characters.

one time in school during the first few days, we did self introductions (i hate doing those) during art class. we had to tell everyone else about ourselves and what we wanted to be in the future. i was one of the last to tell, and i listened to my classmates speak about their ideal professions and the career they wanted to pursue and all that. when it was my turn i had no idea what to say, no plan for the future, nothing like that. it felt like everyone else had it figured out except for some, like me.

sometimes i think i’ll figure it out when the time comes. but i also overthink about these kind of stuff a lot. and i worry too much. i still don’t have an idea of what i want to do in 5-10 years time. and i need to think about all that and figure it out soon..because i’m already in high school, and there’s only …4-5 years till i graduate. ok, this was a mistake writing all this down because i zoned out for a minute and kept thinking about this again.

i get told that i’m too quiet.that i never talk. i just wish people would stop. people, being relatives, teachers, parents, friends.. i really hate when i get told that. it really isn’t my fault. i don’t feel the need to talk unnecessarily. i am quite social around the people i am comfortable with. if only you would stop labeling me as “anti-social”, and actually let me be for a change.

another thing that annoys me is people commenting on my acne. it. is. not. something. i. can. control. ok? does it look like i want my face to be covered with pimples? seriously. it happens to almost everyone. having acne is ..hard. i never take off my mask in school because of it. it’s also extremely painful. when you’re trying so many skincare products and nothing ever seems to work. i’ve heard so many people comment on this, and i hate it so much.

i find myself scrolling through the google photos app a lot. i look at all the old pictures from a few years ago and see what was different. how different i/my family members/my friends/the place in the photo looked. what changed since then. i do the same thing with my blog. to see how different i “sounded” through my post. it’s a weird habit. and i do this almost everyday.

honestly, 2020 and 2021 don’t even feel like years. they just feel like really long weeks. i don’t really recall anything from the two years. and it didn’t even feel like it happened. but it did and i still refuse to believe that 2019 was 3 years ago. it was just last year. but, it is definitely not the same as it was. pun intended. (it’s a harry styles reference, only people with taste can get it.) where was i?

ah yes, cHanGEs and the happenings of the past two..years. weeks. . well. school closed. i started a blog. masks became a thing. i skipped most of my online classes. i got braces. acne came with that as a package deal, which was splendid. we adopted oreo. my sister went to college in a different city, but then switched colleges, and stayed at home like before. school reopened, i made.. 2 new friends, and that’s pretty much it.

this year..it’s been a decent year so far. we start off with a month of online classes, i absolutely despise those. and then 2 months of exams! woo-hoo.. i got really bad marks in maths. but i’m getting better at it because i started going to maths tuition. and then we have 3 weeks in 9th grade, and summer break. it was my friends’ b’days during march and april. so that was fun. we all got to hang out. i have a feeling this’ll be a good year. the rest, at least. (i mean, h.s is releasing a new album so-)

that has to be the longest i’ve written in one sitting. it’s okay if you skim-read this. honestly – i wouldn’t read this word by word either. it’s just me. rambling.complaining. it’s really for no one else to read. these are some of the many things i wish i could talk to someone about.

wait, it’s 1 am. i didn’t realize it had been an hour since i started writing. i would love to hear from you all, how are you doing? what have you been up to? let’s talk in the comments : )

evin ❤

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  1. I felt disconnected from the blogging community when I had my blogging break as well. And even though I’ve started posting again, I still feel a little disconnected since I am behind on everyone’s posts again. But I think that once I’ve caught up, I will feel more connected. It’s great to hear from you again!
    Another thing: It’s ok not to know what you want to do in the next 5-10 years. By the way you describe yourself, I think I may be a little older than you (still in high school tho) and I don’t know what I want to do for my job or where I want to go to college or anything else along those lines. It’s ok not to know. We will figure these things out in time.
    Have a great day! ❤️

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    1. I’m glad someone relates :)) well, to be fair, I think it does take a little time to get back into the flow. 🙃
      Hm, yeah. I guess a lot of people are still figuring that stuff out.
      Thanks, Heidi💖

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  2. Hey Evin, I think you are the same age as I am (you are 14 right?) and I just thought I’d come and join the club of ‘not knowing what you want to do when you’re older’. It feels like there’s so much pressure to have your life mapped out in front of you, everything perfectly planned, but I really don’t understand why.
    I don’t have a clue of what I want to and I think that’s okay.

