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The Avenue of Art- WINNERS!!!

Heyyy awesome person who came to look at mah blog!! I’m so happy you’ve come here!!! If you’re new, don’t forget to hit that follow button, so you never miss a post! or if you’re one my amazing blog friendsss OR a contestant of the AVENUE OF ART, you probably clicked on this post to see who won!!!!

Now, I know that intro was quite longer than usual, but hey, I wanted to try something different..?



I’ve had a blast collaborating and hosting these blog contests with Kaelyn! I’m so glad we decided to make it yearly too!! I’ve been getting A W E S O M E submissions all along- my fav part was probably sending out group emails!! Thank you for joining our contests! we hope you had an amazing time 😀 ❤

First off, here are all of the Avenue of Art participants and their age groups:

  1. Maggie – Group C
  2. Rebekkah – Group A 
  3. Shanessa – Group A
  4. Haley – Group B
  5. Lizzie Grace – Group A
  6. Janya- Group A
  7. Krisha- Group A
  8. Magaidh Bryan- Group C
  9. Jacie- Group A
  10. H.R Phoenix- Group B
  11. Xoxlucy- Group B
  12. Claire- Group A

and only some of you submitted for at least one week, here are people who didn’t submit ANYTHING:

  1. Magaidh Bryan
  2. H.R Phoenix
  3. Xoxlucy
  4. Claire

maybe you were busy, or maybe you forgot.. but either ways, it’s totally fine 🙂

now let’s take a look at the winners’ system and prizes!*again*


There will be 3 winners in each contest, and 1 winner from each age group. and they will win prizes! the participants will get print-ables and download-ables 🙂

The prizes: ANY DESIGN ELEMENT YOU NEED FROM FEATHERLIGHTS BLOG DESINGZ! & these badges to be displayed on your blog!

Printable bookmarks! (for participants too)

Downloadable desktop wallpapers! (for participants too)

I made them with Canva!

You also get a shout-out with your blog link AND a blog feature! (shout-outs for participants too, blog feature for winners 😀 )

and now…


be sure to check out Kaelyn’s blog to see if YOU won the summer of stories!


I know how annoying it is to scroll through a million dots. and there are 3 winners, 3 million is a lot so I only included like 15 dots.

you’re welcome.

The highest scorer of group A is






A HUGE round of applause for Janya! you will be placing! CONGRATULATIONS!!

and… the highest scorer of Group B is






CONGRATULATIONS Haley! you will be placing as well!! YAY!

finally, the highest scorer of Group C is










WAY TO GO MAGGIE! congratulations!! you’re in the top 3, which means you’ll be placing!!!

now.. please don’t feel sad if you aren’t in the top 3.. ALL OF YOUR SUBMISSIONS WERE AMAZING!!! now.. Janya, Haley and Maggie are in the top 3. BUT WHO WON?

that, you’ll know.. RIGHT NOW! ahhhhhhhh ready to see who won the whole contest?

with 60 points.. in third place is….













congratulations!! woo-hoo!! you won third place!! THAT’S amazing!! CONGRATULATIONSS!! YAYYAYAYAYYAYYYY!!!

WITH 65 points.. in second place is….











whoop-whoop!!! CONGRATS MAGGIE! you won second place!! that’s awesome!! YAYAYAY! which means.. it could only mean one thing. and what is that? IT MEANS


oh my goodness! that’s huge!!! you had a total of 75 points!! guess what? Rebekah had 72 points! SOOO CLOSE, but Janya had 75 which makes her the highest scorer in group A.

congrats JANYA, MAGGIE AND HALEY!! you guys did AWESOME in the contest, and so did ALL OF YOU! Today is officially the LAST DAY OF THE SUMMER BLOG CONTESTS OF 2020..BUT!



Prize time!

Janya, Haley and Maggie : You guys will receive your printables, downloadables and badge via email. you can place an order for your design here.

(I’m only designing for the blog contest winners, because I am on a break from blog designing except for this.)

Participants: You will receive the printables + downloadables in a group email.

and now, time for the shout-outs and blog feature!


