Blog Round-up 2021 || top posts this year

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great christmas.💚 Today’s post is something similar to what I did last year.. a blog round up!🥳 How this works is that I share my favorite posts that I recommend reading, every month of this year from my blog, with a small excerpt of the posts.😁

Also, the featured image was kind of rushed since I didn’t have a lot of time to work on it. Anyway, let’s get into the post!🍃💛

January ~ A crazy cat adventure

This was an unplanned post, but I love how it turned out. So this remains as one of my favorites this year 😁

February – The struggles of being introverted

one of THE most popular posts on my blog. I love how so many people were able to relate. And also the featured image turned out really pretty for this post.


March- Discovering my love for writing – again

Again, I never planned on writing this post but I just felt like I needed to publish this. And I’m so thankful for all the encouraging comments on this post💙

April- Oreo takes over || collab with rocket

OREEOOO. This is a post where Oreo takes over my blog and does a collab with his friend, rocket. They both share their daily routines. This turned out as a really cute post and I lovee it.😆💕


May- SOUR – Album review

I I think this was the second album review I did, and I had a lot of fun writing this one!

June- Rating one direction albums

I spent SO much time on this post. Even if it didn’t get as much attention, I’m really happy with it and how I was able to rate every single album of 1D in one post.😀.


Blog Diaries #5ft. Oreo and mandala art

I published over 10 posts in june so I chose another post to be featured here.😀 I always love writing blog diaries even if those are the most time consuming kind of posts to write, and this is especially one of my favorite ones.

July- Finding a new passion || Digital art

I was so excited to share this post since it’s something I’ve been working on for a long while.. and now I have my own digital portraits small buisness😄


Aug – July monthly wrap up

I chose this one from August because this is when I started writing monthly wrap ups again, after 4-5 months. And I absolutely love the formatting here.

September – Making a collage wall

This actually wasn’t meant to be a post, but I was working on making a collage wall and decided to make a post out of it and I really liked the outcome😌✌


October – life with an oreo

This is the 3rd part to life with an oreo and the pictures of oreo I used in this one are ADORABLE.

Nov – First day of school || Blog diaries # 6

I wrote this post when I started going to school after 19 months of online schooling..and it was kind of sad that it didn’t get as much attention as I hoped it would 🙃


Dec – evermore album review || 1 year of evermore

I started working on this post in October, and finally posted it this month. evermore is one of my favorite albums ever 🤧Again, this didn’t get as much attention when I thought it would..cuz.. evermore

And with that, you have the top 11 posts from 2021!👏💙 I might be going on a hiatus in January..It will most likely be unannounced so, I’m just letting you know beforehand. 😊

And just like last year, this blog roundup will be the last post of 2021. thanks for reading and I’ll see you again next year!💕.

34 thoughts on “Blog Round-up 2021 || top posts this year

  1. Nice blog round-up! I loved those One Direction, struggles of being an introvert, first day of school, and the collage wall posts! It’s nice when people read your blog posts, but don’t stress if a certain post doesn’t get as many views as you hoped for. If you’re happy with the post, that’s all that matters!

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