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december monthly wrap-up// welcome 2022!!💜

Hii everyone!! It’s been a minute since I’ve been on here, and I have a week of holidays (with hours worth of holiday homework, of course) and that means I get time to work on my blog re-design, and generate new content. 💕

Today’s post is the first post of 2022 and it’s a December monthly wrap up.🦋 Happy new year, everyone!✨


Well, I had to study a lot this month since I had my term exams. It was really hard & I was extremely *stressed* since these were the first offline exams I’ve written in a while, but the exams went well. In school, my classmates and I decorated our class for Christmas and it was so much fun.🎄

There was also a contest for the best decorated class, and…in the 8th grade category, my class won!🎊 I’m grateful that schools were finally able to reopen this year, and that I got to meet my friends – and all the laughs & inside jokes I share with them.

I also went over to my best friends’ house during winter break and that was a lot of fun. This certainly has been a December to remember.💙

♡Songs on Repeat

  • Dandelions – Ruth B – I heard this song as a part of a Spotify ad and added it to my playlist. this is such a beautiful song and I recommend listening to it!!
  • Prom dress – mxmtoon – I guess this was a really popular audio, but it’s a great song as well. it’s unique and I like it.
  • 305 – Shawn Mendez – Like I said, in last month’s wrap up – I’ve been listening to Shawn Mendez a lot and this song is just so GOOD.
  • Cross your mind – Niall Horan – LOVE THIS SONG.
  • ivy – Taylor Swift – Didn’t listen to this when evermore was released but this is so CATCHY and I lovee it.

♡Stuff I read

umm…textbooks?😂 I literally did not have any time to read books because I was busy with exams. and I didn’t read a lot of blog posts either..but from the ones I did, here are some of my favourites!

  1. Flora @ Flora’s week show
  2. Inky @ Sosooorna’s boring blog
  3. Hidenzzzzz @ Hidenzzzzz blog
  4. Eva @ the album of amazing
  5. Eva @ beyond the blog
  6. Selina’s Garden of Thoughts
  7. Miriam @ Inside Miriam’s mind
  8. Blogmas @ Living the blogging life
  9. Amelia @ Blue Flamingo
  10. Eesh @ Bright Light Shine



And, that was my December all wrapped up! I know this is comparatively shorter to my other monthly wrap ups..🥲

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you later!❤️

53 thoughts on “december monthly wrap-up// welcome 2022!!💜

  1. thanks for tagging my post in! your blog always inspires me to make content ! also, i just wanna ask you if you have a post on how you make your featured images? they’re so pretty!

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