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5 blogging hacks you need

Welcome💗! I haven’t posted anything in like…a week. yikes. Today I’ll be sharing blogging hacks I’ve used for my blog, and also some that I’ve learnt from other bloggers. I hope you find this post helpful! Now let’s get into it😌

Host Photos on another blog

This tip is seriously a blog-saver. If you used up all of your media space on WordPress, and if you don’t want to pay to get more, this tip is the one for you.

Simply start a new blog, for example: – and upload the pictures you want to use in a post, publish it. Then on your blog, copy paste the pictures from the post. This is slightly more time consuming, but it works! I’ve seen this tip on a couple of blogs, so this idea isn’t mine.

Use the “Continue Reading” Block

if you have a theme that does not allow post excerpts, you can use the continue reading block! Which you can add to create an excerpt. I really wish I had known this sooner, because I had to change my theme a lot of times to get one with post excerpts + one that’s also responsive.

This is a hack I learnt from other blogs. When you’re writing a post, add links to related articles in the correct places. It may spark your reader’s interest. This also could revive your old blog posts!

Another thing you can use is the “Related posts” or “Latest posts” block, which automatically displays your posts when you add it! I find this block really useful😁

Having an open tab

So you can look up something real quick when you need to, search for related articles, find photos, check the spelling of words etc. Or to refer another one of your drafts, play music while you blog, etc. This tip seriously helps a lot! I always have an open tab whenever I’m writing a post.

Search bar hack

Credit to Maggie for sharing this hack!

There’s something I’ve learned how to do when I’m trying to find something on another blogger’s blog but they don’t have a search bar! What you do is go to their blog and add ‘search’ to the end of the link. doing this brings you to a page that’s like “oh no that page doesn’t exist! Maybe try a search?“😂 then it gives you a search bar! Which enables you to look up anything on that person’s blog 👍 ex:

And that is all! If you would like a part 2 of this, let me know and I’ll work on it!

Thank you so much for reading! I hope this helped you.

69 thoughts on “5 blogging hacks you need

  1. These are amazing tips Evin! I didn’t know a couple of them despite having blogged for while, so well, thank you! I literally have the same theme for all my blogs, because I did not know about the continue reading block, lol.

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    1. im glad i could help!
      thank you!
      I can relate🙃well, i could use any theme i wanted now but that means ill have to edit over 100+ posts to add the “continue reading” block. 😆


    1. Thanks for reading 💛
      it’s so nice to hear from you, silver stone!😃 how are you doing? WordPress glitched and unfollowed a LOT of blogs I used to follow so that explains why I haven’t been active on your blog🙃

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  2. the latest posts block is a lifesaver! i have it on my home page and it helps so much 😍 since i don’t have to manually update the page every time i post.
    and ooh yes the open tab one is something i do every time i’m working on a post! i’m always looking up someone’s blog, a website, an old post of mine i want to reference, or how to spell something lol

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  3. Great tips, Evin! 👍🏾

    I especially loved the second tip.
    My blog’s theme doesn’t support excerpts and it gives me concern.😟So I’ll be sure to use the block editor on my blog. 😊

    You’re amazing, Evin!

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