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1k followers+giveaway♡

hello, thanks so much for being here!💕 I have a really exciting announcement today + another giveaway!!!💫

You probably already know by the title..but-

⋘ 𝑃𝑙𝑒𝑎𝑠𝑒 𝑤𝑎𝑖𝑡… ⋙


1K followers! I’m so excited to make this announcement, and I’m so grateful to everyone who stuck with me from the start. thank you so, so much for 1000 & for helping me grow this page so fast to every one of you reading this!🥰✨

This has been one my biggest blogging goals, I hoped to have achieved this before my one year blogiversary and I finally did! Just wanted to say how happy I am to my blog followers for following me. It means a lot that I am supported by awesome people. 

every single comment, follow, like -makes my day! I really appreciate that~ you guys are literally the sweetest people I’ve “met” online🤧💙 You are Simply Amazing!! I’m so glad I started this blog ’cause I made so many wonderful friends through it.

(ilyyy so much)


now, the part you’ve been waiting for…the giveaway!! This is the second one I’ll be hosting, and guess what? it’s international! And virtual!🥳

In my first giveaway post, I mentioned that I’d do an international one when I hit 1000 followers – and here I am!

Now, the prizes aren’t stuff like collab opportunities, guest posts or blog shout-outs. Those are the prizes I’ve seen in virtual giveaways I’ve participated in, and I wanted to do something different.

✧What you could win:✧

Custom Digital Portraits from Featherlightz Blog Designs!

I started a small business a couple months ago here, and the portraits range from ₹250 Indian Rupee ($4 dollars) Depending on the number of people in the design, the amount of detail, etc. I haven’t gotten any orders yet (😕), so I thought it’d help if I held a giveaway to spread the word about it.

✧Rules//How to Enter✧

  1. Remember that you will have to share a picture of yourself/whoever you want me to draw digitally (privately), so make sure you’re comfortable with that before entering!
  2. Since this is a virtual giveaway, it’s also international – and you don’t have to share your address.
  3. You must be following my blog
  4. You will have one week to enter, I will announce the winner on the 25th of November
  5. You’ll need a valid email address I can contact you by.
  6. Fill out the form below! you can only enter once, but you can do different bonus entries to increase your chances of winning
  7. Goodluck!

Enter here!

if that link doesn’t work for you, click here. You could win ONE custom digital portrait and there will be 3 winners!

The giveaway will be closed in one week, winner announced on the 25th of November
there are also a total of 4 bonus entries you can earn! If you complete all/some of them, I will enter you name multiple times when I pick the winner. This will give you a higher chance of winning!🦋

✧Bonus Entries:✧

  • I reblogged this post (2 extra entries)
  • I shared this on social media (3 extra entries)
  • I’m subscribed to your youtube channel (1 extra entry)
  • I purchased a digital portrait from you (5 extra entries)

If you shared this post on social media, I will need the link, or it won’t count. (Be honest with extra entries! I will be checking)

And that’s about it! thank you so much, again.✨💙 I love you guys so much!!

Goodluck if you’re gonna enter!! I’m so excited.

And- one more thing. let’s try to get this post to 200 comments, so SPAM!

You can use the image above to spread the word about this giveaway.

~The Curly Sue✨💗🌷

318 thoughts on “1k followers+giveaway♡

  1. Honestly can’t remember if I already commented on this, and now I’ll never find that comment (if it exists) in this sea of comments 😂
    I’m so happy for you Evin! 🥺🥺😍💖


  2. Congratulations on 1k! I know it’s been really long since we interacted, that’s because wordpress is broken and your posts really don’t show up in my reader OR mail. I read all the posts I missed onto, and damn, the blog aesthetic is just something else! 😍
    I’m happy for you, you deserve it for all the hard work you put in your blog!
    here’s to many more milestones! 🥂


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