Making a HARRy potter edit⚡️// Tutorial

Today I’ll be making a Harry Potter edit + showing you guys how to make your own!😜 I thought it’d be fun to try out something different, and take advantage of WordPress Premium😂👏 (‘cause I can upload videos now, y’know.)

You’ll find how the video turned out at the end, I hope you guys enjoy reading!🌸

Step one is to…

Find an editing app

I looked for this one called “YouCut” where I’ve made edits previously, but I couldn’t find it. It could be because I was on an apple device. 🤷‍♀️

So I browsed a bit and went with VN video editor🪄😀

Selecting photos for the edit

I wanted to include the mcs’ (Main characters) and also my favourite ones + some aesthetics + all the houses. Here is what I ended up with:

I recommend you go with atleast 15 pictures.

Adjust the timing

Something I notice in edits is that the images go real fast, so you’ll have to make timing of each image >2 seconds. I adjusted all my pictures to (around) 1.35 seconds.

You wouldn’t want it to be less than a second, or you won’t be able to add transitions.

Add transitions

Transitions are like, the most important part of the edits. You could pick different transitions for each picture, I recommend going with ones like “Wipe”, “Dissolve”, “Rotate”..etc.

You could also reduce the transition duration, like I did😉

Pick the music, and record it!

I had a hard time deciding the suitable audio, but I found the one in just a matter of minutes😌👏

I just looked up “Harry Potter Edit audios” and picked the one that fit my transitions! There are so many edit audios you can choose from.

Export the video

And the final step is to make sure everything is in place, and export the video! I recommend downloading the video with high resolution.

I had so much fun making this edit and I’m pretty happy with the outcome! Wanna see how it turned out?😁💙

Yeah, I know could’ve featured more characters but I tried my best! Maybe I could make separate edits for all the houses? Let me know if I should do that!

And I made another one too, because I downloaded YouCut on another device, and made a ✨r a v e n c l a w✨ edit.

I feel like the other one turned out better, but this was easier to make⚡️

Turn up your volume🔊

So, I guess that’s it! I hope you had fun reading this very random post😂💕 Thanks for stopping by!
have a great day, see you later!

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Heyy!! I'm Evin. An introverted teen who loves Harry Potter, One Direction,Blogging and making new frens💙 I have a cute little puppy called Oreo! I love him more than anything❤️🐶 I run a lifestyle blog and contribute to 2 collab blogs! (links in my gravatar profile) be sure to check them out!💫 Live life to the fullest and have a lovely day!

34 thoughts on “Making a HARRy potter edit⚡️// Tutorial

  1. Thanks for the tutorial! The edits are all super cute and beautiful 🙂 I think I’ll try some of my own soon – It seems like it’ll be fun to design it.
    – Stella

    P.S –
    I’m hosting a creative contest on my blog! ( Make sure to check it out 😀

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