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Blogger Shout – outs ~ May 2021🪴

I’m back with more blog recommendations 🌻 I forgot to continue Blogger shout-outs last month, so today I’ll be sharing 15 blogs to make up for it!😜

Here’s how this works:

I shout-out to 10 bloggers whose blogs I LOVED reading!! Don’t forget to click on every link, because they’re all fantastic blogs!! Follow them too😄

You can click here to read the other parts in this series!! 

Here are May’s blogger shout-outs😇





Corrie @ Miraculous Homeschool

Chloe @ The reading geek

Vanya @ The forest diaries

Rubie @ The aesthete life

Pannaga @ The tomboy’s attic

Flora @ Flora’s week show blog

Lexi @ Perplexing Lexi’s blog

Laura @ Laura Marie blogs

Hreem @ Chic life thru my lens

Heidi @ Smucker Life

Darby @ Arts, books and cakes.

Akriti @ Recipe of Life

Amber @ Dancing for the holy one

Miriam @ Inside Miriam’s Mind

Sarah @ Quill, ink and parchment

Phew, that took a while🙈

Congrats to everyone on the list!!

(Please don’t feel sad if you aren’t, and if you want me to check out your blog, say so and add a link to your blog in the comments!)

 YOU can email me your favorite bloggers a week before the end of that month, so I can include them in this series! You can send me the links of 1-5 bloggers. 10 will be included in each post. (I won’t be giving out my email here, you can email me through my contact page)

And thanks for reading!!

P.S. Stay tuned for posts coming this month! I have really exciting things, and a *secret* planned🤪

52 thoughts on “Blogger Shout – outs ~ May 2021🪴

      1. I checked I couldn’t find, I found that I commented to include me in next month’s list, I commented on Feb shoutouts, I think you may have forgot, but no worries! If you wish, can I be on next month’s shoutout?

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  1. Hi Evin, I’m Emma, I was just talking to someone in the comments of my blog, and she said that there are some groups with bloggers on Hangouts, I don’t really about it, and she said to ask you. Could you please tell what is she saying?

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  2. Yaaay congrats to everyone who got mentioned! 🥳💜 I’m following most of these awesome bloggers already and I just followed the ones I hadn’t yet 😂💕
    Also that potted plant emoji in the title is SO CUTE and I didn’t know it existed until now!! 😍 I’m gonna find it

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Tysm for the shoutout!! I’ll be checking out some of those other blogs when I get the time. 😁 I’m so happy you like my blog!!! I saw someone else ask what post of theirs you liked the best and now I’m curious too, what post of mine is your favorite? 😝😉 (although I have a big one planned for super soon, so maybe opinions will change soon 🙃)

    Liked by 1 person

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