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Blogger Shout-outs- September 2020!

Welcome back to another post in this series- Blogger shout-outs of the month!

In this post, I’ll be shouting out to 10 blogger’s blog that I LOVED reading. make sure to click on every link and follow all the blogs mentioned in this post, because they are all great blogs.

let’s dive right in!





xoxLucy @ Lifestyleaddict

Bianca @ Preteen Life

Lucy @ Elsie LMC

PotterheadAanya @ Soaring firebolt

Lizzie Grace @ Above the clouds

Haley @ My life of faith

Ariela @ Ariela on the go

Emmie @ Diary of a daydreamer

Hailey @ Sunshine and Rain

Hattush @ Daughter of the light.

Congrats to all the bloggers on the list! You’re doing an AWESOME job on your blog!! (and everyone who’s reading this too!🥰😃)

Please make sure to


to the blogs mentioned above, and FOLLOW THEM!

Thank you so much for reading!

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I’ll see ya next time! Bye!!!!

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