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Tips to stay organized while blogging🌿

wowow this was written so long ago. I posted this two days ago but it didn’t show up in the reader 😦

Hi Oreos! Welcome back to A Curly Sue’s Ramblings! Today I’ll be doing a blogging tips post to help you stay organised, and hopefully make blogging a tiny bit easier for you😜✨

Without further ado, (or do people say adieu? 👀) Here are some tips I came up with!😉💕

⚡️How to stay organised while blogging⚡️

Have a clean work space

Before you get on your computer, laptop or any device you use to blog, make sure it’s all neat and organised, and things are where they belong.😛

select a time for blogging

Having a fixed time for blogging everyday will help a lot, especially if you have other priorities like work, or school. You could choose to blog for an hour everyday, etc.

plan out your post ideas

I’ve made a seperate post on planning out your blog posts, so be sure to read that here! (Insert link)

schedule your posts

if you have a ton of posts in your drafts that you want to publish, (like me right now🙃) and you have a posting schedule, the best way is to schedule the posts on your posting days! I’ve found this really helpful over the past few weeks.

Save useful pins/posts

if you come across a helpful pin in Pinterest, or a post in the WordPress reader, save it. It might be post ideas, blogging hacks, guides, tips..etc. WordPress has a feature where you can save posts for later, which is really useful.

🎀How to organise your blog🎀

These next couple of tips, I’ve shared to organise your blog! I’ve definitely been in a point where my blog was all over the place, and nothing was sorted into categories.

I decided to spend a whole day adding new pages, deleting/updating some posts, adding tags and hours of work later, I was so satisfied with the outcome!🤩💙

Add sidebar widgets- Archives, Search icon etc.

These specific widgets – Search icon, Archives, Recent posts, Popular posts, List of pages – are so helpful for readers to journey your blog. Whenever I look at blogs, I like to go back and read their first posts, or posts I’ve missed out on. But then I find that there is no archives widgets, the only way was to scroll forever until I come across something I want to read🙃

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Remove unnecessary categories and tags

if you have categories or tags you’ve only used once, or never used before, discard them. They just clutter your blog.

Have different pages

If you look at the menu of my blog, you’ll see one called “Blog series” where I added all the series I’ve been doing in my blog. I’ve also linked to them in my homepage for easier access. You could create a page for collabs, or any niche you post mostly on, for example – book reviews..etc.

Have a homepage

oof..this reminds me to update mine..😆 A lot of blogs I visit don’t have home pages, when I click on them, only the posts show up. I feel like a homepage is essential for a blog, but it’s not mandatory, of course😉 you could link to recommended blog posts, or just add a welcome message. You could also revamp your blog for a fresh start.

Thank you so much for reading!🥰 I hope this’ll help you.

53 thoughts on “Tips to stay organized while blogging🌿

  1. Amazing tips Evin! I agree with all of them! I really need to use the put a time aside for blogging one, because I end up blogging excessively, whenever I am on the laptop😂😂

    P.S.- Adieu is used for goodbye- I used to get confused too, lol

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  2. Now those are some great tips! I’ll definitely try following them even though I know I’m gonna mess it all up eventually😭😂 But still, will give it a try 😉🤞 Great post Evin!❤

    Liked by 2 people

  3. adieu means goodbye- but you probably knew that- 👀🤡😂
    Ado means… 🤔 *gets stumped* oh- “something unimportant”! Thanks Google hah
    I def need to update my categories! Once I get a feel for where my content’s going in October, I’m gonna figure that out. But for now they’re categorized all over the place 😂👏👎

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