how to ace all your exams || study tips – ft. Eesh ✧°࿐

i used to be a straight ‘a’ student, and i somehow still got an ‘a’ grade in my term exams this year – my grades have dropped a lot since online classes & ever since i started going back to offline school.🙁

today’s post is going to be a collab with Eesh @ bright light shine and we’re both sharing study // school tips to get better grades and ace all your exams this year! i hope you find this post helpful & visit Eesh’s blog to read his part of the collab.

have a clean space

put away your devices, make sure you have everything you need to cover, and enough space to spread out your textbooks, notes and stationary. and study snacks

practice the pomodoro technique

this is where you study for a short amount of time, take a 5 min break, then study again. set a timer for 25 minutes, and study continuously – go through your notes, read your text book thoroughly. it is scientifically proven that our brain absorbs information best in short bursts of time.

take notes regularly

it doesn’t have to be aesthetic/pretty notes, but honestly – those motivate me to take notes often. but, make sure your notes are clear to you, and add points that help you remember the topic. create mind-maps, and draw related pictures to help you memorize better.

pay attention during classes

be it online, or in-person classes, try to pay attention and don’t be afraid to ask questions/clear your doubts to the teacher. i used to not pay attention during online classes at all, and my grades dropped….by a lot.. so try your best to say focused during your class

highlight important parts in your textbook

if you don’t feel like maintaining a note for note-taking, just highlight the important parts in your textbook. i think it’s almost the same as keeping notes, and the next time you go through your book, you can just read the highlighted parts and it saves you a lot of time

seriously, turn off those notifications

i have all my notifications off, since those are highly distracting. you can check all those later when you’re done with studying. or, better. just switch off your device. unless you’re learning online..

try to study everyday

at least read through a chapter in your book, watch videos related to the current lesson that’s being taught. practice writing & learning every day, or at least 3 times a week.

set a deadline 2-3 days before the actual deadline

if your exam is in a week, start studying at least 4 days before. trust me, that’s so much better than just cramming everything in the day before. setting a deadline 2-3 days before the actual deadline (or due date, for an assignment or such) is a super effective time management tip.

lastly, don’t be too hard on yourself

don’t stress too much about your grades, and know your capability. it’s okay if you get a bad grade sometimes🙂 – just remember to take it easy~

i’m writing this a couple days before my final exams start and i’m extremely nervous, these are the last exams i’ll be writing in middle school. i hope i get over 90% in all my tests and overall too.

thank you so much for reading, i hope you enjoyed! see you next time. ❤

37 thoughts on “how to ace all your exams || study tips – ft. Eesh ✧°࿐

      1. Thanks BTW my exams are finished now and I just messed with my maths exam like everybody else in my class so I’m little like tension free because we all messed 🤭 anyway just forget that! And I’m gonna apply these techniques on my next exam

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