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How to plan your blog posts🌻

**This post was written on the 24th of May

Welcome back!🤩💕 Today, I’ll be sharing a few tips for planning out blog posts. Let’s get into it!

Right now, I have over a month of blog post ideas planned. (hOw-) here are a few tips that helped me!

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-Writing down your post ideas

I have so many lost post ideas, and I didn’t realise how significant this was until I actually started doing it. Make sure you write down your ideas whenever you feel that spark for blogging😉✨

This may be in your blogging journal, a notebook, or in an app like Notes. You can dot down your ideas, and add in the main subheadings – that’ll get you started on the post!


If you write a lot of posts at the same time, schedule them to post on different dates. This will keep you on track, consistent and full of ideas!

Having a posting schedule will also help you figure out when to post which kind of posts. For example : Mondays- Inspirational posts, Wednesdays- Baking posts, Fridays- Tags, etc.

Do your research

I always have a new tab open next to the one I’m writing in, if I need to do a quick look-up, or find images for my blog. This is a really efficient tip! 👍 You can find related articles, or to check the spelling of words.

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Brainstorm Titles

The most important part of the blog is (probably) the title, so think of a title that you would want to click on, and read. Make sure you use the correct keywords – here are some questions to ask yourself before you decide on a title:

  • Does the title fit the content?
  • Does it have correct keywords?
  • Would I click on it?
  • Is it something I would want to read more of?

Review your comments

Reviewing your comments is a great way to find post ideas. Look for questions your readers have and find out what they want to learn more about. You could have a poll, to know what your readers would like to read, and gather inspiration from there!

Start with Visuals

Looking through images can give you ideas for new posts. You can look up the topic you want to write about, look through the images, and write your ideas down! 😛 You could go on Unsplash, or any stock photo website – or just in your phone’s gallery 😉

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Well, that’s a wrap! I hope that helped you☺️💛

Thank you so much for reading!🥳

I’ll see you next time on A Curly Sue’s Ramblings

33 thoughts on “How to plan your blog posts🌻

  1. These tips are super helpful! The one about the title is a good one, I forget to think about that and just kind of write a title that pops into my head, so I’ll try that! I like using’s free printable blog planner to outline my posts.

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  2. Thanks for these tips Evin! I always write posts last minute and the rare times I schedule them are awesome so I’ll definitely do it more. Also HOW was this post written more than a month ago 😫😭

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  3. Great tips!!!! I especially like the one about opening a new tab next to the tab where you’re writing your post, I think that’s really helpful. ❤

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