    And why, why why do people think that they need butt in and try to make us introverts ‘fit in’ with their world. We do not want to! So take no notice of them (at least that’s what I do).

    I hope this comment helped slightly, and I’m always up to chat if you want to. ❤

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    1. Hi, Sylvie! I’m 13, but I turn 14 in a few more months😀
      Yes, I kind of do feel pressured on that subject. But I guess it’s okay to not know either…🙃

      Exactly! Whenever I go to family get-togethers and stuff, I’m always why I never talk. Like, I answer questions and make small talk occasionally. What more do you want from me?😂

      Yes, it did help. Thanks❤️

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      1. Ahh yes I see, I think we are in the same school year but you start earlier because of different term timings!
        Family get together are always hard, we had a big one a few years ago for my grandparents anniversary and all these people who apparently ‘recognised me from when I was small’ expected me to just be able to talk about nothing for ages -I don’t understand small talk 🤣

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  3. Hey, Evin! I know we haven’t interacted in a whiiiiiiile, but I saw this and thought I should add to the conversation. 2021 was rough for me, (I can vouch for the “two weeks” thing. Feels like so long ago but so recent!) and I felt like I wanted to give up on life because it was so thoroughly rotten. This is an old mantra, but there is ALWAYS a sunny side. I find it through my best friend, through my loving family, and through a relationship with Jesus Christ. That has brought me through the fire, so to speak.

    I’m going into high school later this year, and I am getting scared now!😅 I’m homeschooled though, so it’s a bit easier for me.

    Something that helps me when I’m feeling down or discouraged is taking a biiig step back. Pause and think how your life is just a piece of the story of the world. Think about how this is all a part of the human experience. Think of it as a chance for amazing growth!

    Not knowing what to do with your life is a big part OF life. You don’t need to know what you’re going to do at 13, I don’t think. And an important thing to remember is that your life doesn’t need to measure up to anyone else’s. Everyone grows and learns at different speeds. (Other old mantras, I know I know)

    Haha, that may have been corny…I apologize. Just some nuggets from a fellow Covid Sufferer! I’ll be praying for you, Evin!💕

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    1. Hey, Bea! How are you doing? It’s nice to hear from you😀
      Haha, that’s a good way to put it. Feels so long ago but so recent.🤔 I agree. There is always a bright side to things.☀️💓

      Ooh, what is going into a new school year in homeschooling like? Goodluck!

      Wow, that’s great advice. Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind💓 Thank you so much, Bea!

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      1. I’m doing well, thanks!😊
        Haha, mostly just a lot of anxiety. Realizing that I need to push myself a bit further to succeed at things. Homeschool is a lot more personal discipline, because it’s so easy to just give up and do something else…so yeah, just building discipline, mostly.
        You’re welcome, Evin! Happy Monday!✨

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  4. aw ev 🤎
    i just want you to know i read this post word for word.
    why do we have to live thousands of miles away? i’d give you the biggest hug if i could. i’d just let you be you, and not make you feel like you should be someone else or a “better evin,” if that existed, which it doesn’t. because you’re the best and only evin, and i love you so much for it.
    i also don’t know what i will or want to be doing in the next 5-10 years, or 5-10 minutes? but that’s ok and you heard it from me: it’s ok for the same to be true for you. people can go “planning” they’re lives, mapping them out and creating a perfect present and future for themselves. but you know what? we’re not even promised tomorrow. these are the moments we have. it’s what we do here that matters. by the time the future comes, it’ll be the present and we’ll know what to do with it.
    so i should probably be saying this in a pm instead of here on your blog lol, but there’s been space in our relationship because i gave that to you. i want you to be comfortable and do what you need to do. but at any time when you need someone to talk to, i’ll always be there. i’m not judging you at all and we can pick up where we left off. this also isn’t to pressure you into being my buddy, but i do care about you a lot(: and i really will always be here. ✨

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    1. it’s sad that we live sooo away but you and some other friends I’ve made here are literally are the ones who i trust a lot & I’m so grateful i made so many great, supportive friends through this. ♥️
      *hug* thank you, Maggie🥺💜
      that’s true. i guess instead of worrying about the future we should just, live in the moment. it’s cliche, and easier said than done but it’s also what’s true.
      i know, and i appreciate that.💛 thanks, and I’ll be here if you need to talk to! :))

