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Little things that give me serotonin💛

Hello everyone!🧸 Welcome or welcome back to A Curly Sue’s Ramblings~ I hope you’re having a great day so far.💕

Today’s post is inspired by Arwa’s post, Things that boost my serotonin. It was a really unique & an interesting post to read so I wanted to do my take on it.

Waking up to a bunch of new messages/emails

This just makes me so happy. I love waking up to unread emails, and messages – and reading through them : )

Listening to “22” & “Act my Age”

Two of my favourite upbeat songs ever!! I love 22 (by T.S) so much. and Act my age is such a vibe honestly. 😌

When I put my playlist on shuffle and my favourite song comes on

I’m the kind of person who doesn’t want to pick a song by myself, but put my playlist on shuffle and skip to the song I want. Every time I do it though, it’s the same ones on shuffle, so I love it when songs that usually aren’t played come on.

Hanging out with my dog

Oreo plays football and tag with me sometimes, and it’s a lot of fun. & when my dog is nice to me. Oreo is a really sweet dog, but he can be really aggressive too. So, Oreo being nice (and not biting me all the time) makes me hAppy 😀

Getting a comment on my blog

everyone likes that. long comments, especially. But I get so, so happy when someone comments. I really appreciate those ❤ (you guys are so nice-)

Finding money in my pocket

Or just random stuff. the other day, I found a note from my friend in my school uniform pocket. it was really sweet. I also found a 5 rupee coin in my sweater pocket and I was really happy ’cause I could buy a bag of chips with that.

Being able to watch something without being interrupted

I’m always asked “What are you watching” or if I studied or be asked to do chores. I appreciate it when people just leave me alone and let me watch my show. *me watching peppa pig:*

Having my room all clean & organised

I don’t let my room get to a point where it’s super messy, it’s mostly clean and having stuff organized is…sAtiSfYiNg.

Receiving a compliment

Giving/receiving a compliment is a really nice thing to do & I feel sPeCiaL whenever someone gives me a compliment.


I always cycle around with earphones plugged in, connected to my tablet in my backpack so I can listen to music all the way. I also love when it’s not too busy in the streets.

Rainy Days

rainy days are the best. it’s really cozy, and the perfect days to drink hot chocolate and read a good book. The weather on the day after a rainy day is THE BEST. update: it rained a few hours after I wrote this.

Celebrating little wins

This could be either a blogging milestone like reaching 500+ followers, writing 100 posts etc. Or, irl wins like getting full marks on a test/Getting an award at school. (we have this thing called the awards ceremony😁)

(all images are from pinterest)

And that’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading!💗

Comment things that give YOU serotonin. Have a great day and ill see you next time✨😁

25 thoughts on “Little things that give me serotonin💛

  1. Those are awesome things to be happy about! I have the same problem on Spotify, it supposed to play different songs so you don’t hear the firsts ones over and over again, but just plays the same songs anyway.

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  2. Ooo, yes yes yes, I can relate to almost all of these. I looooooooooooove notifications. So MUCH. And I’m sorry I hardly ever comment on a lot of peoples’ stuff, because I never know what to say…but I’m commenting now to give you serotonin.👏🏼
    Hmm, I really like getting letters. I have a friend who writes me, and every time I get one I just get so happy.😊 Oh, and really good art. Or those songs that are just ✨perfection✨ every time.
    And AESTHETIC PHOTOS. Goodness, I love yourssssss!!! I never have just-for-fun photos in my posts, because media storage, but they’re so nice in yours.🤩
    Hope you’re having a good day, Evin.✨

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    1. SAMEE =D
      aw, you’re so sweet ❤ thank youu.
      that's so nice! I've never really gotten letters from anyone.
      Yep, I actually copy paste a lot of my images so I save some media space.. Other than writing & the post itself, I feel like blogs should be visually pleasing too and that's why I use images inbetween texts 😀
      hope you have a great day! ❤

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  3. Ahhhh yes yes yes, this is such a lovely list of things and they are all so incredibly relatable. Especially the one about rainy days. However where I live especially in the winter the endless rain can get a bit monotonous XD All these pictures you used are so beautiful and aesthetic I love them!
    I hope you have a good day tomorrow as I’m commenting at night time for you ;D

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  4. I think I agree with almost everything…heh
    I’m the same way with playlists! I’ll just skip ahead to a song I want to listen too xD
    I feel like I get serotonin whenever one of my favorite blogs post (like yours!)

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  5. I pretty much agree to all of those except the dog one because I don’t have a dog 😔 but I love when I see a dog outside with its owner and they let me pet it 🤍🤍🤍 also we get soooo much rain where I live, and my bed is opposite my window so the shadow of the raindrops goes onto my bed 😍 it’s great to think about the little things in these times! 🤍 also I get serotonin when i watch the sun rise Xd

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  6. ” *me watching peppa pig* ” … tHiS XD
    Yesss, organised stuff is satisfying!
    And rainy days are indeed the best! Unfortunately, where I live, it doesn’t rain much… ):
    It’s beautiful how little things and moments can make us happy.
    I love those aesthetic pictures and enjoyed reading this post, Evin!

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  7. The thing that gives me the most pleasure is just waking up early and saying, “Good Morning, Lord, thanks for another day.” Then I have a cup of Vietnamese coffee (I buy it at an Asian market in Houston) out of my mug that says, “Renew/Restore/Refresh.” I have made up a morning mantra that incorporates these three things, and I am ready to face anything the day may bring.

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  8. I just heard the word ‘serotonin’ from your post. S-e-r-e-t-o-n-i-n.
    The things that give you serotonin are great. They’re same for me except cycling (’cause I can’t ride a bike😌), and hanging out with my dog (’cause I don’t have one).
    I looooove 🖤 your pictures (as always). The pics you used here give the post a sunny feel.
    Superb work, Evin!👍🏾


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