Making summer collages ~ ft. flora🍹

Welcome back to A Curly Sue’s Ramblings!! Today I’m doing a summery collab with Flora @ Flora’s Week Show💛 She reached out to me and I’m so glad she did because I’m excited for this collab! Thanks to Maggie for the idea for this post💖

Flora has a creative lifestyle blog where she posts tags, life updates, and more 𝙞 𝙣 𝙩 𝙚 𝙧 𝙚 𝙨 𝙩 𝙞 𝙣 𝙜 ♡ articles! Her blog has a pretty pink layout~🌸

We both made 3 summer collages on Canva ~ You’ll find Flora’s collages here, and mine on her blog! I used images from Pinterest, and she used her own images, mostly😁 Well, let’s get into it!

This is so pretty ahh!😌💖 I love that you used your own images, I love the one of the flowers + the sun! The sunrise is gorgeous 😍🙌 (plus the font she used is one of my favorites! It’s called Nickainley if you’re wondering😉)

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I think this collage also has her own pictures? Well I love them and the vibes I get from those😌👏 I like how the collage is minimal, yet really beautiful!💖 And that may be the reason that this is my favourite collage out of the three😉✨

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The third and final collage has the same template as the first one, but they have variety✨which is really cool!🤩👍 The summer-Sun stickers are so cute! I feel like a short summer quote or saying would’ve fit in the centre, but that’s just a suggestion😌

That wraps up this collab! I know it was short but I had a lot of fun doing it!🎉 Again, make sure to hop on over to Flora’s Blog to see how my collages came out!

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed🍬

QOTD: What’s your typing speed? (WPM) Mine is 64 words per minute!

See ya later!

32 thoughts on “Making summer collages ~ ft. flora🍹

  1. They are all so pretty! Love the fonts! My typing speed for normal writing is about 70, since I have to think before typing, but if I take a test I can get to 100 (I’ve been taking a lot of typing tests haha).


  2. Ooh I love these collages! So summery and aesthetic!
    My typing speed (according to the random online test I just took) is 80 WPM. I was the fastest typer in my 5th grade computer class, lol. XD

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  3. ooOoh, these are so cute!! I agree, it’s so cool that Flora used her own images for most of these!! 👏👏
    My average typing speed is about 65 WPM, but once I reached around 90 on a quiz! 🤓

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  4. Love the photography – did a great job of capturing the moments.
    And I’m a proud member of the “hunt and peck’ typers union heh – you can’t put a number on such a level of inconsistency.

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  5. Ahh these collages are beautiful Flora! The second one is my favorite 😍🌺💕
    Yeah Nickainely is such a pretty font!
    My WPM is 100! Typing tests are so fun to take 🤩 haha

    Liked by 2 people

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