Cooking w/Curly Sue

COOKiNG w/ CUrLy SuE Pt.2 ~ 3 min mac ‘n cheese

Heyyyyyyy Frens ~ Itz Evin 😆

I’m FiNALLY DoiNG CWCS (wot) Part 2 !!

at least pretend you’re excited?

Check out the first part HERE!! where I made Caramel custard🍮

ANYWAYS, I watch this channel called “Tasty” on YouTube, and they make a lot of awesome food. xD I came across THIS video.

and it iNsPirEd me to write this post😛

but why would I be doing this when there’s this video with the same recipe?

because i need to write a post and my mac ‘n cheese is slightly different.

no, don’t watch it yet, I’m not done. Today we’ll be doing…….

The 3 min mac ‘n cheese!!(it takes atleast 10 minutes to make, but we put 3 mins for click bait.)

because it’s easy, DELISH, and literally the PERFECT recipe for lazy people like me. and this also is great if your parents don’t let you use the stove. xD

So let’s get started!!!

aight, here are the stuff you need:

  • a MUG (or a bowl)
  • Pasta. half of the mug (fusili, elbow pasta, whatever will work)
  • Milk – a splash of it
  • shredded cheese (go crazy and add loads of you wanna 😉 )
  • salt (3 – 5 pinches should work)
  • seasonings (optional)

who uses measurements anyways? I don’t.

once you make this once, you don’t need the measurements.

This is the process ~

(I’ve added more images than last time)

so, here’s the mug I’m using

Now you’re gonna fill half of it with pasta. I’m using fusilli. Then, add water.

microwave for 4 mins with intervals every 30 secs.

and don’t forget to stop it at 1 sec, or your microwave will go AEH AEH AEH 😂😂

After 4 mins, your pasta will be super soft, and well done.

so, the longest part is done. the next part is basically throwing in cheese, required milk and banging it in the microwave for 1 more minute.

you do exactly that. take it out every 30 secs, then give it a good stir. I didn’t take a picture till it was done, cz it looked like a GlOoPy MesS.

AND YOU’RE DONE!!! add salt and/or pepper, and maybe some seasoning😄 I added oregano seasoning, and here is how it turned out!!

It looks really sauce-y, and DELISHH!! 🤤 The last step is to eat up the whole thing😆🤤

I’m having it rn while I’m typing this post, and it’s SO YUMMY! It did get a bit dry, but it tastes fine.

That’s how you make mac ‘n cheese in a mug!! I hope you enjoyed reading!!!

Check out the first part HERE!! where I made Caramel custard🍮

Let me know if you’re gonna try this 😁


41 thoughts on “COOKiNG w/ CUrLy SuE Pt.2 ~ 3 min mac ‘n cheese

  1. “or your microwave will go AEH AEH AEH”
    Ah yes Evin I agree the microwave goes AEH AEH AEH
    Cool post!! The pasta looks really good.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello Evin!! Yummy post. I love food blogging and vlogging. You have done a great job. I love watching a YT channel called “Your Food Lab”. The way they film their videos is very satisfying, it increases my appetite like therapy.😁 I found this video they made on Mac n cheese. And they actually made Mac n cheese on Eggizza!😙 Here it is :

    You most certainly won’t regret watching it.
    And I couldn’t check out my blogger friends’ new posts for past few weeks. I wish to catch up soon.😅


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