  1. Maggie
  2. Rebekkah (doesn’t have a blog)
  3. Shanessa
  4. Haley
  5. Lizzie Grace
  6. Janya
  7. Krisha
  8. Magaidh Bryan
  9. Jacie
  10. H.R Phoenix
  11. Xoxlucy
  12. Claire


  1. Janya:
cool header!

Janya’s magical world is a fantastic blog run by Janya! she posts LOTS of her art works, and she’s soo good at art! I always really like looking at her posts and her blog is totally worth paying a visit and following! My fav posts are: this one and this one!

2. Maggie:

Chickadee Lover Maggie– Maggie’s blog is one of my favorite blogs! what I love is that she posts almost EVERYDAY! her posts are fun,interesting and definitely a good read! I love her photo shoot posts 🙂 also, her blog design is FAB! You should def check out her blog!

3. Haley:

My life of faith– This is an AMAZING blog as well! It’s a blog about faith and I love ready Life updates on this blog- Haley is also very friendly and fun to talk to! Her award posts are one of my favorites too! My favorite posts are this one and this one! make sure to check out Haley’s blog!

That was all the blog shout-outs and Features! Don’t forget to click on every single link- they’re all great blogs 🙂 And this is NOT the end of this post. I asked for FEEDBACK from the participants, and here they are!


Summer of Stories was soo much fun! It gave me a challenge to step out of my typical genre and try something new! Can’t wait for next year


“I had so much fun participating in this! For Avenue of Art i would like there to be more paintings/drawings next year. Like, a painting, a drawing, and maybe two crafts? For Summer of Stories, I wish that a larger word count is do-able but I understand if it isn’t. XD Overall I had lots of fun participating and can’t wait until next year. Both Evin and Kaelyn did an awesome job hosting this! And all the entries were awesome too! Congratulations everyone!”


“Evin and Kaelyn were both AWESOME hostesses and they did a wonderful job with these contests! They were very friendly, sent email reminders, and posted each week’s results in an orderly fashion. They coordinated everything perfectly, and the contest’s prizes are generous! I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! It was an awesome end to my summer as I loved getting to write some short stories and create really fun crafts! Thanks so much girls for hosting this for all the participants”


These contests were so much fun! I loved them, I will definitely be participating next year! Although I didn’t have time to do it every week it was still great! 🙂 I thought the challenges were very creative and Evin and Kaelyn were both very kind and fun! XD


Thank you so much for the feedback! YOU can also comment your feedback (or) email it to and I will add your feedback to this post!

and that is officially the end of the Summer blog contests 2020! we’ll be back next year! it’s been SO MUCH FUN!! be sure to check out Kaelyn’s blog to see if YOU won the summer of stories!

Thank you SO much for reading! CONGRATS to all the winners!

How much did you like the contests on a scale of 1-10? would you participate next year? would you like your feedback to be added to this post? (COMMENT!) and I’ll see you next time! 😀

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56 thoughts on “The Avenue of Art- WINNERS!!!

  1. Finally😂 Congratulations Janya, Maggie and Haley!!🎉💕 I had great fun reading through all AOA related posts and all artworks were absolutely spectacular!😍 Kudos to you and Kaelyn for hosting this amazing contest as well!🥳 Looking forward to it again next year!❤️

    Liked by 5 people

  2. WOOHOO!!! Congratulations to Haley and Janya! (and me lol!) This was such an awesome contest and I’d totally love to participate again next year! 😀 ❤ Thanks so much for the feature, Evin! I'm really glad you like my photoshoots 😀
    those bookmarks and wallpaper art are SO pretty – I'm going to download all of them! Now I'm off to read Kaelyn's post!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Congrats congrats to all ze wonderful participents!!!❤🎉🥳🥳🎉
    Those bookmarks and wallpapers you designed are spot on Evin!!! Love them!!😍😍
    I will def join next year!!! I would rate it 100 out of 10!!!😍😍❤❤❤
    Love, Amy

    Liked by 3 people

  4. It must have been a fun contest! I’m sad that I missed to participate! I’ll be waiting for the next contest and will definitely participate without missing! Congrats to all the winners 🥇

    Liked by 1 person

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