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Hey Oreos! Welcome or Welcome back to my blog😁

I’ve put together some of my favourite blogging tips for today’s post – I hope you’ll find this helpful!

disclaimer: I’m not a professional blogger, I’ve only written this post to help others, and share some tips I’ve seen around the blogosphere.

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Make your posts skim-readable

Truth is, not everyone reads your post word by word. To be honest, I don’t either, sometimes.

So I appreciate when I get the message from the post, even if I don’t actually read every part of it. Some things you could do to make your posts skim-read-able:

  • Use the “heading” block so the specific text stands out
  • Use different colors
  • Make the keywords bold

Use images to break up text

This kind of relates to the first point – I am most likely to skim read a post if it’s too wordy.

Images are the perfect solution to this problem – they break up the text, plus it makes the post look more appealing to the reader.😜

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This makes your post easier to read, rather than just looking like big chunks of words – use images to match with the post, make subheadings’ text size bigger, and just work around the editor block!

It’ll be so much more pleasing to read once you’ve formatted your text.😀

Formatting Links

A continuation of the previous point – make sure you format your links as well!

if you’re linking to other sources/blog posts, select the “open link in New tab” option – that way, you’ll still stay on the same page and you can switch to the link once your done reading the post!

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Having a clean design

I love when blogs have white backgrounds and a minimalistic layout – it’s clean and pleasant looking!

But keep in mind that you dont have to change your design just because of that- but you also don’t wanna have a flashy yellow background with neon purple as the headline text..

Yep, that’s not going to be easy for your readers to browse around your blog. If designing isn’t your thing, you can always seek help from other designers :))

Being Original

Please do not copy other bloggers, it really isn’t fair to them. I’m saying this from experience. Give credit where it’s due. Used a graphic that isn’t yours? Inspired by another blogger? link back to the original source – we do really appreciate that.

I’ve had this happen when I wrote a post, then I saw the exact same post, and idea on another blog, then it was like a chain. I’m glad that they did their own take on it, but linking back would’ve been nice. It just doesn’t make my post seem special or unique anymore.

The worst part about this is claiming copied work as your own…so please don’t copy from other bloggers. Use your own ideas!😀

word of advice: imitation is not the highest form of flattery.

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Having a theme

Or you could say, keeping it cohesive. I definitely have struggled with this. You don’t wanna write a post about baking on a music blog, or not have a specific color pallet for graphics, etc.

Before you start your blog, figure out a theme for your design, and your blog niche. you don’t have to limit to just one, but you could come up with creative ideas for the niche you’ve picked.

Once you’re on your way, you’ll also discover your blogging voice + style!

Take time to read other blogs

You may or may not classify this as a blogging tip, but remember to take time to read other blogs, and show support! It’s important to stay active in the community.

Blogging is way more fun with blogger friends, trust me – they make your blogging journey so much more interesting💕

There are so many wonderful blogs out there to follow! Visit this link to discover some new blogs.

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Thanks for reading! Comment blogging tips you find useful 😌

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37 thoughts on “Blog tips & tricks to keep in mind

  1. Great advice! Particularly agree on the copying thing… It’s happened to me before! Definitely will think about all these amazing tips before publishing my next post! Good job, 👍😊 😘

    Liked by 1 person

  2. OooOooOoo these tips were AWESOME, Evin!!!!! And *cough* I may or may not sometimes skim posts too. XD I try to read everything on the post, but sometimes I’m busy or only have like two minutes, soooo I’m more likely to check out posts I can skim!! Sadly. I know, I’m terrible. *hides*

    annnnyyywaaaay now that I’ve just been exposed, lol, this was an awesome post and I enjoyed it and I don’t know how to end this comment. XD Bye, I guess. 😂😂 (*whispers* and the winner for the weirdest and most awkward comment ever sent goes to yours truly. XDD)

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I was legit skim-reading the post when I got to the skim-reading part 👀
    CAUGHT lol
    In my defense I was previewing what the post was about then I was gonna read the whole thing 😂
    These tips are all so great! Yeeees formatting is the best, and I love it when a blog is cohesive and the content/design are streamlined. It makes that blogger and what they say stand out, which gives them a stronger voice in the blog community.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Love the tips, Evin!👏 I barely spent any time on formatting or design anymore (thank you, school) but I definitely agree on how they’re crucial elements of a blog! I apologise for skim-reading, time isn’t on my side 👀😂

    Liked by 1 person

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