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November Aesthetics + Playlist.

~Written on the 24th of October~

I spent a while making the featured image for this post… I’ve tried experimenting with using 10-20 images repeatedly as a collage background and that’s by far my favourite style! I think that’ll be my featured image theme for a while.😁✨

In September, I did a collab with Shiny787 sharing September aesthetics & a playlist. It was a lot of fun! So I thought I’d do it again. (Also ’cause I’m running out of post ideas) This post is inspired by Emmie @ Diary of a daydreamer💙🦋

This might or might not be a monthly post…

I’m going to be sharing November aesthetics ~ Images, outfits, and a playlist :)) Since adding images takes a while to load, and they decide to randomly disappear sometimes.😶 AND they take up media space. So I’ll be adding them in a Pinterest board, and you could scroll through that to see all the pins.


Here’s my Pinterest board! I don’t own any of the images here, credits go to their rightful owners.

I’ve enjoyed creating boards on Pinterest lately, I used to have an account but I forgot the password to that😂 So I created a new one.

It was a lot of fun adding pins to this board! That’s how I spent an hour creating 7 more boards.


I didn’t pick a certain style, or color scheme for this board, but I think all the outfits kind of go with each other? In the board, at least. The aesthetic with the best outfits, according to me is probably Light academia & Vintage.


💙✨November 2021 playlist’s excerpt:

  • right where you left me – taylor swift
  • the lakes – taylor swift
  • first place – bülow
  • the story – conan gray
  • astronomy – conan gray
  • clouds – one direction
  • TWFNO – tiffany day
  • if i can’t have you – shawn mendez
  • dream – shawn mendez
  • reckless – madison beer
  • magic shop – bts
  • illusion – one direction
  • sunflower – harry styles
  • therefore i am – billie eilish
  • perfect now – louis tomlinson
  • habit – louis tomlinson

I added more songs, view the playlist linked below✨🧡

These are some recent favourite songs, I’ve been listening to a lot of different artists – I’ve added a couple of k-pop songs as well😁

And that’s everything! I know this was very short post, but I hope you enjoyed reading. This post is scheduled, and so will be a lot of posts this month – I’ll probably be in school by the time this is live. Stay tuned ‘cause the 1k followers special post will be up sometime in the next few weeks.

*whispers* I’m doing another giveaway-

I hope you have a great day! See ya later🦋

P.S. Happy Diwali to everyone who celebrates it✨

48 thoughts on “November Aesthetics + Playlist.

    1. Ohh, that’s cool! – I didn’t know that.
      that’s the same for me but with 1D & Taylor Swift.
      I’ve only listened to a few of their songs and don’t know much about them, so I wouldn’t consider me a fan🙃

      Liked by 1 person

      1. me too! I listen to a lot of different artists. I’ve heard some songs by Charlie Puth. Attention & we don’t talk anymore are my favourites!
        Ohh, that’s a great song!😄

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Ahh, both of those songs by TS is really good! I still don’t get why evermore is so underrated. And congratulations!!! Will be waiting for your 1k followers special


  2. This is so cute!! I love your new um… what do you call it? The background thingy. It’s the one with the hot chocolate and stuff. Anyway, I love that.
    Happy (belated) Diwali!! We got these candle sparklers, so they’re candles, but they do that sparkling thingy, and they don’t go out.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh heeyy evin! The aesthestics were so cool! I guess in your prev post you mentioned abt going to schoool. Today was my first day as well( after online classes)
    It was so much better. Ironically I enjoyed just gawking at the class board ( well why not? simple pleasures😄😁)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Some of the fashion outfits would even look good on an old lady like me, and I love that they’re not too bulky and heavy, for it is still warm on the Texas Gulf Coast. It got up to the mid 80s today (Wednesday, the 17th) but we’re supposed to experience a 20 degree drop overnight, so jackets and sweaters like the ones you pictured on your board would be appropriate.
    Can anyone use the pictures posted on a Pinterest board? I really liked some of your aesthetics. If I remember correctly, I have one board under “Christian Cook,” and I have lots of “bookish” cartoons and sayings. Also I have lots of memes about coffee.I’ll have to look into it. It has been since before the pandemic that I have even bothered to look at it. Thanks for the reminder.
    I am busy doing Cybils judging as a first round panelist in poetry. Some of the novels in verse would really appeal to my teenage blogging friends. I have found some of them nothing short of amazing.
    I always like your playlists. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

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