reacting to your unpopular music opinions ♪

it’s finally here! when I asked you guys to comment your unpopular music opinions, I was kind of afraid no one was going to.. but I did get a lot! In today’s post I’ll be sharing my opinions on your unpopular music opinions. Please keep in mind that there’s no need to argue in the comments, and this is entirely just my opinion, you don’t have to agree or disagree with it.🤠✨

 I saw a post on Pannaga’s blog, where she asked her readers to comment their unpopular music opinions and later reacted to them in a different post. I thought that was a really cool idea so I’m doing it too😄don’t forget to read the original post and follow panna’s blog!

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I think that most country music is really bad. – well, I don’t really agree with that. The only country music I’ve listened to is by Taylor Swift and a few other artists and I kind of like that style of music.


I think Hunter Hayes is underrated / not enough people listen to his music! – YES! I listened to a few of his songs when Maggie and I did a playlist swap and I really liked them. especially one good reason.


1. I think billie eillish is good but not like brilliant. Kind of disagree on that. Her latest album, happier than ever is reaaalllyy good.
2. Bring Me The Horizon is soo underrated. I guess they are, because I’ve never heard of them till now.
3. Taylor Swift’s first album deserves more attention! I’ve never actually listened to the whole album..

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K-pop and new un-country country are way over listened to and old country isn’t listened to enough: Exactly! I agree with that. old country is really good.


Olivia Rodrigo is very overestimated. I just think all of her music sounds the exact same and doesn’t ever talk about anything different but hate towards Joshua Bassett. It gets old, to sum it up. EXACTLY! I agree so much. I’m not saying her music is bad but they’re all about the exact same thing.


Taylor Swift fans (Swifties) are kind of impatient. Like, Red *just* came out and they already want a new album? Well, sort of? I haven’t even listened to all of RED (Taylor’s version) yet though.

Sabrina Carpenter is underrated/Olivia Rodrigo is overrated. Sabrina carpenter is SO underrated. seriously. more people need to listen to her music.

Niall is the best member of 1D… I can’t pick ONE of them as the best… but Louis-. yes, Niall is awesome.

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Taylor Swift’s music isn’t very good. No.🙂🔪
Christian music is underrated. Never listened to it…and I don’t think I will.
Classical music is boring. Yep, I agree with that.


that type of singing where the person is kind of whispering is SUPER annoying to me. I kind of agree? I like Billie Eilish though.


My unpopular music opinion is I don’t like BTS. I mean, they’re cool and have nice personalities…but I’m not a huge fan of their music. I like some of their songs though.

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lana terame

1) I prefer Louis Tomlinson’s music over Harry Styles’ music (I thought Harry’s first album was decent, but I hate his second album ‘Fine Line.’) I I can’t say one is greater than the other because they both are amazing artists.. I agree that Harry’s first album is better than Fine line though. (Besides – to be so lonely is from fine line and that’s my favorite song by H.S.)
2) I think most modern music sucks! Most, but not all.
3) I don’t like Olivia Rodrigo and never will! I used to lovee Olivia’s music but not as much now, so I kind of agree..
4) I used to like Taylor Swift, but I can’t stand her now I prefer her as a country artist and I couldn’t get into her pop/folk stuff, no matter how hard I tried. I think ‘Red’ was her last good album. I disagree with that, I think her pop/folk style of music is great too. I’m not saying her old music style is bad though. 🙃


I HATE the idea of boy bands because it feels like they are just singing for the girls to love them. NO ONE CARES ABOUT HOW GOOD THE MUSIC IS. They just care about the singer’s looks or voices. Boy fans exist too, just saying. I hate that people think it’s immature to like 1D, or just because of their looks so I definitely agree with you. But then again, not all fans stan boybands cuz they don’t care about their music.

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Conan Gray is underrated – YES. he deserves so much more attention.
Rihanna is a little too overrated – I’ve heard like 3 songs by Rihanna so idk😂


1) feel producers should be given more credit rather than the artists… I’m not sure about this one?? But, I don’t think they get as much credit either so I agree.
2) K-pop isn’t as famous as fans think it is, it has just started to gain attention.. I disagree, but that does make sense..?
3) People need to write songs that focus on other things too, THERE’S SO MANY SONGS ABOUT LOVE, like??? EXACTLY!! I recommend listening to Melanie Martinez and/or Conan gray cuz they make songs on other things too. and they’re insanely talented artists!!
4) Modern popular rap has to be the most vile music humans have ever created 😫😭 hard agree on this one🤚😩
5) I think music could be mathematical based ✨ how-?
6) Just because you dislike an artist’s music doesn’t mean that the music isn’t good, or that the artist isn’t talented. EXACTLY 🙄 I agree.
7) People shouldn’t make autotune such a big deal. Yep, I totally agree.

