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how i make my featured images // tutorial☆

h-hi everyone.i’ve been really busy with school but i don’t feel like taking a blogging break, but i’m being super inconsistent and running out of post ideas. help..😩

i guess this is sort of a requested post? The idea is from inky @ sosooorna’s boring blog when she left a comment asking me if i had a post on how i make my featured images. i thought making a post about that would actually be a good idea.

here’s a tutorial on how i make my featured images! if you start designing your featured images this way, please link back :))

first off, I go to pinterest to download the images related to the post. for this post’s featured image, i chose an aesthetic – vintage, since it’s my favourite one🌻

just type in a keyword related to the post you’re doing, and you’ll find lots of images. find around 5-7 images you want to use for your design, then download those.

once i’ve done that, i go to canva and choose the “instagram post” sized template. i upload all the images i’ve downloaded from pinterest, then start re-sizing, and layering them – like a collage.✨ it doesn’t have to be perfect, but make sure no images are repeated too much, and that it doesn’t look too busy.

after all the images are layered and placed across the template, you can start duplicating/copying the images and fill the blank spots. you can remove/add images to the template if you want to.

after you finish that, you can add this element called “square” over the whole background. then, to change the color of the layer over the background, you go to “photo colors” and add a contrasting color to math the collage.

this is the important part – after you’ve picked a color for the layer over the collage, you need to reduce its transparency – so the images are kind of…muted, but still visible.

this next part is optional, so you can follow this or just go straight to adding the text. after the first layer over the background, i add another “square” element. the scale of the second square layer is a bit smaller than the first one because it holds the text.

again, you have to reduce the transparency and pick a color. this usually takes me a while because i never know what colors to choose😆 i went with dark brown for the first layer, and white for the second layer.

and the final part is to add text! this is kind of time consuming because of all the adjusting, searching for fonts, and more adjusting. but, i finally ended up with this! it’s not my best design, but i like it.

keep in mind that everyone has a unique designing style, that also applies for making featured images. you don’t have to copy/imitate someone’s style just so your graphics look good. because they already do the way you make them!🌷

see you soon! thanks for reading.💗

45 thoughts on “how i make my featured images // tutorial☆

  1. Thank you for this post, it was very cool and interesting. I always admire your featured images and wonder how you make them. Will definitely use this technique in the future!! ❤

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