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Making a collage wall🥀

Hey oreos! Welcome or welcome back💛

A couple days ago, I was texting my cousin and she showed me a picture of her collage wall, which was fandom themed. It looked FAB💅 and pretty simple to recreate as well.

so, I wanted one of my own.

Me debating if I should leave this intro unedited or change it:

i ended up changing it.

First off, I went on google and found around 50 pictures with high resolution. Then, I made them into collages in Inshot✨ Instead of getting 50 pictures printed out, I’d get 15 sheets in collages of 5/6 images.

Which also saves money and paper😉

The theme I went with was One direction and Taylor Swift, but I also decided that I would add to the wall when I discover new artists, etc.

Inshot has options to crop, adjust and different layout and border options. The next day, I got them printed out. Overall, it costed a little under $2 (₹180) I think that’s a fair price because the quality of the prints were really good.😁

I’d recommend going on Pinterest.

To start off, I taped a clear sheet to my wall so the pictures that will be taped to it won’t damage the paint. It made it harder for the photos to stick to it, but I made it work🤷🏻‍♀️

I trimmed the white edges next – here’s what the final result was:

I didn’t really get a lot of TS related images printed out though, because most of the ones were really low quality😕 That’s why I got the Lover album cover in a bigger size than all the other ones though😄

It took me 3 hours to put everything together, here’s the process:

I love how the album cover stands out😌
Here’s the final result!💛

I absolutely LOVE how it turned out. it does look a bit incomplete though. Still, I’ve always wanted something like this in my room and I’m so glad I finally did this!

it looks so kEwL.😌

Thank you for reading!🧡 I hope you enjoyed.

Have an awesome day, and I’ll see you next time!

84 thoughts on “Making a collage wall🥀

  1. That was so good! Now I’m gonna do something bts, Ariana Grande and Taylor themed. Only when I don’t feel lazy enough 😂
    But honestly Evin.
    So good.
    Just the motivation I needed thank youuuuuuuuuu~

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  2. ooh, this seems so cool! i love how lover just has this little aura of its own (which it deserves. ahem. it’s SO underrated.) i’ve never tried mood boards though i have millions of pinspiration and a printer sitting home, just collecting dust, so maybe it’s time! great post & i love 1D – i can’t wait till they get back together (says this while listening to drag me down.)

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  3. That looks sooo cool!! 😍😍 I’ve wanted to do a collage on my wall for a long time, but I don’t know where to print the photos and I don’t want to damage the paint on the walls since my parents are renting our apartment 😢

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  4. Your collages look amazing!!! I love how you planned ahead and thought through this carefully. You saved paper and money by using Inshot to get more photos with less paper and you used a clear sheet to prevent the photos from damaging your wall. I never would’ve thought of that lol. It is a bit sad looking at old photos of the boys together knowing that Zayn isn’t close with the other members anymore. But it’s always fun to remember the good times!

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  5. That looks beautiful ………. reading this felt like someone is narrating my story cause a month ago i put up collages on my wall but well the pictures were of quotes.
    even i was like no i am not gonna get 50 sheets printed And i had to make collages…..

    this is really creative KEEP GOING !!!!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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