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Hey everyone! Welcome or welcome back~

This is part two to Answering the webs most searched questions about me. I went on google and typed in questions like “Who is Evin…What does Evin..” and the rest is auto filled. BUT, google doesn’t recognize my name, so I changed it to “Evie” for something to actually show up 😀

The questions with “Evin” in them, are from YOU guys 😉

also, on an unrelated note, yesterday was my birthday! I had an AWESOME time. I’m working on a birthday blog diary, it should be posted soon!

Is Evie nice?


What is Evie’s zodiac sign?


Where was Evie born?

well, um. McDonald’s.

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Evin old?

No, darlin’. She’s young, gorgeous and popular.

Is evin slap herself?

No, I’m Evin. Slap is my old school friend, she transferred to a different school around 3 years ago.

Will Evin stop being Evin?

weeeellll, nope. Evin is a kind, friendly, supportive, BEAUTIFUL, and a completely sane human and she will never stop being that. (totally mean everything I said.)

Does Evin do a lot of photography?

Yep! It’s one of her favourite hobbies, but I wouldn’t say she does a lot of it, though she enjoys photographing.

Does Evin bake?

No, but she has a few times and failed miserably.

Does Evin like cats?

Cats are cute and all, I’ve had more cats as pets than dogs, but cats are mean. to me atleast. one snarled at me, scratched me, bit off my finger. dogs>cats. That’s why I’m having trouble typing this post with only 9 fingers.

Is Evin from Earth?

nice try, you’re not getting anything from me this time. questions like this, will not be answered. sorry.

Is Evin even a human?

Well, I am *blocked for containing sensitive information* if that answers your question.

Does Evin have weird talents?

Evin herself is a very weird person, with a broken sense of humor. So if you consider just living in this dark world, , yes. i do have plenty of weird talents.

Why does evin eat?

She lives to eat, and um- I need to uhh you know, live.

why does evin draw?

Uh, I don’t know, maybe because she doesn’t.


what happened to evin?

She stopped eating and di-

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why is evin gone?


Is Evin weird?

People seriously, genuinely think i’m-

There’s no truth to it, oBviOusLy

why is Evin in love with 1D?

*claps* tis called dedication✨. they’re my idols 😩✌

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Does Evin get married?

*ahem* Well, I am only *blocked for showing sensitive information* so I guess,*blocked for showing sensitive information* and I’m unsure about*blocked for showing sensitive information*

Does Evin have a sister?

Yep, she’s my best friend and we love each other so much, we share everything, and do everything together, we’ve never fought, ever. there was this one time and she’s non-existent.

if you’re asking about my actual real life sister, the answer to that is also yes, but she’s nothing like my other sister. 😦

i hope she doesn’t read this.

What is Evin’s superpower?

It’s turning into a mermaid, and *blocked for confidential reasons* but I’m not really using it anymore because I get asked too much about it.

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Can Evin sing? 

Yes, I’m like really good. I can do really high notes. I sound like a dying frog with lots of voice cracks, and a high pitched deep voice. I know, it’s very rare to have that unique of a singing voice..

Does Evin like sushi?

Haha, I was just thinking about how I wanted my name to be changed to Sushi. I’ve always lived for sushi, and I am absolutely obsessed with it, I love sushi.

Have you ever tried sushi, Evin?

No, never before.

sorry, i had to throw in this reference too.

What color is your mermaid tail?

It’s a really pretty ombre mermaid tail, with purple at the beginning, then blue, red, magenta, orange, yellow, lime green, normal green, Oreo’s fur color, Oreo’s eye color, brown, hazel, blue, pink, cerulean blue, lavender, mustard, yellow, dark yellow, light yellow, Swiss cheese yellow, blue cheese’s color, and indigo.

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Have you had any other dogs besides Oreo?

Not really, I but I did know lots of other dogs like cookie, Betsy, berrie, choco, happy, blacky and coco.

What is your favorite feature about Oreo?

OREO’S EYES ARE SO FREAKING PRETTY. is it weird that I’m jealous of my dog? my eyes are just black..

I also get jealous of Oreo for other stuff, like all he does is sleep, eat and repeat.

*googles how to be a dog*

What’s your favorite thing to blog about?

chicken stuffed in mozeralla, wrapped in parma ham, with a side of homemade mash.

im sorry that’s the last one i’ll do.

In all sEriOusNeSs…I do love to write about sushi, burgers and knitting. Oh, and tips on mountain climbing because I’m oBviOuSlY an expert at it. 😁

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if Evin could say one thing for the rest of her life, what would it be?

hEy KiDs, sPeLliNg iS fUn!

so, I guess that was it!! I hope you enjoyed reading :))

See ya later!

(The aesthetic that I chose for this post’s pictures is light academia, because I feel like if I was aesthetic, I would probably be this. but none of the pictures are mine, they’re all from pinterest.)

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  1. Gosh Evin this was so funny! I was dying the whole time.

    Also, I know you were being sarcastic, but I truly believe this statement. “Evin is a kind, friendly, supportive, BEAUTIFUL, and a completely sane human and she will never stop being that.”
    You ARE!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Happy belated birthday! This is really funny! Although, I don’t believe a cat bit off your finger, I don’t think they could do that easily!😜
    I have gone to you birth place before.
    I fun reading this
    because hEy KiDs, sPeLliNg iS fUn!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Okay, you have an awesome sense of humor!!
    I also like dogs a bit more than cats. Dogs are more…… active and stuff. And even though every cat I’ve met (which isn’t a lot actually haha) hasn’t seemed to have any problem with me (some might secretly hate me idk xD ), dogs just seemed to like me more.

    Liked by 1 person

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