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      1. it really isss ✨
        same! there are incredibly sweet people here
        you’re welcome 🥰
        yes, most definitely 💜
        you’re welcome, and thank you! 😊✨

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    2. Wow. This comment wasn’t directed at me but I’ve just got to say: nice words Maggie.
      “…we’re not even promised tomorrow. these are the moments we have. it’s what we do here that matters…”

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  5. Hi, Evin. I completely agree with the thing about books and fictional worlds.A sad story; I was telling 2 of my friends about this book I was completely obsessed with, and this other girl (friend’s friend, but I’m not the biggest fan of either of them) came up to us and joined the conversation. I continued obsessing over the book, and then she randomly cut me off and said – “you really need to pull your head out of those books. you shouldn’t be reading that much, it’s bad for you. maybe you
    should work on your grades and looking better instead.”

    That was 3 months ago. I still think about it.

    In my class at school, I have this reputation of being smart (I’m not really, I just raise my hand tbh but apparently participation is smart 😂🙄), and everyone except like, 5 people in my class think it’s just because I’m Asian, so my brain ‘by default’ works faster and better than everyone else’s…..? like huh-

    Recently I have been feeling kinda detached from the real world. it’s probably just me in my head, though. i’ve been writing a lot of poetry.

    i just want you to know Evin, I struggle with insecurity about skin too. That’s why I don’t think I want to do a face reveal. All my friends are like SUPERMODELS and I just feel like I don’t fit in:(
    I know what you feel like, and I’m here if you wanna chat:) I appreciate you so much, I think you’re incredible just the way you are. don’t worry about the style of your posts changing, the only thing that never changes is that things are always changing. your posts are INCREDIBLE. write what you want, how you want, and when you want<3
    I don't want to pressure you to stay in the community, I just wanted to say – you are such a light in this community, and you're one of the first accounts I ever followed. your posts make me laugh and make me happy. you're an awesome human being, and don't worry, you'll figure it out. again, i'm here for you if you want to chat, or rant ❤

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    1. Hi, sateja :))
      oh my goodness, that’s not good. that girl seems awful (no offense)
      ALSO HOW IS READING BAD FOR YOU?! i don’t understand- gosh, that girl is so mean. i would not talk to her again if that happened to me.
      i wish i had friends who were just as obsessed as reading as me, but i don’t in real life. that’s why I’m grateful for my bookish friends from blogging 😉 like you!
      hey, don’t let those comments get to you. they clearly don’t understand how💫awesome💫 it is to be a part of a bookish fandom.

      oh wow, those stereotypes people have in their mind is so .dumb. there’s a girl in my class, (my friend) and she answers everytime, and gets really good scores. and almost all my classmates are annoyed by her..like what, for being SMART?😂 I don’t get it.

      yeah, i wouldn’t want to do a face reveal anytime soon either. all my friends have clear skin and that makes me feel insecure about that 😦
      so i totally get what you feel
      thank you sososoos much. this comment made my day😭💜
      you’re always so kind and take time to read whatever i post and i really appreciate that. so thank you <33


      1. I KNOW! like reading is the best. and also – my English teacher said reading helps your grades, sooooo…
        AlSO. this is the girl who claims to have read AGGGTM, and when I asked her who was her fave character she said she read it when she was six so couldn’t remember much. IT WAS PUBLISHED IN 2019 AND SHE’LL BE 12 THIS YEAR. like gurl-

        yes, I love having friends who like to read too! the thing is though, I enjoy very different books to them. they all think romance is cheesy and that mysteries and thrillers are boring. they literally only like (i kid u not) Harry Potter and stuff. like- i read HP when I was literally 9. my best friend and i read quite different genres but she loves listening me talk about my reading and vice versa, so we bounce off each other quite well:)
        I KNOW. omg you know those people who don’t study, don’t participate in class, and disrupt it for others then complain about bad grades? like 90% of my class is those. ugh. I hate them. like, ok.. you can fail maths if you want, don’t make me fail too! 🙄 also ye. being Asian has NOTHING to do with anything.
        yep, not all my friends have clear skin ( i do, most of the time except for an occasional pimple like every 5 weeks) but they’re still way prettier than me, which just shows acne is still beautiful. i still understand how you feel though, because i have other things i’m insecure about like e.g: i have a little beyond waist-length hair, and people say it makes me look like a “teachers’ pet / good girl”. like let me do what i want to with my hair, ppl.
        also. with the thing about not talking, i talk WAY TOO MUCH when i’m with my *closest* friends, however with anyone else (including my family, sometimes) i just smile instead of talking. i’m not sure why. i’m that one person in my class who “doesn’t have a personality” but when you get to know me i’m more social/talkative 😂
        awww yay! thank you so much. you too<3
        haha I love long comments too! i just feel bad sometimes because i feel like i can ramble on a bit too much lol 😂

