“Would you rather” Collab with BriN!!

what’s up?

TODAY I’M DOING A COLLAB!! with BriN @ Central City Girl!!! Brin is such a great friend and I always love chatting with her!! her blog is AMAZING and is very popular too 😀 be sure to check out her blog and follow, coz you don’t want to miss out. DO YOU?

We have been discussing this collab for quite a long while and we’re finally doing it!! And we’re gonna be playing.. “Would you rather” BLOGGING VERSION!✨🎉🤩 I’m really excited to do this!!!

We asked each other 10 Would You Rather questions, and we’re gonna be posting the answers on each other’s blogs! So here are my questions and Brin’s answers😜


  • I changed the theme!

That’s right- its a whole makeover when there’s a theme change😂😂 no, jk. Anyways, This didn’t take a lot of time until I found THE PERFECT ONE.

  • I now have a static layout!

Which means I have a different homepage now- for quick access to my posts!

  • Menu

I’ve updated my menu. It took HOURS. Shout-out to Introverted Thoughts for helping me out!! (she was SO SO helpful. ❤ ) I have dropdown menus and some new ones as well! be sure to visit EVERY SINGLE ONE.

  • Blog Button!

YESSS I wasn’t really happy with my button, so I made a new one!

Please update my button if you’ve swapped with me!! And that is it! let me know your feedback in the comments.

over to Brin:

Hiya people! So for a change, instead of rambling on my blog, I decided to ramble on Evin’s blog! 🤩😎🙆‍♀️ (I can hear you slapping your foreheads🤪)

So here’s my host Evin taking me through the game, “Would You Rather..?” (I’ve always loved this game so much since I was a child😂) And the theme is: BLOGGING! *Gets ready to answer*

My Questions + Brin’s Answers:

1.Would you rather read a blog or write your own ? 

😅This really varies from moment to moment. Right now I’m all about reading my favourite blogs and catching up!🤗 (Though I’m often the talking type)

2.Would you rather blog about what’s popular or blog about what interests you ?

Blog about what interests me! There are loads of popular blog series I haven’t gotten into because I can’t talk about something that I dont believe in/doesn’t catch my eye. 😬🙅‍♀️

3. Would you rather have more followers or blog readers?

I’d rather have more readers on my blog, on any day!😁

4.Would you rather have your blog designed for free or have a premium theme for free?

I’d rather have a premium theme than let my blog become someone else’s idea!🖖

5. Would you rather go on a 5 month hiatus or post everyday for 5 months?

5 month hiatus sounds easier?😂

6. Would you rather use only images or only gifs in your blog?

Only images sound better? GIFs sometimes take forever to load *idea backfires*😑🤷‍♀️

7.Would you rather have a self hosted site with a customized theme, or just have a custom domain with a wordpress  theme?

I’d rather go self-hosted with a customised theme because I’d love to have my site be unique and mine💁‍♀️💃

8. Say, you’re offline. Would you rather write your post in a notebook or type it in a Word Doc.?

Type it in my Notes app! Believe it or not, I’ve never had a blogging notebook or written any post down (yet?) 🤔😅🖖

9.Would you rather get no comments on a post you spent a long time writing or get 1000 views on post you’re embarrassed of?

Oh the first one would give me a heartache! 💔🥺 I guess I can handle the embarrassment? 🙄😛😎 (I’m embarrassed of most of my posts anyway😂🤦‍♀️)

10.Would you rather not blog for a year or have someone else manage your blog?

😐 That’s hard. I guess I’d have someone else manage it for me, meanwhile?🥺 I just faced the perils of getting “back” into blogging so I’m not in the mood for that again😂

That was all! I loved your answers, Brin😜😂🤗

I hope you enjoyed this collab! Be sure to check out Brin’s Blog for her questions and my answers to them!!

(Thanks again for agreeing to collab with mee!!😜🤗 I hope to do more collabs in the future.)


I’m playing this same game on BriN’s Blog! Check it out here!!

Thank YOU✨ for reading!

What do you think about the blog revamp? Do you relate to any of the answers? What kind of posts would you like to see next? Do you follow Brin? (if not, then go do that right now!)

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