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Blogger Shout-outs ~ January 2021🌈

Hello Oreos! What’s good?😝

I completely forgot about Blogger shouts of the month, that’s why this post is delayed😬

I found a lot of new blogs and met a lot of bloggers last month, and here are some of the blogs I loved reading in January 2021!🥳🌈 (and some of them are suggested by Maggie @ Maggie’s doodles. thanks!)

Be sure to check out the other parts in this series to find new blogs to follow!! 😃

here we go!




Mia @ Windows to Mia

Pavithra @ Small Talks

Ancine – Simply Ancine

Stella @ Bites of Better

Keziah E

Hiddenzzzzz Blog

The blog that must not be named

Congrats to everyone on the list!!

(Please don’t feel sad if you aren’t, and if you want me to check out your blog, say so and add a link to your blog in the comments!)

 YOU can email me your favorite bloggers a week before the end of that month, so I can include them in this series! You can send me the links of 1-2 bloggers since only 10 will be included in each post. if I get a lot, maybe 15. (I won’t be giving out my email here, you can email me through my contact page)

And thanks for reading!!

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