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 Life with an Oreo 3 ༊*·˚


I wasn’t planning on writing this, but I went through the last part in this series, and I felt like I needed to update.😌

So here’s the third part to life with an Oreo! Yay🥳💕💫

If you’re new, this is where I share what life with my puppy, Oreo is like ~ grab some snacks, start reading, and have fun scrolling through the pictures!♡

It’s the 9th of October the day I’m writing, Oreo turned 8 months old on the 6th of October!🥰 which is almost 13 years in dog years – he’s basically the same age as me.😂

Oreo’s really clever, he knows how to remove his leash on his own, play football with a water bottle, and hug humans.😃 Oh, and he’s really good at posing for pictures. I got all the pictures for this post in under 10 mins and all it took for him to pose was a tiny piece of cheese😂

how cute is this smiling doggo🥺💕

He’s got a really bad biting habit though. In the last part, I said that it was probably a phase but it doesn’t seem like it. I’m trying to get him to tone it down, he understands when I say “No” but he still bites a lot.

Oreo lovessss car rides, he barks at people he sees out the window and it gets really annoying sometimes😪 But he does that when he’s …not in a car as well.

but like the time was perfect. 22:33.

We got him a new name plate that says his name on it, with tiny little paw prints! It’s so adorable💙 And he also got a new blue collar. It was actually his mom’s (Coco) collar.🥺 It fits perfectly too.

Oreo literally chews on anything. Books.doors.beds.towels.everything. He ate the first few pages of my KOTLC book.🙄 He’s extremely loud too, he barks a lot. Oreo makes a big mess of everything when he’s inside the house, so we always have him on a leash.🙃


Oreo and I share a room, and he’s a pretty good roommate. If you don’t count him biting my clothes and pulling down my books, eating my brush, sleeping on my bed leaving no space for me, biting me when im trying to sleep and keep barking when I’m trying to listen to music👌

a great roommate.

Oreo learnt a couple more tricks, he understands his name *well, he should at this age*💫 He’s quite friendly with certain people, but he doesn’t seem to like some others.😆 Oreo has a friend (who’s also a dog) – his name’s Chocolate. they play together sometimes when Oreo goes for a walk.

To finish this post off: Oreo’s my best friend + a great listener,the best dog ever and I loveeeee oreo❤

And that’s a wrap!♡

I hope you enjoyed reading! (As much as I loved writing this˖꒰ᵕ༚ᵕ꒱

see you later!!

73 thoughts on “ Life with an Oreo 3 ༊*·˚

  1. Your dog is so cute and sweet even if it’s kind of a handful! 😂 He looks and behaves like my dog too, he also likes to bite a lot but he’s now passed the rainbow bridge. It’s been a long time since I’ve petted a dog and i wish i can pet your dog cause he’s just so cute 😣

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  2. I really love 🐕 a lot!! I am an animal lover. But never got a permission to pet one. ☹️ You are very lucky. They are our best companions. I really love their company. And Oreo is sooo cute! 💛 His eyes are so innocent. No doubt he melts your heart with those, whenever he wants something!


    1. She is 7 months simalar age…barks at people(cause she gets scared of ppl often)…has torn three pages from the back of one of my books. Is naughty…can be destructive…is the best roomate….has a freind(dog) imli who she plays with everyday….most similar they are.

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