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💛quarantine blog diaries #5 (ft.oreo and mandala art🐶🖊)

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all doing good!🦋 Today I’ll be doing a 💛QUARANTINE BLOG DIARIES💛 I haven’t done one of these in so long, I think the last one was seven months ago. I’ll list the other parts in this series as well, you can click below to read them! Quarantine blog diaries #1The ultimate… Continue reading 💛quarantine blog diaries #5 (ft.oreo and mandala art🐶🖊)

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🌊 Summer Clothing Haul! + Giveaway winner☀️

*ahem* This will be my second clothing haul! I wanted to do this post, because these kind of posts are what you find in a typical lifestyle blog, and I've been feeling a bit lost lately. I've scrolled through lifestyle blogs, reading posts like "My night routine" "how to style a _______" or "my room… Continue reading 🌊 Summer Clothing Haul! + Giveaway winner☀️

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GiVEAWAY// One year Blogiversary🎊

Hope you're all doing well! Today, I'll be hosting my first ever giveaway!!🥳 I'm really excited!!! I'm doing this to celebrate one year of blogging🤩💙 Well, without further ado, here's everything you need to know! What you could win: This super cool diary I got from amazon! Unruled, and untouched, still in it's original packaging… Continue reading GiVEAWAY// One year Blogiversary🎊

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Today, One year ago, I sat down to create my account in WordPress, design my blog, launch it, publish my first post, find new blogs, get my first follower, and got my first ever blogging friend.💕 It's been such an incredible blogging journey, so much has changed in a year, and I think I've changed… Continue reading 🎉ONE YEAR BLOGIVERSARY🎉//giveaway