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Swapping night routines//Collab ft. Roshni🌙

Hello!👋 Welcome or Welcome back – today I’ll be doing a collab with Roshni @Its the little things!!

Roshni is one of my best friends💕 Her blog is filled with positivity, and entertaining posts😌 She also has a collab blog she runs with three other bloggers The Jolly Space.

Today we’re going to be following each other’s night routine and blogging it!😃 Head on over to Roshni’s blog to see mine!

This post will be pretty short :((

I have my dinner by 9:30 to 10 pm.

That’s quite late because I eat dinner before 9 pm some days. Today’s dinner was Chapati and gravy😁 **update: I completely forgot I was doing this and finished my dinner at 6 pm. oops.

Buut..I still went back and ate at 9:30 pm. just because😂

Then I sit on my desk and check off the work I did to my to-do list and check my calendar for important days

That…sounds like something productive people do. I’m just gonna create one online and add a graphic here.

Well, I didn’t get most of it done but that’s alright. I checked my calendar and there’s nothing important tomorrow, but it’s my sister’s b’day the day after! Maybe I could get her to do a guest post?

After checking my calendar, I update my mood on Daylio, an app I use!✨

Oop- I’m gonna download that app and see what it is. I might start using it, it looks quite fun.

(since when did i start using quite rather than pretty-) I set up the app so I can keep a diary in it and track my mood. I’ve tried keeping a journal but it didn’t last, hopefully this will :))

Here’s what it looks like!

After I get my bed ready for sleeping. I do that while listening to my favourite song and dancing for around 20 minutes.🎶💃

“I dance with my sister while my brother watches us and cringes all that time.🤪. I’ve heard many times that one should not do any strainuous exercise before sleeping, but I have found that dancing helps me sleep more quickly.”

That’s a part of my night routine as well, minus the dancing. I put on my favourite playlist, (you can listen to it here.)

*20 mins later* that was..exhausting. but fun. I didn’t get my sister to dance with me though. xD

I get on bed and my siblings and I either talk or I just tell them a story and then we have a little discussion about that and then we sleep🌙

I don’t sleep in the same room as my sister, but if you count oreo (my dog🐶🥺) as my brOther, then I guess I do sleep in the same room as one of my siblings?😂 Well I do talk to Oreo a lot more than I to my sister~

Oreo is an awesome roommate though.😌💅🏻

I usually sleep by 11.30pm.

ha, I sleep at 1:00 am or don’t at all. I sometimes forget to sleep because I’m up late reading. also because I have sleep anxiety and I overthink things and I keep checking if someone’s in my room every five minutes.😄👍

But, I did manage to sleep at around 11 pm so that’s good.

Cute picture of my doge sleeping🥺💕

Well, that was fun😄

Thank you so much for reading!🧡 Let me know if you liked the formatting of this post. (a lot of thought went into this.) I probably won’t be using this style again, but I wanted to try something different..

I hope y’all have a great day! See ya later!

47 thoughts on “Swapping night routines//Collab ft. Roshni🌙

  1. you have a quite good night routine .
    I usually watch run bts ep on tuesday nights before sleeping (TUESDAY NIGHTS ARE ALWAYS RESERVED FOR RUN BTS ,EVEN IF I’M DYING AND NEED TO GET TO THE HOSPITAL, lol…..just kidding but lets hope i would never have to choose between my life or BTS)
    The other days i usually study a little for the next day ( cuz im still going to school) and get my schoolbag and other homeworks packed for the next morning .
    i guess i kinda sleep around 10:30 to 11:00 on school nights but sleep after 12:00 on holidays .

    It was fun reading your post and wishing your sister birthday wishes in advance .!!!!

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    Do you even get enough sleep?
    I need at least 8 hours of sleep and if i go to sleep at 11 pm or later…i’ll probably wake up at nine in the morning…and i am a very deep sleeper…btw i am also an overthinker (last night i went to bed at 10 fell asleep at 10.30 and i woke up at 4 am in the morning and i was busy thinking of the book i read and fell asleep at 5.15… )

    Btw…you know you should definitely get enough sleep…sleep is good and the night and dark is better. i mean how late do you wake up in the morning??

    And i guess many people celebrate their birthdays in september. My lil sis celebrated hers earlier this month. i also wish your sister happy birthday😊💙

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep! I actually used to sleep at like 9:30 before quarentine but it got super messed up.😆

      I get enough sleep, because I take naps during the day sometimes.oops..


      ohh, nice! happy belated birthday to your sister!💚 Thanks!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Great post!! I usually go to bed and talk with my siblings too, and whenever I feel like I’m asleep, and check the clock, it’s 12:50, so yes, we are VERY relatable 😂

    I don’t dance at all, not during the day, not at night, not at all. Dancing is not my thing, specially with siblings.😐😂

    It was over-all a super post! Heading over to Roshni’s post!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Evin! I’m sorry my post went up late. I loved doing this collab with you and I would love to do more in future!! Aww, your post is so pretty! And so much better than mine. It was fun to read how you followed my night routine 💞✨

    Liked by 1 person

  5. My sleep has been so out of sorts for such a long time that I’ve had to implement a sleep routine (which I wrote about on my site) to manage my anxiety/insomnia. I think whatever works for you and your lifestyle (as long as you get quality rest) is what’s important. I am amazed when I find people who eat dinner really late, I would’ve eaten the couch by 6pm, haha!

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  6. sounds like a lot of fun! gives me sleepover ideas!! also i have a question about your sisters blog how shes doing the mlp theme drawing contest how do i send her my drawing it wont let me comment on her posts for some odd reason…😅

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