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Common mistakes bloggers make💥

Hii Oreos!💕 Welcome ~ or welcome back if you’re new here! I’m Evin, and today I’ll be talking about common blogging mistakes. 😛

These are just wrongs that I’ve noticed myself and some others do, so I thought I’d pop in and hopefully help you guys here😜

Here we go!

Posting way too many times a day

This, I’ve seen a lot of bloggers do when they first start blogging. They publish more than 5 times a day, just to say good morning, or good night – or anything. This may annoy people, and it just spams the readers’ emails.

Not interacting with other bloggers

This isn’t necessarily a mistake, but I feel like this should be included. Something bloggers love is when they get a new like, follow or a genuine comment. I’ve seen bloggers that keep asking you to follow them over and over until you do, and when you finally do, they just disappear and don’t interact in the community at all.

– Not being consistent –

This means posting like 4 times a day, and then being inactive for 3 weeks… Consistency is important in blogging, so like I always say, (😆) have a schedule for blogging! It really helps.

Photo by Vlada Karpovich on (totally off topic, but I want a room like that. like, look at that😍)

Grammatical Errors –

I’ve made this mistake before, and I’m learning to correct it. Make sure your post is readable, and has good grammar. And don’t use words like “G8t” or “L8r” because not everyone knows what those mean.

– Ignoring their site speed –

Make sure your website/blog has good site speed✨ Something that causes loading lag is too many pictures or gifs. Readers tend to leave the site if it takes too long to load. So make sure that doesn’t happen!

– Not responding to comments –

If you have a comment section in your blog, then you should take time to respond to comments too. If you think that not responding to comments, or being inactive in the community makes you popular, you’re wrong🤨 your readers would feel like their input doesn’t matter.

That is all I could think of!😝

Let me know if you know any other common blogging mistakes in the comments, and I’ll feature it in the post!⚡️

I hope you guys have an amazing day!😜💙

P.S. leave post ideas in the comments xx

71 thoughts on “Common mistakes bloggers make💥

  1. Great post!!
    I also find it very annoying when people post so many posts in 1 day..:( and when they don’t reply to my comments 🙁
    I think I do need a schedule for blogging too! And…I need to take care of many points you’ve mentioned here. Thanks a lot for making this post!!
    You can make a post about… maybe something bookish like a book review or books you liked when you were small?? It’s completely your choice 🙂

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  2. this was a really good post! I think another mistake a new blogger makes is possibly leaving links to their site in the comments if other people’s blog post ☺️
    I think I did a few of these when I was new. 😅

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  3. These are some great ‘dont’s for new bloggers and I could have used one or two of these tips when I first started 😂. I definitely struggle with the consistency (although I am trying to improve now) but I usually sacrifice quantity for quality because if I have a schedule I usually ending up forcing myself to write posts for the sake of it and they end up sucking lol.

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  4. Great post Evin! A very common mistake I myself made is that often bloggers don’t embed the correct link in their name, causing people to be redirected to a broken link…. There are so many people I think are amazing jn my comments section, but I can’t find their sites because of it!
    And of course, interacting is the most important thing in blogging! And grammatical errors are just ughhh

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  5. Don’t forget the annoying spam comments of any kind that happen to show up on your blog at the most random moments. That’s the most annoying thing that happens!

    I liked how relatable this post was. I’m sure a majority of us would have made some of these mistakes at some point 😂

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  6. Great post Ev! One of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen bloggers make is when their Gravatar/profile doesn’t link to their current blog. So they’ll be active in the community and then can’t figure out why no one’s coming to their blog, but it’s because no one can find it 😆

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  7. Really great post Evin! These are some really great tips for people who are just starting a blog/website and I wish this was here when I first started my blog. ( I feel like you called me out on this one hehe)

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  8. An insightful post. I have seen the bloggers, who post multiple times a day, don’t interact much. Probably they are too busy. What they appear to be concerned with is number of likes. In the same category, I find those who reblog their posts again and again. It’s irritating to see the same posts though you have already liked and commented.

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  9. Hello my sweet evin!!
    How are you my dear?
    Thank god!! I’m very happy to see you post today my dear..!
    And this is very true and wonderful content..! I’m the one who will not reply for the comments..!😔😔 But I will never leave anyone comments empty..! I will reply them very late dear because I will trapped by my works..!😔😞 You’re such a beautiful soul my sweetie..! Keep on shinning..!🤗🤗💖

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  10. You’re so right! I remember when I first started, I didn’t interact with bloggers at first. I just came on the app, published and left. Not until a year after I started blogging that I started interacting with others and I really wish I had started sooner.

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  11. Haha! Found myself guilty on not being consistent 🤣 I’m just trying so hard back then that i didn’t realize that planning ahead could make things possible and making a schedule is really helpful. I am currently doing it now to make up for all the years that I’ve been very inconsistent but sometimes the time just doesn’t go my way. Hectic schedule and burnout from work really breaks me and my plan to be productive when at home usually ends up to long naps. 😭

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  12. Great advice! Similarly, when I started my instagram account, I posted like four times a day because it was all new to me. But eventually, I learned that it’s best not to post so often (that includes not posting everyday). Responding to comments is important because you get to interact with the blog community! 🙂

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  13. Just found out about your blog from Gauri at Brighter Alleys blog… and I’m hooked! ❤

    This post really helped me: as a new blogger, I often find myself making the inconsistency in blogging mistake – maybe it's 'cause I'm new and feel like no one really cares about what I have to say – but this post's given me some encouragement.

    It's amazing to meet another teen lifestyle blogger; and although I don't blog on WordPress, I really hope you check out my blog:

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    1. aww, thanks so much for this comment! i really appreciate it ❤

      no, that's not true. I felt like no one cared enough to read my posts when I was new but you just have to be patient and active in the community to gain readers/followers :))

      Nice to meet you aswell! I'll check out your blog =D


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