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Netflix Recommendations!✨🎀 Pt. 2 – Movies🎬

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I’m just going to skip the apology part because half of them don’t even know how long I’ve been procrastinating to write this post and they don’t know I’ve written a part one and second, no one really cares about the apology because the blogosphere will do just fine without me posting part two of a post so many people have been wanting to read or that’s just what I think. 👁👄👁


Hiii Oreos!💕😁 Today I’ll be doing a part 2 of a highly requested post (or that’s what I like to call a post I was supposed to do 7 months ago)

Today’s post is the next part in Netflix recommendations – in which I’ll be sharing a bunch of Movies!😜🎬 Part 1 was of TV series’s recommendations – which you can read by clicking here!😌

I don’t really watch Amazon Prime anymore, so I’ll only be including recommendations for Netflix.

From Up on Poppy Hill

My sister and I just watched this yesterday, and I loved it! It is such an interesting story with awesome animation🤩🙌 Idk if this is anime, or just a Japanese cartoon. I was also able to pick up a little bit of Japanese while I was watching!😆

For: Tweens and Teens


It’s 1963 and Japan is in the midst of swift modernisation, leaving behind the Second World War’s painful memories and focusing on a brighter future, symbolised by the coming year’s Tokyo Olympics.

Full out

This is a really great movie with an inspiring storyline, based on a true story! It’s about a gymnast. I loved this movie, and this is a good movie for a family movie night!😜

For: Everyone (mostly tweens)


Based on the true story of a 14 year old gymnast as she closes in on her Olympic goals when her aspirations are crushed after a car accident. Gaining her movement and confidence back through dance she gets called back into the gymnastic world

Back of the net

This is a movie we watched for Family night🤩 It wasn’t amazing, but still a pretty good movie. The first half is really boring though. It’s about a physics geek who ends up in the for the summer.

for: Tweens


Soccer student Cory Bailey arrives at a prestigious soccer academy and is determined to beat her rival’s team in the national tournament.

June and Kopi

This is a dog movie – The genre is comedy/family. Again, the first half is really boring, but it gets better towards the end. It’s an indonesian film ;P

For: Kids


A street dog is taken in by a young couple, and the family pit becomes an instant accomplice as it adjusts to its new, loving home.

Feel the Beat

I LOVE this movie! It’s a feel good movie and I’ve watched it twice. This is where a dancer gets kicked off broadway, she goes to her hometown and she coches in her old dance school! (yea that’s not the correct description xD)

for: Tweens


After failing to find success on Broadway, April returns to her hometown and is recruited to train a misfit group of young dancers.

It takes two

This is one of my favourite movies! It’s based on the story “The Prince and the pauper” I definitely recommend watching it😄

For: Tweens


Alyssa (a rich girl) and Amanda (an orphan) are two little girls who are identical, but complete strangers, that accidentally meet one day. Together they form a plan to try getting Alyssa’s father to prevent making the biggest mistake of his life: marrying an awful woman.

Over the Moon

This is a really cute animated fantasy movie! I love animated movies in general, and this one was really good!

for: all


Having grown up hearing her mother’s favorite legend about Chang’e, pale moon’s goddess who lives alone on the silent celestial body pining for Hou Yi, her long-lost lover, the brilliant thirteen-year-old girl, Fei Fei, is in for an unpleasant surprise. Then, as if that weren’t enough, her doting father catches her off-guard by making a life-altering announcement, and Fei Fei’s whole world comes crashing down around her. Now, determined to prove him wrong, Fei Fei sets out to build a home-made rocket and blast off to the stars.

See the source image

Skater girl

This is a movie that came out recently, and ever since I watched the trailer, I knew it was going to be a.w.e.s.o.m.e. and it was! Skater girl is a really inspirational movie that I love!


When a teen in rural India discovers a life-changing passion for skateboarding, she faces a rough road as she follows her dream to compete.

See the source image

And there you have it! 9 movie recommendations from Netflix. I hope this post entertained you! Thank you so much for reading😀💕

See ya later!

P.S. Clicking on the ads on my blog would be NiCe. (jk) 😂

45 thoughts on “Netflix Recommendations!✨🎀 Pt. 2 – Movies🎬

  1. From Up on Poppy Hill is indeed a very great movie!! If you liked it, you should try watching other Ghibli movies too like Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle (this one’s my FAV). They’re really good and I swear this studio is HEAVEN!
    and Thanks for all these other recommendations, they sure seem interesting!! ❤❤

    Liked by 2 people

  2. it takes two is my favoriteee!! its such a cute movie!
    also, thanks for all the amazing recommendations! i’ve watched a lot of these because my sister lovesss these kind of movies, but the ones i haven’t seen i’ll definitely check out!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Fall Out was such a beautiful movie, though I didn’t like the second part as much as the first one!😊
    June and Kopi is also such a cuteeeeee movie – I wish my mum could let me buy a dog soon 😢
    And whoa, talking about Feel The Beat – amazing! I love Sofia Carson since descendants!!
    It takes two – again such a sweet movie, haha!😄
    Amazing recs, Evin💖

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, i agree! I wanted a second part, but it just didn’t live up to my expectations :))
      I knowww and I’m so grateful to have a dog 🐶 💕
      Ahh, ikr? But I haven’t watched descendants yet..
      Thank you!


  4. Over The Moon is such a great movieeee!!! 😍 It made me cry at the end, because ahghaghaghghaag its so saddddddd :,((((
    I’ve also watched It Takes Two, but I didn’t really like it 😬
    Oooh, From Up On Poppy Hill? I googled it and it is an anime, and I might watch it! (okay that sentence had nothing to do with anything whattt why do i need to say that i’ll watch it congratulations maya you’ve exceeded the awkardness limit 👏) Have you heard of Haikyuu? It’s this volleyball anime series, and I’m not really a sporty person, but it’s still really good! It does have some swearing though, but I’m not sure if that’s the English translation’s fault 🤔😜

    Liked by 1 person

      1. (I’m sorry I know it took me like 500 years to reply back to this)
        Basically, everyone grieves and its sad and there are like extra scenes of Fei Fei’s mum which make it even sadder (I’m sorry this is a horrible summary of the end)
        I don’t know, I just kinda got bored watching it 🙁

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Back of the net was really good but I never ended up watching it for the second time.
    I watched IT TAKES TWO in 2020 and it was super fun. P.S. I barely remember anything but the scene where the two twin girls meet was so comforting.
    Boy, I still love Over the Moon.


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