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      2. samee- i feel like all my teachers say that too. oh my gosh, why would she have to lie about that? and that book definitely isn’t appropriate for a six year old. xD

        well. they clearly haven’t read the right books. also, there are various fantasy/magic related books other than just hArry poTteR ..

        it’s great that you have a friend who listens to you. i have a friend like that too 😀 but she never reads the books i reccomend 😦

        that is true. some of my friends don’t have clear skin but they still look better with pimples and stuff. yes. i do agree that people who have acne are still beautiful ❤
        i dont get it, what does hair have to do with any of that xD –
        SAME, i just smile instead of talk..
        no, there's nothing like rambling a bit TOO much haha


      3. idk. I agree, it’s not appropriate for a 6 year old. yesss! haha my friend never reads them either, but she lets me spoil the plot, so…
        ye, acne is beautiful, but I do understand that it can make people feel insecure:( ikr!
        haha YES

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  6. ahh ikkrr fictional books just take you away from reality for some time and it’s soo calming!🥺
    also, i can totally understand what you’re going through about what-am-i-gonna-do-in-my-future topic because even i have been through it and i’m pretty much still in that phase, but you just need to focus on what you imagine yourself as, in some years! and well, there’s still time for you to think about it! so DONT WORRY AT ALLL✨
    and i am doing fineeee, offline school’s a bit time consuming and i don’t get time to do anything apart from that, so idk how i am😂 but what about you?? which series have you been watching recently?

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    1. I agree 100% and its the same with music!
      yep, that’s true. thanks, siya!💚
      Oh, you’re still in offline school? When do you have holidays?🤔
      I’m good! I recently finished watching heartstopper :)) wbu?

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  7. Evin, I am literally 17, with my school ending in just about a month now, and I don’t know what I am going to do in college. So, it’s perfectly fine to not know what you’re doing at 13! You’ve so much time! I thought I knew what I was going to do in life at 13, but now I just don’t, and that’s okay! A friend of mine who didn’t know what they were going to do at 13 know now, and know exactly where they’re heading in life. So, plans change! It is completely fine to not know what you’re going to do!

    As for acne, and people who comment on those, just remember, that inner beauty is what matters- you’re beautiful while they aren’t- at least as far as the aspect of commenting on other people’s appearances matters. Acne can easily be hidden with make up, but there’s nothing that can mask people’s ugly reality. As someone who has had a heck load of acne, and still does, seriously don’t pluck on them, they leave scars, and ignore everyone who says that you need to get rid of acne. Do less eat oily and spicy food, and ice your face once in two to three days, and you’ll be fine. There are also so many creams to get rid of acne, if that’s what you really want to do. Don’t use any cream that’s not medically prescribed though.

    And overthinking, oh I have a PhD in it, and something I do to not overthink is try and make myself as busy as possible, or just do a hobby or something. Not the healthiest coping mechanism, but it does work well enough.

    Oh, and the thing about 2020 and 2021 and not being able to recollect anything , I feel you.

    If you want to talk about literally anything, you can email me, although I might take a while to respond😅

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    1. Hi Riddhi! I’m so sorry for how long I took to reply to this comment. I just want to say thank you for taking the time to write this. This really made my day.💗😊
      That is true, the interests I have now might change time to time. And that’s okay. Because we will eventually figure out what I want to do in college, or high school or whatever.

      Thank you🥹💕 well, I wish I had known that earlier. Now my face has a lot of scars, but I’m hoping they’ll fade soon, thanks for the advice & tips :))
      Yes, that’s a good solution, I’ll try doing that.

