taking a blogging break🌻

hello~ welcome or welcome back to my blog. i wanted to check in with you guys, how are you all doing? anything new in your life lately?

so, um, yeah. as the title states, i’ll be taking a blogging break. honestly, i could just space out my posts and post once in every two weeks or whatever, but i don’t really feel motivated right now. besides, now that i’m in the 9th grade now and i’ll have to focus a lot more on my studies.

that’s why i’ve decided to take a blogging break for around a month – it’s undecided when i’ll be back though. maybe during my summer break? by the way, have you guys listened to the new track harry styles released? if not, you must. i’ll link it here. it’s amazing, and i love it. <33

well, yeah – that’s pretty much it. i think this might be the shortest post i’ve ever written. oh, and i also won’t be that active in reading your posts on your blogs. i’ll try to catch up in a couple weeks~ pleasepleaseplease drop some post ideas in the comments? thanks :)) and as ray said in her post, i quote:

please don’t say ‘we’ll miss you, have a good break’ in the comments. just type something random. or whatever. or nothing. just not that.

see you all in 18 months.

61 thoughts on “taking a blogging break🌻

  1. I haven’t listened to Harry Style’s new track, since I don’t really listen to his music. *this is me trying so hard not to be cliche and say have a good break 😂* have you read Killjoy by Holly Jackson? It’s the prequel to AGGGTM, and it’s apparently quite good:)) I haven’t read it yet and you give the best recommendations!

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    1. it’s actually really good! try listening to it :))
      actually yeah, i did try reading it after the AGGGTM trilogy, but i was kinda bored after like 50 pages so i DNF-ed it.
      but, it was quite interesting, so i still would recommend even if it wasn’t for me!
      hehe, thanks😜

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      1. like, it’s based on the characters at a costume party or something, and they solve a “murder mystery” which is set in the 90’s, I think? It was way different and I guess that’s what I didn’t like about it.
        it’s not mine, but i agree! It’s a really cute GIF.

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      1. Yes!
        Ah yes I was reading, then I took a break and was reading something else in between now I am back to reading they both Die at the end! I’m 50 pages in so can’t say much, but I have a feeling that it’s going to be emotional 😅

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  2. weeeeeeee *won’t* miss youuuuuuuuuu
    jk you know we will you just don’t want us saying it 😉

    I actually did listen to the new song. It was just really late at night and now I’ve forgotten what it sounds like. *heh*
    You should do some more music-related posts! and bookish posts because books are awesome.

    Have a nice break!

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    1. haha😂💛

      oop, you should listen to it again 😌
      im gonna do a review of Harry’s album when it releases! and i would love to do more bookish posts but i have no ideasss 😦

      thanks b- diamond💗

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  3. Oh dear, what happens when I can’t use the regular polite cliche!?!?!😰
    Harry Styles is a singer, whose songs are good. Have not listened to the new album because I’m not “following” his work currently, but I may check it out…
    I am so incredibly bad at post ideas. uHHHHHhhhHHhh…maybe you could do something like…”Music genres I would never listen to normally”. You could react to those or somethin’?😅🤷‍♀️
    Goodness gracious, I won’t say the thing you don’t want me to say, but I will say that I DESIRE THAT YOU MAY HAVE A PLEASANT LEAVE
    Best wishes as you tackle ninth grade, Evin!✨

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  4. Awwwww. You’re taking a blogging break? Well, I’ll actually be taking one too soon, anyway. I have senior school exams by May o prepare for. We’ll probably be getting back to blogging at the same time:
    ~ summertime 🌻🌞🌻~

    You said not to say we’ll miss you, so I’ll just say: I’ll miss… your writing… and your pictures.

    Hope you settle well into 9th grade, Evin!

    Byeeeee! 👋🏿

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  5. Yesss, I’ve heard Harry’s new track. I’m still deciding whether or not I like it or not 😂 Lately I’ve been getting more into 5SOS.

    hAvE a nIcE bReAk AnD wE’LL mISs YoU.

    Sorry, couldn’t help it. I’ll be missing your posts, Evin!

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  6. Hey Evin! I hope the brek helps and you can motivate yourself. Though as someone who just got done with 9th and went into 10th, let me just tell you, 9th might feel really tough but its ok to still have fun. You shouldn’t get too serious about studies right from 9th and like cut off other stuff, cos then you’ll feel like you missed out when you go to 10th(at least, thats what’s happening to me :/ ) . Even though its kinda hectic, 9th grade stuff mostly won’t matter so remember to like take a second, and just enjoy:)
    P.S.- Ik this might seem weird cos its like advice from someone that you don’t know but its just something that i wish someone had told me and I wanted to share it when it was revelvant. Hope it helps! I love your blog

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  7. okay, so, i don’t really listen to harry styles much. just on the radio, mostly. a lot of people love harry styles, but some of my friends don’t understand why he’s so popular. why i am typing in only caps? am i too lazy now?


    1. well its not only because of how great his music is. he was a part of 1D, and a lot of people loved the band for various reasons.
      harry is so unproblematic, he supports the LGBTQ+ community, and is just so kind, and respects his fans..etc.
      also because he makes amazing music.


      1. I did know he was in 1D. I did not know he supports the LGBTQ+ community. Good! 👍🏽
        Yes, the music I have listened to by Harry Styles is really good. Especially She.


  8. i’m so so late to this but i resonate with it more than you can imagine! firstly AS IT WASSS ahh i loved itt. harry’s starting his new era and we’re here for it. though it took him more than three years after fine line, ugh, lol. secondly yes freshman year is so hard – i’m starting the ninth grade too! it’s a lot of change & i guess none of us want to fall behind with our studies so… yep. anyway, we all need a break and your posting schedule is so uninterrupted, it’s awesome! have a good one ❤

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