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1. Some of Olivia Rodrigo’s is good, but a lot of it is like not- she just is a Taylor Swift wannabe. And I don’t think that she’s a very nice person either. Calling Olivia is a T.S. wannabe is kind of..harsh. I actually like some of her songs, and I’m looking forward to her next album. Cause, we can’t judge her by just her debut album.. I do think that she’s a nice person though.
2. Boys can be fans of boy bands, they are not just for girls, ugh. EXACTLY!
3. Anne Marie is underrated- her voice is so good! – I agree so much! I started listening to her songs a few days ago and she has such an amazing voice!
4. There should be more songs on friendship – hard agree with this one.
5. All 1D guys are equally talented, but everyone has their own style of music which may or may not suit different kinds of people. – facts! I love all the songs by 1D, but not everyone’s solo careers, to be honest.
6. I am personally tired of hearing and seeing BTS everywhere. Hear me out, I am not saying they are bad or anything, it’s just that if you like K-pop there’s other artists too. same. it’s like, when you say you’re a K-pop fan to someone, they generally assume that you’re a bts fan too. I feel like other artists too, should be featured.


  •  Poor Tommo is underrated in 1D, and deserves more love. – exactly 😦
  • Auto-tune isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as long as it’s not overused- yeah! I agree.
  • Country music is one of the BEST music genres. honestly, I don’t listen to country a lot but I agree!
  • Just because it is modern country, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s “not country”. True, I guess.
  • Dan + Shay shouldn’t be on country radio, considering they don’t even sound country and are more pop. Not saying I don’t love Dan + Shay, cause they are very talented! Just saying I’d rather hear them on pop stations rather than country….. I don’t know who Dan & Shay are.. sorry-
  • Taylor Swift should go back to country music, though Im afraid that there’s no turning back. Hm, well I can’t say I didn’t not love the old T.S country era, but I also love her recent releases.
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1 ~ Butter (by bts) is totally overrated. I have n o idea why so many people like it~ I agree! I tried listening to it but I don’t like it. I’m not saying it’s a bad song, I just don’t get why it’s so overrated.
2 ~ I don’t like the album Speak Now by taylor swift that much….. again, I haven’t listened to the album so I can’t say anything about it.
3 ~ folklore is better than evermore (I dunno if this is unpopular or not~) – honestly, it’s kind of hard to pick one album over the other but I personally like evermore better.


-My unpopular opinions are that K-pop isn’t “that” cool. I don’t mean BTS, their music is deep, their lyrics, their storylines. It’s just that I’ve tried k-pop, I like some too, but it all sounds the same. – I like BTS, but I agree that it all sounds the same.
-I also feel 1989 by TS is *kind of* overrated? Evermore is probably the most underrated album ever. I think 1989 is fairly rated. YESS, evermore deserves more attention!
– I don’t like the concept of Girl groups, despite having other female role models. – ??

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That took a while. I hope you enjoyed reading!💙 Please keep in mind that there’s no need to argue in the comments, and this is entirely just my opinion, you don’t have to agree or disagree with it.🤠🌻

42 thoughts on “reacting to your unpopular music opinions ♪

  1. Haha, fun post! It’s interesting to hear serious opinions on something like music.🤔
    And I must say that, as someone who does listen to Christian music regularly, it is VERY good. Even solely from a music perspective, it’s wonderful! Some of the catchiest stuff I’ve ever heard.

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  2. I read this post until Riddhi’s opinions and then stopped to comment cause I so agree with them.
    1- I dont think Olivia Rodrigo is a TS wanna be but I do think that her voice is good talent is good but she only writes songs about one stupid break up, which she should honestly get over. And her lyrics like “Im sure youre with that blonde girl…” Made people thing the songs are about Joshua and Sabrina, and they got a LOT of hate.
    2- Mhm, why only ‘fangirls’ not fanboys!
    3- IKR I loveee Annie Marie!!! Friends and 2002 are my favs of hers.
    4- Yes Ig.
    5- Idk😂
    6- Omg ya. Kpop is slightly overrated. But more than Kpop being overrated, BTS is overrated.

    K now Ima go read the rest of the post! Amazing post Evin!!!

