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SOUR – Album Review

Hii Oreos! Today I’ll be doing another album review. I’ve been wanting to do more.

You can read my first one here! where I reviewed Walls by Louis Tomlinson

In this post, I’ll be reviewing Olivia Rodrigo’s Debut Album, SOUR.

The Sour Taste of Youth: Olivia Rodrigo's Debut Album 'Sour' and My Top 5  Tracks -


This song is way different from the others in this album. Brutal is a really relatable song, but it’s weird because I can’t relate to it….yet? or I could say, I can relate to this in an odd way.. Well, this is definitely one of my favourite songs because it has great beats.

2. Traitor

Traitor is only like the best song on the album! I LOVE this one sooo much.

3. 1 Step forward, 3 steps back

I feel like I would label this as my #11 favourite, because I don’t really like how slow it is, and it’s just a bit too short for my liking. still a good song though

4. Jealousy, Jealousy

THIS SONG. one of my top 3 favourites! I absolutely love how relatable this is like- Olivia’s telling a story, not just singing.

5. Driver’s License

This is where it all started! I love everything about this song, the lyrics, the beat, the music video, everything. 5/5 stars

6. Good 4 U

This is also different from rest of the album, and this is my favourite song from SOUR. I’ve been listening to it on repeat ever since it came out! 😉 Like, the beat though.

7. Deja Vu

This song, I feel like has the most inventive lyrics. I loved the aesthetics of the music video, and how it had a different vibe from Driver’s License. I also really liked the harmonies!

8. Happier

When I first listened to it, I honestly didn’t like it a lot…but it grew on me. This song has great lyrics, and I really like it! The bridge of this song is just perfection.

9. Enough for you

This song gets you teary eyed…even if you can’t relate to it, which is me. Again, this has great lyrics, and I loved it first-listen. (Does that even make sense or-) I loved the tune, and I definitely recommend listening to it.

10. Hope ur ok

Hope ur ok, the last track of the album has a narrative lyrics style, which I like! This song is so comforting to listen to, I love the bridge so much, this is my #2 favourite song of the album

11. Favourite Crime

I didn’t even come across this song until a couple days ago, and when I listened to it, I thought it was an amazing song! the lyrics are amazing, and its just- perfect. the bridge of this song is soooo good!!

My *honest* opinion

Overall, this is a great album! But my honest opinion would be that it lacked originality. Somehow, the songs and lyrics sounded similar to Taylor Swift’s, and we know how big of a swifty Olivia is. I still love the album though😆✨💕

I also felt like I was listening to the same song over and over, because most of the songs are simple/soft ballads but that could be just me.

Favourite songs: Good 4 U, Driver’s License, Jealousy, Jealousy

This is a really solid debut album with lots of bops and songs to cry to. It’s honest, lyrically beautiful, and it really lets you feel all the feelings in just over half an hour. Can I also mention that I love the album cover?

I would rate this album 4/5 stars. You can listen to SOUR here!

I hope you enjoyed! Thank you for reading!💛😊

46 thoughts on “SOUR – Album Review

  1. I agree so much!
    The reason that 1 step forward 3 steps back sounds so similar to Tay is because Olivia sampled New Years Day. It’s the same tune! And yes, it was intentional.

    Anyway, the only thing I will add in my review is a bit about the drama this album has caused with Sabrina Carpenter…
    (You know how big a fan I am of her…)

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  2. Ohkay so where to start? Sour is like the best album! Driver’s license was kind of a sensation in the music industry! And yeah taylory vibes!
    Amazing review!

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  3. I listened to this album and I can see that it’s not my cup of tea…The lyrics are good, but her style’s not exactly my favorite..(Probably not the best idea to put that out there when people are geeking out about it though…)

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  4. Hii, Evin! I really enjoyed Sour, my favorite songs on it were probably Brutal (I agree that it’s relatable in a weird way haha), Jealousy Jealously, Happier, and Enough For You (although to be honest, I enjoyed all her songs on it).

    I hope you have a nice day! ❤

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  5. Great post! Yeah her songs are pretty great! I realized I followed you a while ago, so I stopped getting emails so no comments from me, but I just got one and just remembered how much I loved your blog. If that makes sense XD

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  6. Yes. I agree with you. ‘Sour’ is an AMAZING album but I really wouldn’t call it “one-of-a-kind”. But it still captures you in (because I definitely can’t stop listening to it). Driver’s license is my absolute favourite. I’ve never even had a break-up but I feel like I did (is that normal??😂)
    Anyways, “sour” album is a gem and so is Olivia Rodrigo!

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  7. SOUR is one of my favorite albums (After sweetener, Thank U next and reputation). It’s so messy, angry and sad, its just Close to perfection! Awesome review Evin!
    -Your most recent admirer 😂

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    1. Ooh, you’re an Ariana grande fan too? I like some of her songs, and my friend is a hardcore arianator 😂
      Yess I know right?🤩
      Haha, thanks!💛


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