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Ways to grow your blog

Heyllo bloggers! Oreos! Hoomans!😆

It is FRIDAY!!✨🎉 which means ANOTHER part in this blogging tips series! Read my last 2 ones by clicking the links below!

  1. BWE- Part 1 : The must haves of a blog.
  2. BWE- Part 2 : Finding inspiration// Blog post ideas.

And Today, we’re gonna be focusing on: WAYS TO GROW YOUR BLOG!!💞✨

I mean who DOESN’T love reading these? I know I do!!😜 I jotted down some ways that helped me grow my blog. Also, I completed 3 months of Blogging!!

Lets get started already!

The first thing you have to do is PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE! if you’re a newbie, or if your a blogger who need recognition then comment on other blogs saying so! Or maybe you could send a private message through a contact page too!😀

The next thing is, well SOCIAL MEDIA. I don’t any social media except for this blog. But YOU could promote your blog using social media! add those social media icons to your sidebar!!

Another VERY important thing is ADDING TAGS. I add a lot of tags, so others can find your post in the reader! So if someone searched for “Blogging tips” BWE posts will most probably show up, because I tag all of them with “Blogging tips” So add tags!

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Doing collabs also helps. I LOVE collabs and they are so much fun to plan out and do! But I never realised that they actually help you GROW YOUR BLOG! My first ever Collab was on the month of June, with the wonderful Lrose5 during the lively week of fun!! A Collab is basically like a puzzle.. You need to read both (or more if it’s a Collab between 2+ bloggers) posts to get the whole picture.. So let’s say I’m doing a Collab with you, and we’re playing a game, after my readers read my post, they’ll go over to yours. They most probably will look around your blog, and if they like it, they’ll follow you!

A GOOD BLOG DESIGN is important. I’ve already mentioned this, but this is pretty important, so here we go again! To get more readers, you’ve gotta have a nice design. The most important of the design is a header image. Mine is very simple, but I like it! It should kinda have a theme on what your blog is about, if you have a photography blog; you could include a camera in your header and things like that.

DON’T LIMIT TO ONE NICHE: This is very important as well, let’s take a cooking blog for an example. You might be on a cooking streak or just might have a lot to post. But you can’t cook something new too frequently and your probably gonna come to a point where you just don’t know WHAT TO doesn’t just have to be cooking recipes. It can be a post on your fav cooking shows, or your fav chefs and why they’re your favourite etc.

ADD LOTS OF LINKS! at the beginning of this post, I shared 2 of my BWE post links, this way if someone misses out on your posts, draw them back to it by adding link and pingbacks!

Just be you!! write how you like and be yourself! coz your the only version of you!! don’t get discouraged 🙂 ❤

Be organised this can help people find your post in the reader (again) and this will also help you and your blog readers to find your posts easier! Some things you can do to organize your posts:

  • categorise your posts
  • Add tags
  • Have an “archives” widget
  • Add the “categories” or “tags” widget
  • Have a seperate page for awards and tags (if you do them) or just Anything like : Poems, or short stories.
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Be (more) interactive: This always helps and it also helps you connect with your audience! You could do something like this:

  • have comment invitations. Ex: “comment invitation: what is your latest blogging milestone you’ve hit?”
  • Ask (a) question (s) I do this and its really fun! Ex: “what are your thoughts on this post? How has your day been so far?”
  • Do an “Assumptions about me” post.
  • Do a Q&A!! people LOVE these!

Follow lots of other blogs! If you want to increase your number of followers, (but remember readers>followers) you could follow atleast 10 blogs everyday!! So some of the bloggers might check out your blog and if they like it, they follow you!

Add Images and use emojis and Bitmojis!! adding images makes your post more interesting and so does bitmojis and emojis! if you don’t wan to use a bitmoji: emojis are just fine!! they are more expressive than words. I’m mostly likely to skim read posts if it’s too wordy, images are perfect to break up paragraphs ~

Have a schedule: again, I’ve already mentioned this. But having a schedule and KNOWING what your going to post will help YOU to plan out when to start writing, when to post and YOUR READERS will know what to expect!

I hope those were enough tips for y’all! Tell me in the comments if you already do any of these, or if your GOING to do them! Excited to chat with you!😀🎉✨♥️

Thanks for reading 💖 have a nice day and I’ll see you Sunday!!

LAST POST ON A CURLY SUE’S RAMBLINGS: Catching up on AWARDS and TAGS! + Assumptions about ME! (Be sure to check it out and comment!)

P.S comment your assumptions about me over here!

39 thoughts on “Ways to grow your blog

  1. Fantastic post! 😆 I agree that it’s a good idea not to limit yourself to one niche unless you really want to, don’t think I would have kept going after all these years if I was only writing about one thing 💫. Being yourself and not giving up is so important! Loved reading this ✨💕

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is such a great series for new bloggers Evin! Awesome job! 😀 ❤ I love it when bloggers share a variety of content! and yes being interactive and having a nice blog design are so important too.
    Your new signoff is cute btw! (it is new right)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Maggie!!😊♥️
      Me too! Yes, that rlly helps 😜
      I actually made that in June, but I’ve only used it a couple time so I thought I’d bring it back!! Glad you like it😀

      Liked by 1 person

  3. This was very helpful! Thanks for sharing such beautiful tips. I really want to know more about what and how to do a collab since I have never done it before nor anyone asked me to join. Aaagh.. Anyway could you please explain to me about the collab part? How do they work together?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much!! I’m glad you found it helpful.
      A Collab is when 2 bloggers (usually it’s 2 but it could be more than that) work together on a project (post) together on their blogs.

      some of the most common collabs are
      -guest post swaps (when the bloggers do a guest post on each other’s blogs)

      -Interviews where one blogger interviews the other

      -a game. (Like would you rather, never have I ever, this or that etc)

      By my puzzle anology, I mean that when SOMEONE reads one part of the Collab, they need to read the other one as well to get the whole picture. If I am interviewing you and you are interviewing me, the reader has to read both of the posts to understand the Collab. Something like that. OR it could also be like this. Lets say we’re announcing something, you write the first part of the post, like an introduction to the announcement. After that, you can say “that’s all I’m going to say. To read the continuation of this, please be sure to check out ___________”

      So the readers will have to click on the other post to know what the announcement is.

      I hope that made sense…😂


  4. How to do a Collab? My first Collab was a guest post swap, and I ASKED a blogger if they wanted to do a Collab with me. She said yes, and we started planning.

    So to do a Collab, you either ask or get asked. I’ve been invited to do collabs with bloggers as well 😉

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