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My 13th Birthday!!✰B’day blog diaries 2021 – FT. TONS OF PICS

Hey Everyone!! It’s my birthdaaayy🥳🥳 I’m officially a TEENAGER✰ I’ll be writing all about how my day went by, so let’s get into it!

(my birthday was on the 14th of august)

I made a birthday blog diary last year as well, if you’d like to check it out here are the links to both parts:

My friends from ZCC and I counted down to 12 am – it was AWESOME and we even had a short call! They all made me this really cute card:

Thank you SO much – it’s so adorable🥺💗

The alarm didn’t ring this morning, we were planning to visit a place with a small river, so we woke up an hour late – still, it was pretty early so we got Oreo his food, and got inside the car to drive there! It was already a great day for me, cuz I got to listen to my Taylor swift/one direction playlist the whole ride.😄

Oreo looks so done with…life..😂

We got there after 30 mins, and got in the water. it was so fun!! Oreo got in too, once but I guess the water was too cold for him, plus he’s never been swimming before. (even if dogs have that natural instinct to you know, swim.) he was scared a little bit, so he got out.

A short while after, my sister (Ruby) gave me a present! It was a box full of handmade stuff, it was really nice – I even got a coupon book with coupons for things like: Movie night with the movie of my choice, chores pass, a foot massage😉 

We got back at around 10 am, ate breakfast – which was sandwiches. They were really good!😌 I wanted to make a birthday vlog from morning to night, just for fun (I won’t be posting it anywhere) so I started to add the clips that I had filmed earlier into one video and started editing. I’m ✨

I watched TV for a while, hanged out with Oreo, answered phone calls and just ✨chillaxed✨ for a few hours. My mom was taking me to a hair salon later to get a 💇‍♀️hair wash. We left at 1, and I actually ended up getting not just a hair wash, but a 💇‍♀️hair spa – it sounds very fancy but it really isn’t.😆

Stock picture cuz I don’t have my own

It legit took up around 2 and a half hours, so I just wanted to leave at a point. But the results were pretty good, I guess. We went back home, I read a book, recorded more clips for my vlog and ate lunch! Ruby made noodles😋 After that I listened to music.

Then, I got phone calls from my friends saying they could come over!! I was so happy because when I asked they earlier, they said they couldn’t come. So I waited for both of them to come over, and Sana came first, at around 5 pm. She even baked me a cake! it had OREOS on top.

I opened the presents she got me, which was a lot (thanks so much – if you’re reading this, i seriously love the 1D stuff you made me🥺💗) She MADE most of them, which was awesome! Sana’s really talented and artistic, so I wasn’t surprised. I was SO happy when I saw one direction themed presents, like a key chain, a poster and a resin bookmark💖😁

She also painted a pretty blue butterfly, wrote a LETTER, and gave me a bottle of jelly soaps (they were really cute) a couple hours later, my other best friend, joys came!! We cut the cake that my mom made, then Sana’s – it was REALLY yummy. especially the oreos. 🤩

I opened joys’ present, it was a Ruffpad, where you could write, doodle, draw and erase it, and reuse it again. I’ve actually been wanting one for a while, I was so happy!!😍 She also gave me a handmade present, which was a glass jar filled with colorful crushed orbeez with my name in the center.🤗

Video of me using the ruffpad! Also – subscribe if you want to :))

We all had such a great time!! We took a bunch of pictures, which I WON’T be adding here, for reasons. (no face reveals until after 5 more years)😝

I was sad when everyone was leaving, but – I was glad atleast they could come over. I then cycled over to my grandparents’ house and they gifted me the second book in the KOTLC series!!

From google

Right now, I’m sitting in front of my computer, smiling at the screen, reminiscing the whole day. it really was the best birthday yet. I’m glad it was a pretty productive day as well.💞

why am i sad now

Well, that was how my day went by – I hope you enjoyed reading!😝

85 thoughts on “My 13th Birthday!!✰B’day blog diaries 2021 – FT. TONS OF PICS

  1. I DID enjoy reading about your BD. What a lovely day. You, like I, are blessed with good friends! And, don’t you just LOVE handmade presents???
    Happy Birthday…and many Mooorrreee…to 104! LOL

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Heyy, Evin!!! I love this post!!! All the pictures are so cute! And that cake and your gifts, aah!!😍💕 It really looks like you had the bestest birthday everrr!!!✨ How does finally being a teen feel like? Oreo is a biiggg boy now! How is he growing up so fast-🌟

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Hello dear evin!!
    Happy happy happy birthday to my sweet friend..! May upcoming years bring you success..! God bless you my SWEETIE..! Let’s party..! Come one dance with me my dear..! I enjoyed reading your post..! Hope you enjoyed you birthday..! Keep shinning my dear..!🤗🤗💕😍

    Liked by 2 people

    Happy birthday Eviiiiin!!! 🥳🎉💛 your family and friends made it such a special day for you!
    That One Thing track plate tho (or whatever it’s called) 😍❤️

    Liked by 2 people

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