Happy Birthday, Sana!!🥳💝

Hi Oreos!! Today is my irl best friend’s birthday!!!🥳🥳

Happy Birthday BeS FreN! we’ve been together literally all out lives and I love you so much!! I wish we could meet each other more often, even if we live 2 seconds away😂 I hope you liked the edit I made of you!😉 and the present too!

I remember when we had that crazy adventure with simba and fluffy,(the cats who we found at the back of your house, and chased around all day after which ran away, in case you forgot😂) and when we switched our ID cards and school bags at school 🤣 ooh, and when we created our own “signature” sandwich😉😋 also that we always have matching lunch bags 👏😂

AND, when we film videos on your tablet at the end of each year so we can watch them the next time we make more videos💗 even if those are deleted now, I’ll always remember that!🥺👯‍♀️

Those are AMAZWESOME memories i would never forget!!

you’re such a fun, silly and crazy person to be around and I’m so glad to have you as my partner in crime😏😏

I hope you enjoy your teen years and have the bestest day ever!! 🥰🥳 YAY!

P.S. I really hope you create a blog on WordPress! it would be so much fun💕😀

27 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Sana!!🥳💝

    1. Thqnk you!! I was actually going to do 365 notes, but I figured that would take really long, so I did how much ever I could fit into the jar, which was 60. It took around an hour, but it was worth it!
      Thanks from Sana 😊

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