Life with an Oreo : Updated

Hii Oreos!! Welcome or welcome back!

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Today I’ll be doing part 2 of “Life with an Oreo”. never thought I’d be making ANOTHER series, but hey – Oreo’s growing real fast and here’s an update!

If you’re new, this is where I share what life with my puppy, Oreo is like! grab some snacks, listen to this music and start reading!



Oreo’s growing SO fast and I didn’t realize that until I went through “old” pictures and videos of me and Oreo. I always say he’s such a smol puppy but he’s not that smol anymore😂

I also wish Oreo would stay as a tiny, baby puppy forever🥺

he smol

He plays a LOT with me now, and this is what I’d always wanted to do with Oreo, since they day I got him! He understands me better, listens to some “commands” (idk what else to call it)

but the only downside is that sometimes he’s too aggressive and bites a lot, but it’s a stage all dogs go through so it’s fine.🤷‍♀️ Oreo also barks a lot! there was this stage when he made literally no noise at all. and now he’s back to making a lot of noise🥺😆

A new water bottle sock toy I made for Oreo, which he loved.

He also chews on everything he finds, he almost ate a small stone today, but I got it out of his mouth. – he could literally eat anything if you don’t keep your eye on him.😪

BABY OREO! AWWWW (also the white thing on his nose is curd)

Something I love to do with Oreo is to play TAG!😆

he loves to do that. he’s surprisingly good at it too, like really good. he knows these things to do to trick me, like pretending to fall asleep, so I go and pet him, and when I do, he could get me. and it works. 🤦‍♀️

actual “footage” of my puppy attacking me

We recently got a leash for him, and we could take him for walks outside soon! he only goes for walks, or to play in the terrace.🐕‍🦺

Oreo also got a new bed, and a stuffie! the stuffie is an old one of mine, and it’s a puppy like Oreo! Its also brown like him, and Oreo always goes to sleep with Icey (the stuffie) and plays with it a lot. 🧸

He’s also beginning to understand his name, which is good!

we went on a car ride today, and he was looking out the window, it was so much fun!!

You get overwhelmed by cuteness every time you see oreo too😂🙌

And that’s a wrap! Thank you so much for reading!

Random Question: what is your current favourite song? I’ve been listening to a lot of Taylor swift, and my current favourite song is Cardigan🎵 I listened to it when it first came out a lot, it’s a great song!

see you later!

my first ever sign-off I made when I didn’t know how to make one.

38 thoughts on “Life with an Oreo : Updated

    He looks soooooooo smart in his collar! and he’s growing up to be a really handsome dog!!!!
    Also you are so lucky you get to go on your terrace. I live on the first floor, so I’ve never actually gone, because the third floor guys get access. *sigh*

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  2. Oreo is SO CUTE! Aww he’s grown so much! I love to play tag with my dogs too, but they probably aren’t as good at it as Oreo! 😉 My favorite song rn is, every good song I know. I can never choose a favorite! 😂 That sign off is awesome, lol, very creative.😄

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