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I GOT BRACES?! // 1 week of having braces.

Hewwo Oreos!! Tis’ me, your favourite blogger!😇 (only kidding, i wanted something new for my intro, but we won’t be using that ever again. no promises.😅)

SO. Last week’s post doesn’t actually count as an actual post, because it’s a RE-POST of 2 things I’ve already posted on my blog, but not as separate posts. Here’s a SURPRISE post to make up for that!! hehehe. 😏

(i have way too many posts to publish so I’ve changed my schedule, look in my tagline.

I still have like 5 drafts I need to write cz the only thing I’ve written is the title-

ANYWAYS, Onto today’s post.

I got BRACES last week, (on both upper and lower teeth, if that is what you call them) and here is how my life went for a week with them.😝 (I got then bc my teeth were crowding and I wanted them to be aligned or smth idk.😅) and I’ll have to wear them for the rest of this year, or longer..

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not my image

Day 1 (Getting Braces)

I was SO nervous, but it actually wasn’t scary/painful at all. Well, it took SO long to get them😬 after I was done, I felt like I had something stuffed in my mouth and I couldn’t even close my mouth. But, it did get better later. My mouth didn’t hurt the first day, but I still felt really uncomfortable with metal in my mouth. I couldn’t eat lunch, I just put the food in my mouth and swallowed.

Day 2

This day was probably one of the worst days, bc my whole face hurt, and I couldn’t chew anything. I could only have soup for the day and i was fine with that but my mouth hurt SO bad.

Day 3

Today was just as bad as yesterday, my mouth kept hurting😢 there is a tip though, if you drink something really cold, it gets a bit better for like, a few mins, then it starts to hurt again😂 Oh, and today was also the day I found oreos in a cupboard and I was really sad I couldn’t eat them, BUT THEN I realised I could just dunk them in water and eat them! (no i don’t eat milk with oreos, water only😌~)

Day 4

It’s weird bc my teeth don’t hurt at all today, and I’m getting used to braces, I can eat normally and yeah, it’s been a GoOd DaY.

Day 5

(today is the last day of week 1, even if a week has 7 days.) I’m getting used to braces, and they don’t really hurt anymore😃

The first 3 days are the worst, then it gets better.😄

Thanks for reading!! I’ll see you next time on A Curly Sue’s Ramblings

58 thoughts on “I GOT BRACES?! // 1 week of having braces.

  1. I can’t imagine how painful it would be to get braces but I’m glad it gets better after few days of getting them! I hope you don’t have in talking with them or removing them…

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  2. Gone through it…. The thing with braces is, after a few days, you get very very comfortable with it. But retainers are the worst! Braces are nothing compared to it. It’s painful, and as you can take it out whenever, it will be very tempting. But when you get retainers, NEVER take it out, except when necessary!!! I hope it’s over for you soon!

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  3. I always think it’s REALLY helpful to have cold foods and drinks when I have a sore throat! 😌 I’m glad you found the same to be (temporarily) true for you with braces!
    I’m gonna need braces eventually 😬 BUT having a more comfortable mouth and not biting my tongue 🤣 is going to be SO worth it!
    I wish you the best with your braces Evin! 🙌

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  4. I feel u. A quick tip: When you get them adjusted, pop a piece of sugar-free gum (which is much less sticky) in your mouth the moment you can. It will hurt less if you get the blood flowing. Trust me. Also, you can NOT forget to brush for two minutes. Just… no-no. It’s super tempting but it will not look great when they come off. Just saying. (Also u think just braces are bad, wait for rubber bands. Those get tricky. And then you may have an expander or space maintainer, headgear, spacers, and maybe even springs. Trust me, it all hurts. And some of it makes you drool cuz your body wants to soften and swallow anything that’s in your mouth that isn’t natural. XD XD XD)

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  5. Oooh girl! It gets better, I promise! It is SO worth it in the end! 🤎 For me it didn’t hurt much even when they tightened them…maybe you’ll be the same! 🤞🏻 Also, getting them off is so satisfyingly, you won’t recognize yourself. 😁

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  6. Ahhhh I used to have braces too and I got them off like a year ago so I feel your pain!!! Braces suck a lot at first (especially when you get them tightened yikes) but afterward it gets a bit easier and they’re sooo worth it at the enddd. Something super important is flossing, by the way, don’t forget to floss or you’ll regret it lol.

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  7. Ah, yeah, I had braces a little while ago. Thankfully, because it was around the time that my family was moving, the orthodontics actually rushed the whole process so I didn’t have to have them on for years. =)

    But I feel for you. I hope your mouth will start feeling better soon. *hugs* How long do you have to have braces for?


  8. Hey Evin! I got braces on last year, and so I feel your pain! Don’t worry, it gets better with time. At least you don’t need them on for three or more years like me!! It’s okay though 😉

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  9. Lucky you! I had braces too and paid for them myself because the dentist told me if I didn’t get them I wouldn’t have a tooth left by the time I was 30. That scared me. My parents were immigrants who didn’t understand. I got a job and managed it.
    Well, I’m now in my 80’s and have never lost a tooth!!! I have every tooth I was ever meant to have. Congrats. Thank your parents. All the best,

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