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What I’ve been listening to currently ✨🎶

I wrote this post almost 2 months ago

Welcome or welcome back! Hope you’re having a great day 😉

This post is inspired by Miriam @ Inside Miriam’s Mind – she’s a great friend, and an amazing blogger! her blog has entertaining posts, recipes, lifestyle posts and more! be sure to follow her if you haven’t already!

Read Miriam’s post here

I have been wanting to posts related to Music, I’ve done an Album review, and this time I’m sharing my current music playlist!

(forgot to include the word “music” before playlist in the featured image. lol)

Cardigan – Taylor Swift

This is my favourite song from folklore. and the music video is AMAZINGGG.

Generation Why – Conan Gray

I discovered this song a few days ago and I really like it – dis a vibe o.o (also I put a lyric video instead bc I couldn’t embed the MV for some reason)

Dance – Lvly

I heard this in some video, and I really liked it, so I searched it up and found this! I like listening to Epidemic pop in general, and this is a great song to dance to.

More of my life – Blaeker

another epidemic pop song, that I found in a video – this one I think is my favourite one in epidemic pop 😛

SOUR – Olivia Rodrigo

SOUR – Album Review

SOUR is such an amazing album! I even did a review on it, so be sure to read it!😉

Pure Imagination – Future James

this is such an aesthetic soundtrack, I love listening to this when blogging, reading, or studying.

Strong – One Direction

(well ofc there’s one direction in my playlist xD) well, I’d include like 30 more songs by them, but I can’t so I’ll share my 3 hour long 1D playlist.

i’m gonna pretend like One Direction is still together and this song just came out

Levitating ~ Dua Lipa

I don’t listen to Dua Lipa a lot, but this song is so catchy!!

Lush Life – Zara Larsson

This song is SO summer-y! I first came across this when I was watching Alexa and Katie, it was a part of an episode xD I love this song so much!🤩🙌

Sweet Creature – Harry Styles

“Oh, we started – two hearts in one home”

“princess park”

The whole album, Hs1 – is unappreciated so i reccomended listening to it!😌

Thanks a lot for reading! Do you have any of these songs in your playlist? Let me know if you have any music-related post ideas for me!

See you later!

45 thoughts on “What I’ve been listening to currently ✨🎶

  1. Girlllll, thank you so much for the shout out and it made my day that I inspired you!❤️🎵 I really enjoyed this post!😍
    Also, the SOUR Album — AMAZING! I love it so much!
    Anyways, love ya, sis!😘 Have a great day!🌈

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  2. Awesome songs Ev! I listened to ‘More of My Life’ and it sounds so nice 😍✌️💕
    My fave songs recently have been Feeling Good by Michael Bublé, and Rewrite the Stars! Old classics 😂🙌

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  3. I love your music taste Evin. Olivia is a very nice singer and her lyrics are so true and have so much depth, I’m not surprised she became popular this fast. The thing is, she sounded quite bitter in good 4 u and sounds depressed and soo sad in her other songs. But hii… 😜


      1. YUS, my friend recently got my super into 1D, so a lottttt of their songs are on my playlist 😂 Thank you so much!!! 💖 And of course! Just gotta figure out how to do that….

        Liked by 1 person

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