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☆February ’22 recap || school, oreo’s bday & more☆

hii, everyone!! welcome or welcome back to a curly sue’s ramblings🤎 i hope you’re all having a lovely day. soo, here we have another monthly recap – how did 2 months in 2022 go by already? February went by quite quickly for me.🤧 is it just me or are my intros getting shorter every post i write-😭😂


i wrote an entire paragraph in last month’s wrap up – complaining about schools closing again here, and online schooling. ironically, i received a message few days later i was so, so overjoyed-🥳

and yes, it was great going back to school. another set of exams, seeing my friends again..😌✌ i actually didn’t have a lot of time to read because of this, so my reading time decreased drastically 🙃 it was oreo’s (my dog) bday a couple weeks ago!! he turned one year old. he’s growing up so fast.🤧💜 i wrote a photo post on out in the randomness for his birthday, so definitely check that out!

i met up with my friends a couple times, it was a lot of fun. i watched “enchanto” with my best friend, it was awesome!💚 i have really important exams coming up, so wish me luck.😄

in terms of productivity...well, i got my guitar fixed and tried to learn & practice playing. YouTube wasn’t that much of a help🙁. ive also been writing in my journal often. which is one of my goals for this year. so i guess that’s a good thing. i haven’t worked on my blog all that much and i’m trying to work on posting more frequently.

update: i accidentally broke a string on me guitar while tuning.

♡books i read

  1. The girl on the train by Paula Hawkins – the first few chapters had me hooked – then…it started to get really boring. it wasn’t that intriguing or page-turning for a mystery, and the ending…meh.
  2. The poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo – i’ve been wanting to read this book, and found it in my school’s library! it was fantastic, the verse format made it a quick book to finish too.
  3. The hate u give by Angie Thomas – such an incredible book, and shares a powerful message. a must-read for everyone.
  4. All your twisted secrets by Diana Urban– honestly, this is just like One of Us is Lying. just expect more drama than suspense.
  5. Friends for life by Andrew Norriss – this is a sweet story about friendship. it was a short & captivating read, too. would recommend.
  6. Clap when you land by Elizabeth Acevedo – wasn’t that enjoyable, honestly. but i kind of liked the plot. it deals with grief, family and finding oneself.
  7. The Black Flamingo – Dean Atta – a must read! loved the representation. it’s also written in verse. i love reading those kind of books.
  8. The Hawthorne Legacy by Jennifer Lynn Barnes- this sequel wasn’t as good as the first book, but it was still enjoyable, and i liked the unpredictability in this book. it was quite confusing though.
  9. This is where it ends by Marieke Nijkamp – a lot of people disliked this book, but i thought it was amazing. a fast-paced read that is deep, dark & emotional and even made me cry.
  10. Falling Over Sideways by Jordan Sonnenblick – cringe. the humor was good, i guess. i liked the sweet father-daughter relationship between claire & her dad.
  11. She drives me crazy by Kelly Quindle – this was so cute!! and it has indian.queer.rep. and enemies/rivals to lovers. loved it!

♡reviewing goals + goals for march

  • Read 10 books, or more – yESS.
  • Read the “Six of Crows” duology – nOpe. i started reading the first book, put it down, haven’t picked it back up. yet. maybe next month.
  • Do a book review on my blog – nope. but i guess i wrote a mini review of all the books in this post?
  • Spend less time on screens – sort of? i spend 6/7 days a week in school and gadgets aren’t allowed there, so my screen time reduced quite a bit.
  • Post 3 videos on Oreo’s YouTube – hah, no.
  • Do a birthday post for Oreo’s birthday – i didn’t do one on this blog but on out in the randomness, and i didn’t say what blog i’d do it on – so that counts..
  • Don’t forget to complete my online exams. (I tend to) – well, there were no online exams. and i did attend all the offline exams though, so yes?
  • Fix my guitar and practice – meh, not really. i have to get it fixed again now that one string’s gone again. but yes, i did practice. a tiny bit.
  • score over 90% in exams in march

i’m going to keep the same goals for march too.

♡blogs of the month

🤎posts of february (3)🤎

♡songs on repeat

  • serotonin – girl in red: ok so girl in red is my current favorite artist..the lyrics in this song are so relatable.
  • we fell in love in october- girl in red: such a vibe-y this one.
  • she’s all i wanna be – tate mcrae: so catchy!! the music video was great too.
  • swimchase atlantic: my current favorite band, honestly. if you haven’t listened to chase atlantic- you must.
  • message in a bottle – taylor swift: <33333

anndddd i know this was quite a short post, but i had no time to work on it, i completely forgot that February only had 28 days and i was actually supposed to post this yesterday. 😪

that’s why i wrote like half of this post 20 mins before i have to leave for my school bus. i have this exam today and i’m scaReDD… maybe i won’t be if i was actually studying- i’ll edit this once i get back home from school today. 🥱

53 thoughts on “☆February ’22 recap || school, oreo’s bday & more☆

    1. i kind of agree! i love how diverse the movie is, and the plot is great. the songs in it are total bops 😌🙌
      it also deals with issues like the pressure on isabella to be “perfect” and the toxicity from mirabel’s family ??
      i guess those might me some of the reasons it’s so overhyped.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. 10 books! I’m proud of you Evin 😌😌👏🏻❤️
    The Hate You Give and The Poet X both were such powerful Reads! I love them! The Hawthorne Legacy was a great read too for me! All Your Twisted secrets was a 3 and a half star for me as I felt that the ending was not upto the mark! I always love your wrap ups and this was great one 💕❤️😌

    Liked by 1 person

    1. yess, same! im proud i could read that many even when i had exams. i mean, id rather read any book over my tExtbOoks.
      yess, i loved read T.H.U.G.
      same, honestly. i didn’t like the ending that much😕
      aw, thank you!!💛

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes very true 😅
        Aww yea, what I do is normally during exams I read 20 pages of a book everyday because after being fed up with the school books, I come back to some fiction 😂😂😌

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Dang, you read a lot of books in February! If only I could do that, but I have a YouTube problem. So, I spend a lot of time on my screen, unfortunately! I get the struggle with trying to learn how to play guitar! I haven’t played mine in a few years because I wanted to focus on my writing. Plus, every time, I tried to tune it, I always worried that I would break a string. Thanks for the monthly update!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. okay, so the thing is, i dont.
      i literally do not have time to read, but I try to read everyday, to get a break from school, exams and all that-
      (also who needs sleep-)


  3. The hate u give is such an amazing book.
    Like every character is so layered and damn the some of the quotes like that one about being brave, so good.
    Chris is such an amazing character and i love how real starr is

    Great post🧡


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