💭 10 ᴏꜰ ᴍʏ ᴜɴᴘᴏᴘᴜʟᴀʀ ᴏᴘɪɴɪᴏɴꜱ 💭

trapeze hi
I’m running out of bitmojis to use for the intro-


Last year, I came across a blog post by one of my blogger friends – Elle (@ Unpopular Opinions) in which she wrote about 20 of her unpopular opinions, and it was really 𝓲𝓷𝓽𝓮𝓻𝓮𝓼𝓽𝓲𝓷𝓰 to read, so I thought I’d do my own take on this😄

Elle’s blog – Unpopular Opinions is a really great blog, and it’s definitely worth giving a read (and following!) so be sure to do that😉

anyways, onto today’s post. (itz going to be shorter than y0u.)


~10 ~ of~ my~ unpopular~ opinions~

I made a couple of these up, and I found a lot of these from google, so I’m adding in the ones I agree with😇

  1. Pineapple does NOT belong on pizza
  2. BTS’s music is overrated
  3. PB & J sandwiches are gross-
  4. Being “childish” ain’t a bad thing.
  5. Reading is just as addicting as watching Netflix
  6. Pickles are actually really good.
  7. syrup doesn’t belong on pancake/waffles.
  8. Marshmallows in Hot chocolate is just so disgusting
  9. sChoool iS fUn
  10.  Just because a person enjoys reading doesn’t mean they enjoy reading EVERYTHING and ANYTHING.

*ahem* I hope I didn’t offend anyone.

oh, and if you’re a bts army, don’t come at me cz I’m a fan too-

just sharing my opinions here.

Let me know which ones you agree/sort of agree/disagree with in the comments!!

let’s just ignore that change of bitmoji,.

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79 thoughts on “💭 10 ᴏꜰ ᴍʏ ᴜɴᴘᴏᴘᴜʟᴀʀ ᴏᴘɪɴɪᴏɴꜱ 💭

  1. 1. Agreed. I hv nvr seen pineapple on pizza though.
    2. Oh. No. I. Disagree. But I am really glad to know that you are an army too!! (I think their lyrics are very meaningful even though it’s in Korean).
    3. _________
    4. Well, I get irritated when I see some grown up girls in my class act childish. Disagree.
    5 . Id have Netflix so can’t say.
    6. Agreed
    7. Disagree.
    8. Might be shocking but I haven’t eaten marshmallows……
    9. 💯 agreed.
    10. 💯 💯 agreed.

    First comment here! Nice to meet you!

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  2. I agree with every single one of them. But…..Pineapple on Pizza? I literally…just..I enjoy it so much.

    But I guess that’s why it’s unpopular?

    (Oh btw, my friends think I’m krayzee to have pineapples on my pizza 😂. So I guess it shouldn’t be a huge suprise.)

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  3. Pineapple on pizza is so good!!!! It’s my favorite pizza topping 😂😂
    Pickles are so good as well!
    Btw, i’m catching up on posts from the last 2 weeks since i’ve been on vacation sry i’m late in some posts 😂

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  4. Omigosh Evin this is such a cool\fun post!!! Ok I’m gonna answer all of your opinions 😁😂

    1. I Thought pineapples on a pizza was disgusting but once I tried it is was really gooood
    2. Yes yes and yes
    3. IKR! They are so gross.
    4. I can sorta agree.
    5. HmMmMm idk about this one.
    6. Pickles are SO GOOD
    7. YES I hate syrup with anything. I actually have only met a few people who agree with me *highfive*
    8. I like marshmallows in hot chocolate. It’s not AMAZING but I think it’s good.
    9. School can be fun SoMeTiMeS.

    I had fun doing this 🤣😂 I think most things I agreed with you on! Have an AmAzInG day!

    -Maddie 💗✨

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  5. ALRIGHT Miss.Sparkell 😉 let’s see if I agree with any of your opinions!
    1. Ok I disagree, because I love pineapple on pizza, but many people don’t so I understand haha
    2. I’m not the only one! *super relieved*
    3. Aww that’s too bad. I think they be tasty
    4. AGREED! Being fun-loving, light-hearted, and liking fun things is something that age should subtract from 😀
    5. AGREED. books are so easy to get lost in
    6. Eh. Depends on the meal, but I don’t usually like them
    7. WHAT?! I love syrup on both XD
    8. Aww really??? they so tasty! (yeah the texture is a bit weird…)
    9. I’m a high school graduate now lol but I did love school when I was doing it!
    10. AbsaLUTEly! I’m quite a picky reader lol
    This was a fun post! 😀

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  6. Ok, first of all, how could you not like pineapple on pizza?!?! I do agree that BTS’s music is overrated and to be honest, I only like watching videos of them speak English and seeing how far they’ve come (in terms of learning the language). But come on, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are the best!!!! Nah, it’s fine, we all have our opinions and that’s cool! Great post and sounds like a fun idea to do!

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      1. Yeah and I tell everyone this, but if we were all the same, then life would be boring. I heard a great cover of “Fake Love” about two years ago. Other than that, not a big fan haha. Yeah! Thanks for sharing your opinions with us!

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      2. Yeah! I like “She Looks So Perfect” by 5SOS, but that’s all I really like by them. You know before the Backstreet Boys, I didn’t even know that boybands could last longer than five years!

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  7. Haha, love these opinions. They’re quite hilarious! Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure you haven’t offended anyone with them. Well, here are my opinions on your opinions (aka opinion-ception):

    #1. Kinda neutral towards it, cause I can’t remember whether I ate pineapple pizza or not 😅😂
    #2. Agree, but some songs are unfortunately catchy
    #3. …………..
    #4. Disagree, cause sometimes it’s annoying.
    #5. Yes! Even though I’m stuck reading fanfiction 🤣🤣
    #6. Achaar is the best! Especially with curd rice or chapati
    #7. Disagree, cause chocolate syrup + whipped cream on pancakes/waffles is godly (from a chocoholic’s perspective)
    #8. Um……idk about this one.
    #9. Enjoy school life while it lasts, kids! College life is hell 😭
    #10. Yes, yes and yes!

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    1. Thanks!!🤗 Welp, that’s good 🙈

      Thanks for taking time to write this!! Chocolate syrup is SO GOOD, don’t get me wrong. I’m talking about the…non chocolate syrups😂 like when people literally pour a JUG of honey 🤦🤦

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      1. Anytime! 😄
        Oh…….those kind of syrups. I didn’t know people poured honey on pancakes/waffles. I can understand for cereals, but not on this!
        I personally never liked maple syrup on either of them. Do you like maple syrup?

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  8. Hey, I’m sorry for asking you even after you told you are an army. But why do you think BTS is overrated, again? Just asking!


  9. Yeah, I know. I have seen it on Google too. Their songs maynot be awesome all the time, but people like them for their variety shows like run bts, bon voyage etc(you must have seen it🤔) Hey, yeah it’s ok. That feeling is mutual 🤗(the no hate 1) I was just wondering that’s it.

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  10. See, I agreed with you until you until you said syrup doesnt belong on pancakes. I mean waffles I get, but pancakes! Don’t know what you were thinking there! 😅 But I guess that u


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