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Mini book reviews + recs pt.1! (middle-grade books)


  1. Harry Potter

Well of course this is the first book series I mention- it’s the best one and my favorite of ALL TIME! Everything is amazing about this series. I’m so close to finishing the whole series! I’ve re-read the chamber of secrets, prisoner of azkaban, goblet of fire and the cursed child 😀

2. Dork Dairies

This is my second favorite series. I started reading the first book when I was like 9? I found it in my sister’s bookshelf hehe. I absolutely LOVE how funny this book is, and the illustrations are amazing!! I’ve completed the whole series.

3. Tom gates

Tom gates is also very funny- there are doodles ALL OVER THE BOOK! like seriously- you can’t find a single page without at least 3 doodles in it. I got inspired to doodle after reading some of the books in this series and I was actually pretty good! the story-line of the books are amazing and I really recommend this series! My friends and I re-created a book cover! it turned out really good- but I can’t find the notebook. 🙄

4. Thea Stilton

I LOVE this series! there are sooo many books in this and I think I’ve read most of them and re-read them too! Every book is a mystery- with comedy and friendship! I also really like how these books can teach you a lot- both on friendship and things related to the mystery that you’re reading. An amazing series that you should check out. here are a few of the books:

5. Geronimo Stilton

This is linked to the Thea Stilton Series- Thea and Geronimo are siblings. I like Thea Stilton more, but this series was/is SO popular at my school. Every single person in my class has read this. It’s very funny, the illustrations are fantastic and the special editions are AMAZING as well. there are various other series like Creepela Von Cackle-fur and Cave mice, Geronimo in space and lots more.

6. Diary of a Wimpy kid

This is a Guilty-pleasure read haha. I did not like this series when I first read it. it just seemed boring and dull in some way. then I read it again and It was actually very funny! I’ve read almost all the books and I can’t wait to finish the whole series!!

7. The Mis-adventures of Max Crumbly

This is written by the author of Dork dairies- Nikki and Max are friends. This is so similar- except that the main character is a boy. I love this series- its hilarious and there’s RAPS included in it. not that I like raps lol. again- it was quite boring but I LOVED it at the end. I ended up finishing the whole series in 2 days.

And I did 7 mini book reviews right there. stay tuned for part 2! and maybe even a part 3!! I’M GETTING THE FIRST PART OF KOTLC!! and that’s a book series.

so stay tuned for a book review as well. see ya later!! Bye oreos!!! ❤

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Note: Images from this post are sourced from Google. This post was written when I only read books below my reading level

77 thoughts on “Mini book reviews + recs pt.1! (middle-grade books)

  1. I love the hair flip! Haha you really did well managing to read 40 books in just 2 months! Congratulations Evin! I watched all Harry Potter movies but haven’t read any of them (I know books are better buttt…) because thick books make me a bit dizzy. Haha Thanks for sharing this, Evin! Cheers!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. haha Thank you so much!!
      Ooh okay! you should read them sometime! I just finished reading the biggest book 3 months ago- and it did make me dizzy XD
      you’re welcome and thanks for reading! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. shannon better make sokeefe happen or i will personally visit her and threaten her with a baguette and garlic butter
        (sorry Evin i’ll stop KOTLCing now)

        Liked by 2 people

      1. Yes! It is book, I only found out because at the beginning of any HTTYD show or movie it says it’s based on the books. I was thinking that I should do the reading thing where you have to read lots of books, sorry I thought it was a challenge

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ohh I’ll check it out then😀
        I get it now😂 There are some readathons you can sign up for… Online.. I think? I got a flyer from my school last year, so I signed up. I got eliminated by the second round😂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, this absolutely CAN’T be a coincidence 😱

    I’ve read all of em. Every. Single. One. Of. Em.

    And KOTLC is on its way😱😱😱

    Tho, I got the wrong one so had to return it 🙁

    But this CAN’T be a coincidence 😂😱

    Same books, same movies, same ________ , ; Did I know you, like, a million years ago? Maybe my previous life or somethin?😱

    Well, maybe it IS a coincidence 🤷

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  3. Awesome mini book-reviews, sis! And Thea Stilton and Geronimo Stilton are great books!! I have read almost all of them, as well as the fantasy, time travel, cave mice, space mice, and some of the mice kings ones!! 😀
    -kaelyn 😛

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