      That’s okay! Thanks. <33

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  8. Hey Evin , it’s okay that you have still not decided what to do with your future seriously it happened with me too ! But by the time , now that I’m in 10th grade (which is important itself ) it automatically just popped in my head what my career would be . So just go with the flow . And schools are really hard specially after lockdown

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  9. I also feel disconnected from the blogging community since school started and I’ve been posting way less. But it’s okay and I’m sure you’ll get back and catch-up!
    And it is completely fine if you don’t know what you are gonna do in the next few years. When the time comes you’ll figure it out so try not to take all the stress rn. I’m there if wanna talk about anything 💛

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  10. Hiii evin! I hope you’re well!
    I’m kinda stuck in a dilemma too, I’m in tenth and I STILL don’t have things figured out. I guess it’s alright, the important part is to enjoy the last few school years to the fullest. I think we need to stop thinking about the future, especially now. I know, PEER PRESSURE. But peers always pressurize, nothing new.
    Acne? I never got acne but I get pimples, but they’re easily avoided by water. Don’t try fancy skincare products, they’ll only shit things up! Just keep washing your face when you feel its too oily, eat fiber twice a day, and chug down water and vegetable juice. I know it’s gross, but try drinking beet juice. My mom made it when I got way too many pimples, and they just reduce! (beet juice is actually tasty.)
    I hope school gets easier, for you, for me and for all of us high schoolers. You’ve always got people cheering on you, Evin!

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  11. Hey, Evin.

    About your blogging break, I really did miss your posts… and pics. I just didn’t comment on the Heartstopper book review ’cause I didn’t really connect with the LGBTQ+ theme.

    It’s okay to fret about new challenges at school. It’s normal. I say you should take your own advice. I sure am. I loved your collab post with Eesh on how to ace all your exams, so take your own study advice and you’ll be okay. We always are in the end.

    Haha. You aren’t the only one who finds being at home boring. Sometimes everything just feels like too much and I wish I could just get away. But I can’t leave the house without good reason so… bah. But you’re lucky to have books and movies to get lost in. I also get that feeling of wanting to BE fiction and live in their lives. But I sadly don’t have time for those things anymore. 😦

    It’s okay to be quiet if you really don’t have anything to say. It really is better to be quiet and observe than to be loud and really not say anything sensible in the end. So, your being quiet is okay, as long as you have physical friends you connect with.

    Pimples are gonna go when they want to. Skincare products can only work to an extent. I remember when I was 12, my forehead was full of pimples! But, 5 years later, they’re all gone; so don’t worry.

    I can so connect with that feeling of the past years feeling like just yesterday. It’s so sad that I’ll never relieve those moments EVER again. 😦 😦 😦

    I really did read your post word per word — why wouldn’t I? I truly adore your pictures and the way you use them. DO YOU HAVE UNLIMITED WORDPRESS STORAGE SPACE OR SOMETHING?

    I hope you feel better, because you should. All the confusion and messy feelings will fade away as the years go by. Truly. Till then, you’ve just gotta dance in the rain.

    ❤ ❤ ❤

    QUESTION: Is it the regular star emoji that you used in this post's tittle?
    ANOTHER QUESTION: Is it the regular heart emoji that you used in your username?

    ~i know, i know. the length of this comment is tiring me out too.~

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    1. Hi, Vanessa.
      Yeah, that’s fine. You did tell me that.
      Hm, yeah that’s true. Thanks🧡

      It’s more boring at home now after being in lockdown for a whole year in 2020 😦
      I agree that being quiet isn’t a “problem” but not everyone thinks that way💀

      Yeah..but it still took 5 years?😂 I get your point, though.
      No, I don’t have unlimited wordpress storage😂 I wish I did though. Thanks💚

      No, they aren’t the regular emojis. I think you can find those if you search “aesthetic symbols copy and paste”

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  12. I love this post Evin…it’s so relatable.
    I feel like I’ve been very dissociated from reality lately…I don’t even know what month/year it is and I know my blog is suffering for it. Part of me is afraid that I’m about to quit blogging, but another part of me desperately doesn’t want to.
    Also, I agree about reading. That’s why I read so much…to distract myself from things….

