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💛quarantine blog diaries #5 (ft.oreo and mandala art🐶🖊)

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all doing good!🦋 Today I’ll be doing a 💛QUARANTINE BLOG DIARIES💛 I haven’t done one of these in so long, I think the last one was seven months ago. I’ll list the other parts in this series as well, you can click below to read them!

And there you have it!

The 17th of June

Yesterday, I completed a year of blogging! I’m hosting a giveaway, and I’ve gotten a couple responses so far. 🤪

I woke up fairly early today, and I attended my online classes, then I went to play with OREO🐶💕 I recorded a couple of shorts (videos) for his YouTube channel, edited them, and uploaded it! One of it got over 200 views, which was awesome!😜🙌

I love the lyrics I chose for the videos, and even if they were less than 10 seconds short, I’m really happy with the outcome!

I also put a scrunchie on Oreo, which was struggle but he looked SO CUTE AGGGHHH🥺💖

He can really pull off scrunchies🤪😎

I’m thinking of doing some mandala art today, because I discovered I can do okay at Madala art a couple days ago😂🙌 I was making a birthday card when I decided to do some patterns, I showed to to my mom and she was like “yOu did tHat?”👀😯 and she said I should do more so yeah😂👍

I found this diy notebook I made from a journal cover and ruled papers, it had a drawing of a puppy in it! I think I made it a couple years ago..and I’m so glad I found it!😄 I’m thinking of using it to take notes for class, or I could draw here..?

1:10 pm

I just had lunch, and I did another mandala design! (The second image you see above the notebook) and I’m pretty happy with how it came out! It’s not great, but it’s…something🤷🏻‍♀️😂 well, this is one of first tries so I’m hoping I’ll improve as I go.

Now I’m gonna work on featured images for this post~ (which you saw at the beginning of the post!)

7:30 pm

I’ve been working on a mandala design for almost 3 hours, and I finally completed it!! It took a lot of work but I’m so happy with the outcome!

I took Oreo to the terrace to play, and we had a lot of fun until he bit me in my face😃👍 I took a few videos, edited them and made it into a YouTube video! Which you can see here:

(I also saved media space by not displaying the vids the pictures – sMort.)

The next day // 18th June

I’ve monetized my site with WordAds! If you could click on a couple of ads on my blog that’d be NiCe (only kidding😂) In all seriousness, it would help though-

*ahem* anyways.🗞

12:00 pm

I’m now working on a blog post! I have like 10 drafts right I’m also changing my sign off, And my color pallet, which I’ve decided on neutral, and light pinkish shades because even if blue is my favourite color, it’s not going with my blog🙃

2:00 pm

I’m really bored right now so I’m gonna play roblox for a while..

That’s me! I had fun😄 and the rest of the day went on like any other…

And that wraps up the 5th edition of Quarantine Blog Diaries!😜💕

I hope you had fun reading this post. See ya next time!

35 thoughts on “💛quarantine blog diaries #5 (ft.oreo and mandala art🐶🖊)

  1. EEK! Oreo is sooo cute!!
    I put scrinchies on my dogs too XD.
    Your Mandalas are AMAZING!! I could never do that, hehe..
    Heey, you should friend me on roblox! I play with my sisters sometimes. 😁

    Liked by 2 people

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