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Finding a new passion🌸 digital Art💫

*This post was written on the 28th of April

a few days ago, when I was scrolling through YouTube, I found a video where it showed me how to make digital illustrations. (which was really random) so I clicked on it. It seemed easy enough, and the end result was so pretty! So I wanted to give it a try.

I downloaded this app called Ibis paint x, imported an image and sat down to start drawing.

It took a while..but I felt like I was getting the hang of it.

The final result:

(A portrait of me)

It has its flaws, looking back. But when I first made it, I was so proud of it.

So I decided to make another one. And another. And I could tell I was getting better at it! (by a 0.000001%)

I started to practice everyday, try new methods, and styles.

I also learnt to make myself a stylus!! (But I figured it was better to use my fingers.)

Here is a video that helped me a lot😛

It’s been 3 weeks since I started doing digital art/cartoony illustrations, and here are my latest art works!

I feel like I’ve improved from before, and I’m really happy with these!

I also recreated my first ever illustration:


let me know what you think of these!

Again, the app I use is ibis paint x, it’s GREAT for beginners. If you would like a tutorial on how do I digital art, I will do one! 😜

Now I have a new feature added to Featherlights Blog Designz – custom digital portraits! I even had a blog tour🤪🦋

click below and purchase a custom digital portrait, and support a small business!💖😊

Thank you so much for reading!🥰 I hope you enjoyed.

What is one new hobby you’ve loved doing lately? Let’s talk in the comments!

until next time,

42 thoughts on “Finding a new passion🌸 digital Art💫

  1. Hey evin! Great post! It’s a very nice transition you’ve got there, from beginner to pro. You could really see the difference.
    For your question, I’ve picked up doodling. It’s very quirky and bold! I’m currently trying out random flowers and doodles, maybe if I try to ‘stick’ to the habit, it’ll turn out well (or I hope so). Currently the only thing that’s giving me trouble is my stylus, lol😂

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  2. Evin it looks so great! I’ll try to try it out (that sentence needs a reformation but whatever-)
    Plus you’ve made so many, shows that you have a passion for it <33
    One hobby I've picked up lately is playing the synthesizer and listening to songs on loop 😂
    I swearrr I don't get a bit tired of the songs I put on loop- (I put Lie, People and Sweet Night)
    Anyway this isn't about me hahah great post like always!

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  3. Great post! I have started making digital portraits bc of you… I use procreate because it was just a one time payment. And I agree, I bought a faux apple pencil on amazon for about 20$, but I prefer using my finger.


  4. lol, I also started drawing digitally by doing these kind of things. Now I draw on laptop, but I still use ibisPaint on phone. (You’re art is really nice)


  5. These look so cool! You did such a great job! I would love to see a tutorial on how you make these! I’ve made a few portraits of my friends in this sort of style using Pixlr X, but I was using a mouse on a computer so it took forever haha.

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  6. I also use Ibis Paint for digital art!(Although, I’m not the best at it, and would love one of those pens you can use on iPads and stuff so I don’t have to use my fingers). It’s a good app to use.

    Looks like your drawings really improved!

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