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LTBL Blog tour + Launch!! // Collab w/Lrose5🥳

ooh look! a new bitmoji!

Hey Everybody!! Do I have something EXCITING to tell you✨

Welcome or welcome back to my blog! I’m Evin- thanks for coming here!🎉😃

TA-DAY I have some EXCITING news. 🎉

(What do I say next? I’m really bad at intros AHH. So I say nothing- yep. Okay then)

I talk to myself a lot. But for the announcement:

BUT before that, Here’s the song of the post:

Okay, now here I go!

There’s a NEW BLOG in the blogosphere!!! and guess what? It’s COLLABORATIVE! that’s right, its a place where a force of your favorite bloggers come together to give you tips, tricks and advice on Blogging, Graphic designing and so much more!

and the best part? You could be a part of it too!!

I know you’re dying to know what “LTBL” stands for… and it is…


Blog button designed by yours truly.

This is a blogging project started by Maggie and here’s a brief intro! (Provided by Maggie)

Living the Blogging Life is a collaborative blogging advice platform – a place where bloggers from all age groups, niches, and blog backgrounds are invited to contribute and write about their experiences!

The purpose of the LTBL Blog Launch Tour is to allow the ten bloggers on the website’s team to announce the website on their respective blogsTo learn more about the website, check out their posts over the course of this week – it’s going to be awesome!

In our starter team of 10 bloggers, we have…

Maggie , Me , Lrose5 , D , Srisha , Brin , Diamond , Selina , Lizzie and Kaelyn!!

Please check out our team page to learn more about the members!

I’m so excited to do this with all of you!!!

oh, and here’s the blog tour schedule: (with the blog links so you can follow along!)

There are quite a few posts published there now, don’t forget to check out every one!

So LROSE5 and I are doing a collab!!! I know this is not how a typical blog tour works, but we put our own spin on it!

We teamed up in pairs- and we’re doing collabs related to LTBL on our blogs! Be sure to follow the ones you haven’t already so you don’t miss the tour! (Some of the blogs are private, you might have to request access)

This is my SECOND collab with Lrose5!!!! ✨

(You can read the first one here!)

What are we doing for the collab?

This idea was suggested by Diamond! Lrose5 and I will be RECREATING one of our Featured images,blog button and one of our design orders in each others’ designing styles! We make OUR designs look like the other person designed it! there will also be a short description of why we chose certain illustrations, layouts etc.

This is going to be so much fun!!! (Since graphic designing is a category in LTBL and we have a free collaborative design service, we thought we’d do something related to that!) So we’re basically, just copying each other’s designing style😂😂 If you don’t get what I’m saying, just read on…

My designs will be on Lrose5’s blog and her’s here! Let’s get into it!

The parts in bold are mine, the normal ones are Lrose5’s.

Graphic #1 – Blog Button

Lrose5 made her Blog button look I designed it, and here’s the original one (left), and what she made!(right)

“I went to Evin’s blog button page. I did a thin gold wreath around my button and choose a curly font since her’s was curly. I did a bold normal font since that was kinda what she did!!”

Ooh it looks pretty accurate! Although I wouldn’t have chosen that golden circle border because it looks a bit too plain?

Graphic #2 – Design order

Lrose5 and I have our own FREE design services! You can check out her’s over here . We thought doing one of our orders would be fun! This one is an order of a Sidebar image quote graphic.

I choose this graphic because I saw that Evin likes using little circle frames around some of her designs!! I used the swirly for the quote and the other font for the writer of the quote because I think that she uses swirly fonts for the main body of text and normal fonts for little extra words.

I would’ve used flowers in this, for some unknown reason😂 but not that wreath, I just feel like the colors are dull. I really like that font! Even if it is a tad bit swirly.But overall, this looks pretty good!. (I’m trying to be honest here okay?)

Graphic #3 – Featured image

We recreated one of our featured images and here is Lrose5’s Original one (top) and the recreation (below)

I choose this one because I saw that Evin likes using pastel colors in some of her designs. I added the, “what happened this week?” because Evin sometimes does little extra phrases/ sentences in her featured images.

Yess this looks like something I would do! BUT I wouldn’t have included that holo circle.and maybe not those illustrations😜 You are right about the phrases and the pastel colors!! Great job😉👏🏻

And that is it for this collab! I really enjoyed doing it😜🥳🥳

Be sure to follow Living the Blogging Life – we post every other day!

Thank YOU✨ for reading!!! I hope you liked this collab! Don’t forget to check out all the other tour stops! Missed the previous posts?

No worries! here they are:

  1. Maggie – Introduction + goals for LTBL
  2. D – Virtual Tour of LTBL
  3. Diamond – Swirl’s Blogging Slump ~ LTBL Blog Tour
  4. Kaelyn – A Conversation with Swirl~ft. Merci and LTBL

and….. I’ll see you tomorrow! (probably..)

Click HERE to read Lrose5’s post!!

take it easy

~The Curly Sue🌸

36 thoughts on “LTBL Blog tour + Launch!! // Collab w/Lrose5🥳

  1. WOW I love how this turned out guys!!! 😀 ❤ ❤ I still need to read Lrose5's post lol (which I'll be doing next), but it was so cool to see her recreate your style! I can't wait to see what you made Evin! 😀

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  2. This is so awesome!!🎊 I’m sorry for reading this so late though!! But congrats!! 🥳This is a fantastic idea!!😍 Lrose did an awesome job!! 🤗I love how honest you were Evin!!😊
    Love, Amy

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