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    1. Thanks..
      no, please don’t quit blogging. I love reading your posts and you put so much effort into both of your blogs. : )
      True.. you know you can always talk to me though, about anything. 💗

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  13. Hey Evin! I know, the blogging community isn’t the same anymore. It’s like everyone is leaving. This makes me feel like not coming back here anymore. School is hard. But let me tell you something, 9th grade is harder than all other grades. I felt the same way about math when I was in 9th grade. Just try to solve atleast one sum everyday because practice is very important. And try to solve sums on your own without seeing the solution. This way, you’ll feel more confident and I’m not a pro at math but you can send me the stuff you’re struggling with and I’ll try to help you out. Oh, Evin, you are not alone. I’m going to college in two years and I still don’t know do I have to do in life. You can’t always know everything. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow. Things will fall in place eventually. And even if you KNOW what you want to do, stuff happens and you end up doing (and love to do that) something else. “i get told that i’m too quiet.that i never talk.” Dude, same. People should understand that this is what we are and stop labelling us as quiet. I struggled a lot with this at school when I was known as as the quietest girl of my batch. No one talked to me, it was like I’m invisible. But I’m trying to not worry about that and be myself with people i love. Acne. I struggle a lot with it too. Do you have oily skin? I have oily skin and it’s the worst. Also my skin is super sensitive so not a single cream or facewash or whatever doesn’t work on it. I think you should try natural stuff. Like not beauty products that scream “we use natural ingredients” but natural ingredients. Like aloevera gel taken out directly from the plant which is fresh is a huge lifesaver. You can also try lemon juice (not diluted). It is kinda painful but works magic. You can try making a facepack with dry orange skin. Try to stay away from turmeric related stuff though. Idk about you, but turmeric related beauty products make my skin breakout. Also drink lots of water and exercise a lot. And most importantly, be yourself. What if people judge you if you take your mask off? Their opinions don’t matter. You are beautiful just the way you are. About making new friends, the quality of friends matter more than the quantity. I am bad at making new friends but I’ve been able to make new friends over the past few months. Start small, and try to hang out with your friends’ friends (only if you like them. You don’t have to be with people you don’t like), wave or smile at people when you see them. I hope this helps.

    Evin, if you ever want to talk about anything, anything at all, just text me. Text me anything, the name of the book you’re reading, songs or anything at all. I won’t promise to reply asap but I will reply. I love you bestie and i cannot see you sad. And there’s also a good news which you’ll find out on hangouts.

    This comment is all over the place. Okay bye, I’ve to go have breakfast otherwise my mom will be mad at me.

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    1. Hi Roshni! Yeah, I agree 100%
      I miss how the blogging community used to be. Don’t get me wrong though, I still love how it is now but back then was just so much more lively and I miss the bloggers who left. Yes, I go to maths tuition so I do math sums everyday : ) thank you.
      I get that 9th grade is harder than others because until middle school it’s just the recap of the same topics over and over again just a tiny bit of new information…in 9th a crap load of advanced terms and formulas and definitions and stuff to memorise is just springing in on you😂😅
      Yes, but I’m still hoping I’ll figure out within time, because I have to pick groups in two more years..that’s still a fair amount of time, I guess.
      Gosh, same. I’m basically invisible at school. Whenever I want to join conversations with my friends I just get ignored mostly.
      No, I think I have combination skin or something. I have found a product that sort of works for me but the acne scars just aren’t going away and it really lowers my self confidence and self esteem. I hate that it’s also so painful and takes so much time to fade.
      Thank you so much, this comment made me smile : )

      Oh shoot, you better go then.😂😉


  14. I personally REALLY enjoyed reading this post. This might be one of the most enjoyable posts I’ve read for a couple of months. I love ramblings because there’s more…. reality in them, and it makes me feel more… normal, I guess?
    On the topic of not knowing what you’ll do in the future, uncertainty seems scary, and uncomfortable (to me, at least), especially when everyone else has it figured out. However, I know so many people who have gone through this and have ended up finding a job that they found interesting and a good fit for them. Maybe I’m too young to be thinking about this, but sometimes it feels like I JUST WANT TO KNOW whether I’ll end up figuring things out, and if so, how?
    Also, I definitely did not stare at that chocolate bar for like five minutes, wanting to eat it so badly.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks, Eeshani!
      Yes, same. I love ramble-y posts. They are so real and natural .. and honest. That makes sense, yeah!
      Thank you💕 well I don’t think anyone’s “too young” to be thinking about their future. But they also shouldn’t overthink it or worry about it. (Which I should stop doing😂)
      Ahhh same, that was like months ago and I really like that pic so decided to reuse it. Those good times when I could have an entire chocolate bar to myself😩


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