Canva Pro – Review (worth it or not?)

Hope you’re all doing well! Today I’ll be doing a review of Canva Pro!

**I wrote this post on the 25th of April, when I still had the subscription**

I got Canva Pro for a month a few days ago, and I’m loving using it so far!

NOT MY IMAGE! source:

Here’s my review!

The Fonts:

There are SO many cool fonts in Canva Pro! something I didn’t know I could do was upload my own fonts! I was really happy when I found out, because there are so many fonts I’ve wanted to use that aren’t available in Canva.
once you have uploaded your own font(s), a section titled “Uploaded Fonts” shows up. Which is really helpful!

Photo by Ena Marinkovic on


Well, obviously, I won’t get watermarks now. And now that it’s gone, the design is so much more clear! I usually don’t use designs or templates with watermarks though.


There are thousands more templates I could now use, and they look really professional? idk😂

Transparent Background + Compress File Feature

This is a premium feature in canva, and I think it removes the background of an image you’re using? I haven’t used this feature much. Another thing you can do is Compress your file, and I don’t know what that does, so I haven’t used that either.

Photo by Pixabay on

More Downloading Options

You have more downloading options, or ways to save your design! I stick to JPG, though. With Premium you can download as SVG as well!

Easy User Interface

It has a clean, user interface that is simple to use!

Resize file option

If you start your design with the dimensions of a post card, but then want to change the size without making an entirely new design, this will help! I haven’t used it yet.

Photo by lilartsy on

🪴Things I wish Canva Pro Had🪴

Offline Feature

I’ve always wanted to make cool designs even without Wif, and It would be so helpful if it were a part of the premium subscription!

Better Search Results

The search results you get in canva aren’t that accurate, so that could be improved.

I’m so happy I had canva premium, even if it was just for a month. It made my designs look so much better! I hope I get it another time, because it was an amazing experience 😌🤍

I also held a special event @FeatherLightsBlogDesignz, where I provided premium designs for free! I got so many more orders than usual, so I’m really happy I got to help a lot of other bloggers!

Photo by Lisa on

Was this worth it?

ABSOLUTELY! I definitely recommend getting canva pro, at least a free trial.

Well, that was it! Thank you so much for reading💞

Edit; I’m writing this on the last day of my canva pro subscription. Goodbye, Canva Pro🥺

27 thoughts on “Canva Pro – Review (worth it or not?)

    1. I say you do it when you have a lot of blogposts in mind, or if you’re planning on re-designing your blog, it’s the best time to take advantage of Canva pro. I made featured images in advance for my posts, so I could use those later even after my subscription ended :))

      And regular canva also has a lot of offer😀

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  1. Great review! I’ve had Canva Pro before and really liked it, mostly because you can use any photo you want without the watermarks. It’s a pain to sift through all those photos to find the free ones. I recommend the program!

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    1. Thanks!😉 That’s so true! I end up searching on Google for pictures/backgrounds because all the good pictures in Canva aren’t free, and the free ones are all overused 😦

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  2. Awesome post! I have friends who use canva, but personally it’s been a little tricky for me to figure out myself… even after their explanations.😂 Idk, I’m just incompetent. XD
    Personally I use Pixlr X because I was taught how to use that at school and found a bunch of my own tricks I can do on it, but I do like some of the features on Canva better than on Pixlr. For example, they provide you with little pngs of things you search whereas Pixlr doesn’t let you do that. It does have some little designs but not specific things. I end up having to search the internet of things I need.

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    1. Thank you! Oh, I’ve been there🤪 it looked so complicated, but i just put random stickers and fonts together, and at the end I had…a design!😂 I wanted to practice more, and now it’s really easy for me to use😜👏
      Oh yeah, I’ve never used Pixlr but Canva doesn’t have a lot of free photos either so i just go on Pinterest 😂

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      1. Yes, that’s exactly true 😂. Yeah, I plan on practicing. I think it would be fun to use both and come out with designs nobody else could have!
        Ooh, that’s a good idea. Pinterest is a good place for that!

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  3. Hi Evin! I’ve got a question about canva pro. I found a few fonts I want to download. Can I use the free trial and download the fonts to Canva. Like, will they stay after the free trial.

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