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    1. yeah, I agree! And also Sabrina’s song “skin”, she says “blonde was the only rhyme” which kinda references to Driver’s license??
      I love 2002!
      And yeah. I pretty much agree with all of her unpopular opinions as well😆
      Thank you!💕

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      1. Ikr! That and Joshua Barrett’s song, I forget the name, but he says that half of what you said where all lies, its ok if you want me to play the bad guy and I should be able to tell my side as well if u can tell urs…
        Yass! I agree with most too. Just not a 100% on the 1D one, cause I dont listen to them that often!

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    2. 1. I mean, yes, okay, some of the songs are different, but like, her voice is good, but she doesn’t use her full potential. And some of her songs literally have the same vibe and tune- I literally couldn’t differentiate between enough for you and hope u r ok, because like yeah. I don’t hate her, per se, I like a couple of her songs actually, but yeah.
      Also, there’s this parody talk show- The Toonight Show, which has an episode ft. Sabrina, Joshua and Olivia, it’s epic, you should watch it.

      3. Listen to f—— i m lonely- it’s by Lauv but ft. Anne Marie, and that’s another epic song. Rockabye and Our Song are also amazing songs by her.

      6. YES. Like their music is good, but it’s not like wow. I don’t listen to K-pop, actually, I tried, but couldn’t get into it

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      1. exactly! Like, I didn’t even want to listen to the rest of the album after listening to enough for you, and 1 steps forward 3 steps back cuz they’re literally the exact same..and the tune is kind of really mellow and boring.

        the toonight show is amazing🙌😂

        Our song is GREAT, like, Niall & Anne Marie sound incredible together.

        same, i tried listening to K-pop but it’s not for me.

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  3. I totally agree that Sabrina Carpenter is underrated. And I’m so glad that others do too. Olivia Rodrigues’ songs are good but the SOUR album’s lyrics make it seem a bit self-victimizing.
    And as a true swiftie, TS is so not overrated. She’s a music genre in herself.
    BTS is definitely overrated. Maybe it’s just the exotic vibe? First of all, I can’t understand the lyrics at all and the beats aren’t that good. I prefer Blackpink but just for the bears.

    I absolutely loved this post!! Hoping for more 🤞

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    1. yeah! that’s a good way to put it.
      for real! I don’t get why people think she’s
      Honestly, I’d prefer BTS over black pink. I’ve tried listening to them but its just not my style of music. But, I’m not comparing them or saying one is better than the other.


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    2. Yess, Sabrina is so underrated! Like her recent release Skinny Dipping, Why and Thumbs are such good songs!
      I agree taylor swift is not overrated and like it’s impossible that people don’t like at least one of her albums, because of the amount of different genres she’s covered.- that’s her beauty, haha. For everyone who said Taylor’s country era was better, she literally jumped genres at least a few times- not an easy feat and we should applaud her for that!

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      1. I love eyes wide open, skin, why and thumbs. Her music is unique, and really catchy!
        I know right, she’s covered so many different styles/genres of music, you HAVE to like at least one album, or songs of her atleast.

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  4. uhhh, well I said all I wanted to in the previous comments I did as replies, lol
    But yes, I know how much effort goes into these posts having done unpopular bookish opinions, so kudos to you! This was an amazing post!

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  5. I’ve been waiting for this post for so long, lol! Thank you for including my opinions, Evin! I think it’s so cool there were a lot of comments about Olivia Rodrigo, k-pop, and Taylor Swift because they sparked a lot of interesting conversations for sure! Louis Tomlinson is definitely underrated and he deserves more love for his role in 1D! Watch that video where Louis can’t find his microphone during “Rock Me” and Liam has to sing his part.

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    1. oops, sorry I took so long😅
      yeah, they sure did😁
      exactly! I wish he’d gotten more solos. And Niall too.
      I’ve seen videos where the management turns of Niall’s and Louis’ mics on purpose when it’s their part and it’s so heartbreaking 😦

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      1. Wait, what?!?! The management did what?!?! I heard that their management was cruel and very controlling, but I didn’t know they would turn off Louis and Niall’s microphones. Where did you find those videos? HOW DARE THE MANAGEMENT HARM MY LOUIS!!!

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  6. Ahh yes agreed with Olivia rodrigo’s music! It’s definitely not bad but it’s pretty much the same content! I love some of her unreleased songs like gross, and apocalyptic crush, I hope she releases those in her next album!
    Fun post!!💖

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  7. Olivia’s i think judged too quickly. I mean she has plenty songs that aren’t about break-ups. Even brutal and jealousy, jealousy in sour are not about that. And her songs in hsmtmts like the rose songs are so different! Its just her debut album, and i think she has shown a lotnof versatility in the genres

    As for Taylor, i really believe she aces both country and pop. Actually scratch that i think she aces everything she does

    Cool post evin!


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