A CrAzY Cat Adventure

This story includes two cats, loads of scratching and…well...catastrophic adventures.😂

I was about to get started on writing my Q&A blog post, but then THIS happened. and here I am.

Like I said, as I was just about to work on a post, my friend (Sanna) called me. she said there were two adorable cats who was just chillin out in the back of her house. 😍🐈

So i went over – and there were 2 REALLY adorable cats!!! They didn’t run away when they saw me, and they were very friendly. they even let me hold them!!! So my best friend and I were taking pictures, and…playing with the cats. or kittens. 😀

Sanna said she’d let me take home one of the kittens, because she couldn’t take care of both and…i wanted to take one home too.😆 it was all going well until one of the kittens escaped me and ran upstairs. It was so fast, I couldn’t keep up. (even though I’m pretty fast)😩

It went under a bed inside the bedroom, and it took so long to get it to come out of there. but it did, eventually. I got a hold of the kitten (His name’s simba now) Simba kept scratching my arm so i had to let go. he ran downstairs to Fluffy. (the other kitten is fluffy) 😑🤪

BUT, the thing was that…..FLUFFY WASN’T THERE.😱 she escaped. we thought she wasn’t gonna come back and we were so upset. (why are cats like dis?) BUT we then found out that one of our neighbours saw fluffy run into their house. just as we were asking about fluffy, she came running at us. 😮

*insert shocked bitmoji here*

i picked up fluffy and we put her to sleep. somehow. Simba didn’t like me a lot. she scratched me SO many times.

so..yeah. they both fell asleep.

after a while, I took Simba home. my grandma tried to keep him inside the house, but he wouldn’t stay. he ran outside🙃(that’s what i heard) We got a house for fluffy to be in, just as we were letting fluffy inside, SIMBA CAME RUNNING. 👁️👄👁️ (they’re like family and they couldn’t stay in different places.)

But Sanna said she can’t have both of them, so i took simba back home. 🐈

when i came back, fluffy wasn’t in her home. she escaped. again. I was so tired from chasing them and running across the road so many times. 😖

Sanna said she can’t keep Fluffy because she kept running away, and since they couldn’t stay in different places, I took them both home. 😃✨

We had a lil photoshoot ✨😂 then both of them fell asleep again.

Simba has his hand over fluffy 😍🥺

Then, I had to let them out because they kept scratching the door. That’s when it all went wrong.

I couldn’t get them, they went from house go house, and I can’t just barge into people’s houses 😂

so..i let them go.

I went over to Sanna’s and we both made a sandwich which took about an hour.

THEN, We heard that someone had taken Fluffy and Simba. I don’t know who, bu they just took them.

It seems that they said it was their cats. But I totally don’t think so. The cats were strays.

Of course, I was really sad for a long while. But while I’m writing this, I’ve kinda gotten over it. Atleast I got to spend a whole day with them!😃

a small part of me is hoping that I’ll get to see them again, but if not..then..well, that’s okay i guess.

I don’t know why the person who took the cats would do that. They didn’t even tell us.


My grandma holding the kittens

thank you for reading 😃❤️

See ya later!

55 thoughts on “A CrAzY Cat Adventure

      1. The mother of the cat was also stranded cats and just happened to live outside our house. We have a shed so we just let it stay and give it some milk or fish bones or something. A few weeks later, right before I went to school, my dad told me that it had 8 kittens where one died right after birth. Hence, the 7 survived and grew up at our place!

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  1. I am normally not a cat person but those to kitties are…..


    I’m so sorry you lost them but I’m sure faate will bring them back to you, (hopefully without scratches)

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  2. Aww 😍 They are SO cute! I’m more of a dog person, but I will never stop loving cats 😻
    That is an awesome ‘adventure’, and I wish you could have kept the cats.


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