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hi Oreos!🥳
(not feeling like doing an intro today, let’s move on~)

First off, just letting you know that this is NOT my own idea, I’ve seen bloggers do this, and it’s been at the bottom of my never-ending blog post ideas list😂

I recently came across (okay, not recently, but last year) a post on Emmie’s blog where she shared her favourite youtubers, so I was like “hey that’s a really good idea for a post!” So here I am.😇

(thank you Emmie!😆)

*comes back a week later* oh, hi. i’ll…write this post now..

~all of the images are linked to the respective YT channels.

Moriah Elizabeth

I’m pretty sure a lot of you know Moriah Elizabeth. She mostly posts Artsy content, squishy makeovers, painting on things etc. Moriah has a really awesome personality, and her videos are so funny and entertaining to watch! She’s my favourite youtuber, and I totally recommend her channel!

Tucker Budzyn

I watch a LOT of dog channels on Youtube, and this one, without question, is the best one out there! (in my opinion😜) The videos from this channel are really funny and I love watching them!! Tucker is also reallyy adorable.

Liam Thompson

I recently came across this channel, when I was watching dog videos, and I’m so glad I did because Liam’s videos are so fun to watch! This is like, the channel with the most creative ideas ever.😝 I mostly watch the dog videos, but the other ones are great as well!!

My Mountain Husky

Did I say I’m subscribed to a ton of dog channels? well, this one is of 2 really cute huskies called Sky and Kakoa! Their content is really funny, entertaining to watch 😛

The Dodo

This channel is also an animal channel, but this one is kinda different. they post videos of animal rescues, adoptions and stuff like that, their content is really heart warming and I definitely suggest you check it out! 😀


I love watching Wengie’s videos! she mostly posts life hacks, DIYS, and creative stuff like that. She also does some videos of her cats, boomba and coco 😉

Nino’s Home

Nino’s home is a cooking channel, I haven’t really followed tutorials, I mostly just watch for fun :3 Nino also has 2 really adorable cats :3

That took a while. Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed 😛

weeelll, speaking of YouTube channels, i started one for my puppy-Oreo, last week! Please check it out😛

here’s the latest video:

We’re currently on a posting break, I’ll start posting again when he’s just a tiny bit older😜

or maybe not, i’ll see if i can post again this week😆🤷‍♀️

Who are some of your favourite youtubers? Let me know in the comments below!

Have a great day!

59 thoughts on “🌸MY FAVOURiTE YOUTUBERS🌸

  1. What a good post idea! You have such a fun taste in YouTube channels! I can definitely see you are a dog lover! 😍 I will follow Oreo’s Youtube channel, he is such a sweetheart!
    I love Liam Thompson’s Youtube channel! Sometimes I watch him so much I start developing a New Zealand accent! 😂😅

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  2. Oh, wow! This post was so cool! I recommend Love2DrawManga, she draws SO nicely, and her videos are really soothing to watch! I’m gonna sub to Oreo’s channel! It’s amazing how such a small dog can edit those videos so well! 🤔😜😂🐶

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  3. Ayyy great list Evin! Aw YES watching dog videos is so fun 😍 I love watching the CrazyRussianHacker’s videos with his dogs (he has three Alaskan Malamutes!), and the Hope for Paws dog rescue videos are incredible too. I totally recommend both of those!

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  4. That was an awesome list! My sister watches Tucker Budzyn and My Mountain Husky, and I watch the Dodo too! I think that channel has a lot of interesting things on it. One channel I really like as well is Parker Games, he’s like a gaming comedian. He’s so funny! You have a channel now? That’s SO COOL! I’m checking it out right now!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Chloe!
      yeah! i’ll check out parker games 😀
      Yeah! i actually used to have multiple channels, but they weren’t working out so i stopped posting, but now i’m back! xD

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  5. Oh my gosh I just realized Oreo Chan’s birthday is the day before my pup’s! Also, send my love and comfort your way. I’m glad you’re all doing good. <33

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Her name’s Tilly. my mom’s grandpa’s nickname for her was Teal, and my dad wanted to add an “ee” to the end, so yeah! Oreo’s a cute name too! Love it!!

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  6. DOGGIE VIDEOS ARE THE BEST!! The only cooking channel I watch is Rosanna Pansino…..
    Hmm 🤥 I’ve been on a phrase where I just watched one channel! I watch Sis vs Bro, Rebecca Zamolo (a lot) 😁
    Great post Evin!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. ikr? oh, yeah i’ve watched like 2 of her videos and they’re pretty cool! xD
      I forgot to mention Sis vs Bro but tbh i don’t really like they’re content anymore, it used to be fun and entertaining.😪🤷‍♀️
      Thanks Kaycee!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Totes. Ah, I watch her videos everyday, and it was her dogs b’day yesterday!! Xb
        Haha, yeah hate kind of sad. But o still watch them! Yeah, and Karina shaved her head 😨 she actually looks pretty cool!
        No prob Evin!

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  7. Aww I so want to try this post idea now too, so fun and creative!! Loved hearing all of your favorite YouTubers and awww I wish you the best with making Oreo’s channel!!
    Awesome post!
    -kaelyn 😛

    Liked by 2 people

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